US Money Reserve: Secure Your Feature.


The U.S. Money Reserve is the largest distributor of U.S. Government gold, platinum and silver coins in U.S. It was founded by gold market veterans who saw the need for a company that could provide superb customer service, have a good understanding of the market and provide trustworthy guidance to their clients. Considering all the steps that need to be taken while transporting these precious metals, it’s true to say that they are among the fastest distributors. Orders take an average of a week to be processed.
Under the leadership of their president Philip N. Diehl, the company has managed to uphold its values. Before joining the Reserve, Philip N. Diehl was nominated by President Bill Clinton as the thirty-fifth Director of U.S. Mint, the company that is mandated to print all coins used by U.S. Money Reserve. It’s while working at U.S. Mint that he developed an entrepreneurial way of governance and customer service that is evident in the way he runs the reserve. He has also worked as chief of staff of the U.S. Department of Treasury and as staff director of the U.S. Senate Finance Committee.
Some of Diehl’s greatest achievements while serving as Director of U.S. Mint includes creation of the most successful coin program in U.S. history, 50 State Quarter program; Platinum American Eagle Bullion coin and Sacagawea Dollar. He was able to raise Mints annual profits from $450 million in his first year to $2.5 billion in his final year. This year they have launched a self-directed precious metal IRA Program that enables the retirees to invest their pension money in gold and enjoy the rising prices of this precious metal.
Gold is one of the stable investment as compared to holding volatile assets like stocks. With economies like China experiencing financial crisis and Billionaires like George Soros warning of other big economies the following suit this is one of the best ways pensioners can use to safeguard their benefits. For more information, click here.


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Visual Search Gaining Ground in E-Commerce

Many people shopping for clothes and accessories online are disappointed that they’re not able to find exactly what they’re looking for. In an effort to make online shopping easier for consumers and to help merchants increase their sales, several start-ups such as Stylumia Intelligence Technology Pvt Ltd have appeared. They offer tools that enable websites to make smarter recommendations to users.

Many companies around the world are now trying to develop the perfect visual search solutions. This new technology makes it easier for users to find the products that they want sold online. All that they need is a picture of the item in the real world. Visual search will then attempt to find the same or similar items being sold at online retailers. This makes it more likely that the consumer will find what they’re looking for and end up making a purchase. Visual search is something that is starting to catch the attention of a variety of e-commerce websites, including merchants that sell their own products, online marketplaces with listings from different sellers, as well as comparison and review sites that let people compare prices and product selection from several different online stores at the same time.

Visual search isn’t something that only companies in America are showing an interest in. Businesses in India like iLenze and SnapShopr have received a large amount of funding from investors to develop visual search platforms that will benefit not only their country’s growing e-commerce sector, but also online sellers from all over the world.

Even though visual search is still a new technology, some developers such as Slyce have already made great progress in putting together solutions that can be deployed by merchants. Slyce offers comprehensive visual search tools that enable merchants to increase their sales, boost loyalty and prevent lost revenue.

Slyce’s image recognition technology works with 1D, 2D and 3D images. Their most basic search solution lets shoppers scan 1D barcodes, QR codes and coupons to find the products they want. They can also scan 2D print materials, product tags and even 3D actual items to find the exact products that they want. All of this can be done in a few seconds from a smartphone.

According to a report on visual search technology from Live Mint, the growth of this technology can help both merchants and consumers. Online retailers will get more specific intelligence on what their customers are searching for so that they can bring them more relevant products.

Dr Sergio Cortes Tour Flood Ravaged Xerém

Xerém, Duque de Caxias is the epicenter of the recent storms that have caused extensive flooding in Brazil. The Xerém, Duque de Caxias area is being visited by the State Sec. of Health Sergio Cortes was medical expert and leading the governments’ fight against the likely spread of several diseases associated with large reservoirs which contain contaminated water and mosquitoes. The government sent Dr. Sergio Cortes and he is serving the area along with teams from the Department of Health. Dr. Sergio Cortes met with the Municipal Health Secretary, and according to an article in
they are coordinating with the National Health Force Conception de Mendonca to help combat
the emerging health crisis. It was agreed upon that the state would deliver emergency kits in Cazias along with 3000 antibiotic tablets to help with the early intervention and early-stage treatment of leptospirosis.
The majority of the measures taken place here concentrate on preventing the proliferation of these diseases spreading through the contaminated water. Hepatitis A and diarrhea, meningitis and dengue plus alarming Zika Virus that Dr. Sergio Cortes says may be linked to 4000 birth defects among Brazilian women. So far seven shelters have been erected in Xerém alone. The Health Surveillance Secretary of State has also sent out teams from the Department of Health and deliver 10,000 bottles of sodium hypochiorite to help with daily disinfection of the water. Also tons of all water has been trucked into the area and all residents have been urged only use the bottled water for drinking and for food hygiene.
There is a special situation room were Sec. Sergio Cortes and other officials can meet in a centralized location to monitor the information coming in from the outpost and emergency shelters under their management.
Department of Health Sec, Dr. Sergio Cortes has been instrumental in coordinating the efforts combat series of mosquito transmitted diseases affecting the area. The diseases are now not only just Dengue fever old but more viral and dangerous pathogens like the Nile virus and most recently the Zika virus which has been spreading at alarming rates. The World Health Organization has begun testing people infected with the Zika Virus. Dr. Cortes is running a campaign to help educate the residents in the area about the dangers of the Zika Virus and now both the governments of Colombia and Brazil have called on a voluntary moratorium on pregnancies.

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George Soros Take on Avoiding Eventual the Collapse of the European Union

Recent events of terrorist attacks has had a lot of economic strain on people around the world. The migration of many seeking asylum from Syria, the largest affected country at this time, has had an impact on other countries, specifically the European Union. George Soros, billionaire and philanthropist, believes that the key to saving the European Union lies in Chancellor Angela Merkel. According to Soros, the European Union a comprehensive plan to handle an impending crisis.

Angela Merkel has made a bold and challenging decision to allow refugees into Germany. Soros believed that her decision was a change from her normal decisions, according to an interview he had with the New York Review of Books. This is a good thing according to Soros as he says that she understood the migration of Syrians would potentially cause a crisis.

According to Soros, the European Union has a poor asylum policy which has contributed to their threat of crisis. Chancellor Merkel would have to address the inadequacies in order to make Germany a refugee for those seeking asylum. Due to the crisis in Syria the amount of refugees seeking asylum has in the European Union is unprepared to handle the problem. He believes that the European Union needs a plan that will take into consideration of the amount of possible refugees, is not harmful to the refugees, consider non-Syrian refugees as well and that is not expensive. He believes that her ability to be bold rather than be cautious, which has caused them confusion and crisis in the past, can avoid the destruction of the European Union, for now. He points out that as the crisis is not over she will have to continue to make tough decisions throughout her leadership in dealing with the issue of migration.

According to an article on FX Street about George Soros plan for the European crisis in MarketWatch, Soros’ plan includes refugee placement, the European Union supplying funding, developing and building an asylum agency and policy, safe travels for refugees and utilizing the private sector. He states that the European Union should accept a million refugees a year and providing financial assistance in the amount of $15,000 for the first two years. He also believes that giving the refugees a choice of where to stay as well as giving states voice they want will avoid further crisis. He also believes that having an Asylum and Migration Agency will increase efficiency by streamlining procedures.

George Soros is a billionaire philanthropist who was born in Budapest in 1930 and escaped a Nazi occupied Hungary in 1947. He graduated from the London School of Economics and then eventually came to the United States where he made his fortune. His foundation The Open Society has helped more than 100 countries and stands on the values, human rights and transparency. In his work he has helped many people and have contributed many articles, essays and books specializing in politics, society and economics. To learn more about Soros and his philanthropic work click here.

Manhattan Real Estate Market

Virtual Strategy Marketing provides some insight in to the Manhattan real estate market with the help of Town Residential’s analysis. Town Residential, a real estate firm in New York City, recently released their latest quarterly report, the Aggregate. This report indicates that the island may actually be moving toward being a buyer’s market sooner rather than later.

The report shows tremendous growth in prices across nearly all types of property in Manhattan. Year-over-year there has been a 5.2% average price and 16% median price gain in the market. The median sales price of condos experienced the most impressive gain, surging up nearly 20% to a total over $1.7 million. Median price per square foot improved 7.6% over the prior quarter for condos.

Perhaps, the most interesting increase in prices is seen in the cooperative marketplace. Three bedroom co-ops have surged in price 15% and have finally eclipsed the $3 million mark. Also experiencing new, record highs is the median and average price per square foot coming in at $1,365 and $1,505, respectively.

However, even with all of these increases there seems to be a reason to think that buyers are not out of luck. A big aspect of the increasing prices this quarter was due to the closings of high dollar, trophy listings in new developments. Whereas in the resale market there is actually a stabilization of prices occurring.

This means that informed buyers are now choosing to sit back and wait instead of paying whatever price a seller demands, or often more. This shows up in the current inventory sitting in the Manhattan market, as well as an increase in median time spent on the market for new listings.

Businessman and Head of Banco BMG Ricardo Guimarães

The President of Banco BMG, Ricardo Guimarães quoted information reported on the China Securities Journal that indicated that the GDP growth rate in China would be weak in 2016, at 6.5 percent. The National Development and Reform Commission (abbreviated as NDRC) released this information, and also went ahead and forecasted the consumer price index (CPI) at 1.5 percent. In actual sense, the CPI is expected to fall in 2016 by 3.5 percent according to Ricardo Guimarães. The accumulated economic growth for China in the 4th quarter of 2015 showed was 6.9 percent, the least since global economic crisis in 2008.
The President of China, Xi Jinping, stressed the fact that the annual growth of 6.5 percent to Chinese economy would be enough to accommodate all targets set for a period of five years. Ricardo Guimarães of Banco BMG, cites this growth the Chinese President is focusing on as the one set by the Chinese Communist Party in relation to a five year strategic plan meant to guide Chinese economy from 2016 to 2020. China President said that they are targeting to eradicate poverty which affects more that 70 million residents in the rural areas. Financial experts and analysts fear that Chinese government has inflated its growth rate, and BMG’s Ricardo Guimarães said Beijing defended its targets saying it would be sustainable.
The country is focusing on restructuring its economy with major emphasis on domestic consumption and new technological developments. Ricardo Guimarães noted that the head of NDRC, Xu Shaoshi, approved the statement from the Chinese government, and said that their goal is not only the rate of growing the economy, but also the maintaining income, inflation rate and employment levels.
About Ricardo Guimarães of Banco BMG
Guimarães is an entrepreneur, heir and head of Banco BMG, a family entity since 1998. BMG is recognized as the leading bank in payroll loans in Brazil through the skillful leadership of Ricardo Guimarães. He is responsible for the exponential growth and transformation of the company over the years. Today, the bank sponsors a number of football clubs and individual athletes in Brazil. Atletico Mineiro is the first beneficially of this sponsorship, where the letters BMG are printed in orange on the shirts of the players.
Guimarães is aware of the cost associated with sports marketing activities, but he believes the financial rewards are quite handsome. He is a fan of Atletico Mineiro, and he acts impartially by supporting other clubs and players, even those rivals to each other. According to him, Banco BMG does not root for any team, but only to provide sponsorship to different football teams.

“One Life To Live” Added Grit To Daytime TV Schedules

The world of the soap opera seems to have become increasingly fantastical over recent years as the focus of U.S. based shows has again fallen on the lives of the rich and famous. Reflecting the turn in reality TV to celebrity and those who aspire to achieve fame the soap opera industry has switched away from the lives of real people to focus once more on the super rich. Soap operas were not always like this, instead they were once based on the lives of real people following the launch of “One Life To Live” in 1968. The soap blazed a trail for showing how everyday people live their lives in the latter half of the 20th century until it was canceled in the early years of the 21st century.

Even in the latter years of the show when the threat of cancellation was always present the decision to look at the lives of the many different families living in the Philadelphia suburb of Llanview saw fantastical plots combine with grittier story choices. Crystal Hunt’s character of Stacy Morasco is one who reflects the many different types of stories that “One Life To Live” became known for. Crystal hunt portrayed the character from an erotic dancer in Las Vegas through her move to Llanview where paternity issues and criminal acts became her norm.

The character of Stacy Morasco could not be further from the ambitious and successful life Crystal hunt has developed for herself. After beginning her acting career as a child Crystal Hunt has continued to find success as an adult after reinventing herself through the many different roles she has undertaken. Hunt has recently been seen on the big screen in the role of Lauren in the box office success “Magic Mike XXL”.

IMDb shows that Crystal Hunt is just one of the successful actors who have made the leap from soap opera star to the big time in Hollywood. Proving her acting skills in many different roles, and her highlight reels on vimeo, has come after the character of Stacy Morasco forced Hunt to stretch her abilities after a successful career in rival soap “Guiding Light”. The idea that a soap opera could refelct the issues facing many in real life was a new idea in 1968 and led to different TV dramas seeking out similar plot developments.

The Incredible Products of Beneful

Every pet is different. That is why Beneful products so many different kinds of food for your furry little friend. They want to make sure they are happy and are receiving a healthy diet, packed full of the needed vitamins and minerals required to live a long and healthy life. But what is the right food for them? Well, you need to talk with your vet and also test out a few different products to see what works. Whatever works though, you’ll be sure to find there is something perfect for them to enjoy with Beneful from Petco.
Chopped Blends
The Beneful wet dog food Chopped Blends offer a delicious option if you are looking to feed your pet wt dog food. Pets love wet dog food. After all, you’d probably like it too as compared to eating dry food every single day. Many of the Chopped Blends are made up of the same basic ingredients with that final meat added in, giving it a different flavor. This way, you can alternate what your pet eats and what they enjoy. There is the beef blend as well as the chicken and the salmon. You can even go into further options by picking up a lamb with brown rice, a salmon with sweet potato and a chicken with liver and potatoes.
Maybe you’d like to give your pet the chance to travel the world and experience new things? Well, why not check out the Beneful Medley wet dog foods? There is the Romana style medley, the Tuscan style medley and the Mediterranean style medley, all of which are made with ingredients from the selected world regions.
Delicious Stew
Everyone loves a good stew, and that is true with your pet. Your dog will love the Beneful stew flavors of Beef Stew or Chicken Stew Simmered and Roasted Finally, there are even other wet dog food options from Beneful. These simmered and roasted bring out the full flavor of the meats. The Roasted Chicken Recipe smells good enough you’ll want to try it. Plus the Beef and Chicken Medley or the Simmered Beef Entree offers quality products as well.

Beneful Has Many Types of Wet Dog Food To Choose From

Beneful has a wide variety of wet dog food with lots of flavors to choose from. One of the types you can choose from are the Chopped Blends, they come in a multitude of flavors such as:

1)Beef with bits of carrots and tomatoes made with wild rice-this version of the chopped blends comes in small, finely chopped bites to bring your dog the great taste they will love with a great mix of flavors. This also gives your dog all the nutritients to keep them healthy and happy and gives them energy to do all the things dogs were meant to do. Dogs really enjoy the taste and the flavors of this healthy and filling wet dog food.

2) Chicken that comes with wild rice, carrots, and tomatoes- this is a very tasty and healthy meal for your dog that they will definitely appreciate and love. The Beneful dog food is broken up into small, bite size morsels of great flavor and taste to keep your dog healthy and happy.

3)Salmon with wild rice, tomatoes, and carrots-finely chopped bites of flavorful tastes that every dog will love and come back for more. It will keep your dog healthy and happy with all the required nutrients they need to grow for a very long time.

4) Beef that has bits of barley, peas, and carrots that come in a covered lid container-your dog will love this combination of tastes and flavors every time you serve your dog. You can serve whatever amount you want to feed them and keep it fresh for the next meal that will be just as fresh as the first time you opened it.

5) Chicken and bits of wild rice, carrots, and peas in a covered-lid container-finely chopped bits of great flavor and taste that will make you dog healthy and happy. It gives them all the nutrition to have plenty of energy to play all day long.

6)Salmon with spinach, brown rice, and sweet potatoes sealed in a storage container with a lid-your dog will love this mix of flavors that are just bursting with flavor and nutrition. The sauce keeps it moist and fresh that once opened, will still be fresh each time you feed your dog . It comes with a lid that keeps it sealed and fresh just like the first time you opened it.

7) Chicken with bits of peas, sweet potatoes, brown rice, and liver in a sealed container with a lid for multiple servings-this is a wonderful mix of flavors that is filled with all the nutrients a dog will need to be health, happy, and full of energy.

8) Lamb with brown rice, carrots, and tomatoes in a resealable container-comes with a wonderful sauce to give your dog’s food flavor and moisture each and every time you open it to serve another meal. Your dog will love the texture, the taste, and mix of different flavors this version brings to them.

All of these varieties by Purina and flavors come in a resealable, ten ounce container and are color coded by types of meat is in the wet dog food.




Beneful Has A Variety Of Products

Beneful has always been a brand of food that puts dogs first. They understand that nothing is more important than a dogs health and well-being. Beneful also understands that proper nutrition plays a key role in dogs overall health. That’s why they create quality products. Aside from being known for nutrition, Beneful dog products are also known for variety.

Purina Beneful Originals are one of the most popular options when it comes to a choice in dog food. The originals brand is specifically formulated to give a dog the nutrition and wholesome ingredients that it needs to be healthy. This brand of food is perfect for the picky eater. That’s because it’s composed of a variety of different shapes and textures. The different components in each bag hold a dogs interest and makes them look forward to meal time.

Beneful has flavors on that are also a bit more exotic. One of those flavors is the Beneful originals with real salmon. The salmon helps to provide omega-rich nutrition. This product also contains sweet potatoes, carrots, and green beans. This product provides a whole meal in one and it gives a pooch exactly what it needs to remain healthy.

Beneful on facebook also has wet food varieties. One of those is the Beneful Prepared Meals. These meals are for the dogs that like their food in a moist variety. This product contains bits of real meat as well as all the vegetables that a dog needs. One popular flavor is the roasted chicken which contains necessary vegetables like peas and carrots.

A final great variety of Beneful is their snacks. They sell Beneful Healthy smile treats. These treats are the perfect for a little snack. The dog loves the taste and the owner loves that they are still getting proper nutrition. The treats reduce plaque and tartar in a dogs mouth. This helps them form stronger teeth and it reduces odor and bad breath.

Overall, there is no shortage of varieties of dog food when it comes to Beneful. That’s because Beneful understands that every dog is different and it wants every dog to find a product that it enjoys. No matter what an owner chooses to feed their pet, they know they’re getting the best nutrition when it comes to Beneful. That’s because Beneful uses real meat and vegetables. These are the flavors that pets crave. No matter what the product, the Beneful brand is providing a consistent experience of proper nutrition.