A Few Facts You Should Know About Securus Technologies

Securus Technologies is a world leader when matters related to providing criminal justice technology solutions for correction facilities, investigations, and public safety institutions are concerned. In the recent past, the company announced that it had adopted its mobile application for video inmate calls for Apple and Android devices.
Already as posted on Wikipedia, the application has been able to connect loved ones with thousands of inmates through video calls on their devices. The Android App got launched a few months ago and surprising enough; it has been downloaded not less than 60,000 times with the Apple version launching not less than 5,000 times.

PR Newswire reviewed the application, revealed that Securus makes it very easy for loved ones to communicate with their relatives in correction facilities because all they need is a reliable internet connection. Different with a few years back when the only visitation one could make was physical, Securus has made a digital visitation possible that will save money and time.

According to Financial News, Securus is headquarted in Dallas, Texas and serves not less than 3450 public corretion and law enforcement agencies. The company has also been held responsible for serving more than one million inmates across North America.

The company is also well known to provide emergency response services, biometric analysis, communication, public information, inmate self-service as well as products and services that are for monitoring purposes.

Visit the Official website: http://securusamerica.com/

Read more: http://www.prnewswire.com/news-releases/securus-reviews-challenge-to-constitutionality-of-inter-partes-review-ipr-process-300264595.html

Qnet’s Concern on the Health and Lifestyle of People across the World.

Qnet is a one of the world’s leading and fastest rising direct selling and marketing companies. It was founded in 1998 by a group of young business-minded friends, who has a goal of using marketing to better the life of many people across the world. The firm has been actively participating in the sector for 16 years but is, however, newer compared to other more developed businesses that have dominated the industry for decades. Qnet has developed a new generation of happy, healthy and prosperous individuals of different ages, races, social and economic classes. The firm is well established and gives a structure and platforms, which enable its members to improve their living standards through high-quality lifestyle commodities, network marketing and offering an attractive payment. The products that are distributed by the company focus on the improvement of the financial status of individuals and their health. They are available in a wide variety that ranges from skin care, nutritional and health products to fancy jewelry and Swiss-manufactured watches.

A thorough assessment procedure is used by the company when choosing the type of goods that can be included in their brand. Some of the major factors that they consider during the selection process are the ethical standards and great values of the products. Qnet has committed itself to observing the rigorous and healthy vegetarian rules, and it ensures that all the food that is served at its events is strictly vegetarian. The company also actively advocates for vegetarianism as a way that people can have healthy lives and displays high standard in all sections of the business policies and products. Non-vegetarian ingredients are not allowed in edible or consumable products that are distributed by the company. Qnet encourages the use of safe testing methods, which do not harm animals, and they do not use animals in their testing processes. The company has made significant efforts in the spread of awareness of degenerative conditions such as obesity, diabetes and heart disease. Products that are distributed by the enterprise do not contain a lot of sugar, artificial sweeteners or any consumable chemicals that have adverse impacts on human health.

An uplifting business philosophy, which states that make yourself better to improve the people around you, is used by Qnet. The company is socially responsible and contributes towards the development local and international communities by helping them in creating and following vital community projects. The Rashid Center, which offers support to children with special needs, has often received aid from the company.

Positive Online Reviews Makes your Brand Reach Global Market

Better Reputation is an Online Consultancy Firm that allows Business owners and individuals to enhance their products’ online reputation. Reputation Management is Carried out by fixing both negative and Positive reviews of their products especially those directed to damage the reputation of a particular Product. It was established with an ambition to carry your business to the next level by promoting its brand and rap off the bad image that might press down the success of your business. Better Reputation can trace reviews of your brand by using a keyword. Online management allows business owners the power to fix negative reviews posted online that otherwise if not searched and found might damage the reputation of the firm and the product on the advertisement.

Better Reputation have dedicated SEO specialist based in the United States, and they operate in-house. Their mission is to create an online reputation and believes in their role of fixing the damaged brand that should not be neglected to crumble down your business. Better Reputation is highly skillful in the promotion of brand that will add value to your business. The Company is committed to ensuring your brand receives good reputation that will uplift its position in the global market. Better Reputation does an online reputation management through looking for given product, brand, or business name information on search engines daily to ensure no damage to your product.

It is highly important for business owners to embrace Online Reputation Management because most of your customers keen observing how you are trading online. Online Reputation Management is the most preferred aspect in today’s’ business world because of the need to reach market globally. Negative remarks about your products hurt business success, and this calls to invest in Online Reputation Management (ORM) a statement raised by CEO of ORM

Shannon Wilkinson, Chairman of ORM Company, puts clear that for successful business ventures that have global presence and large customer base requires online Management because one should be prepared to receive different messages about your product. Not all reviews will favor the brand, and this results in a difficulty for business owners to afford enough control of their product. Customers at some point may get ignored by your product and result into damaging the image. At this point, Online Reputation Management creeps in to take control of fixing the negative messages and focus on developing strategies that influence the way customers views your brand to create positive impact.

This article recapped http://www.businessnewsdaily.com/7869-choosing-a-reputation-management-service.html

Venezuela News

It is hard to imagine how Venezuela, the country with the biggest oil reserve in the entire world, is in such a horrible economic crisis at this time. According to Open Corporates, the murder rate in Venezuela is one of the top 3 highest in the world. Adding to that hostility is the fighting within the country for food and medicine. People are having to stand in lines for food, hoping they will be able to purchase groceries to feed their families, and obtain medicine to stock and supply for their families as well. “Conditions are only getting worse in Venezuela” says expert Jose Velasquez. The country is trying to redistribute oil profits, so they have replaced their oil company employees with people who are more knowledgeable about their jobs. As of 2012, the bolivar had dropped over 99% on the black market since it’s successful days in 1999. Businesses are failing as well because they are being guided to sell their products for prices that will not turn a profit for themselves. The largest brewer in Venezuela is reported by Dateas.com closing since they will no longer be able to afford imported ingredients. Venezuela pays other countries to print their money, but they no longer have funds to even do that. Venezuela is in a terrible state right now and things are only seeming to get worse.



Brian Bonar the Financial Expert

According to PR News Wire, Brian Bonar is one of the most known personality in the field of finance for being an executive and the impact he has had a leader in various positions in different companies. You would probably be interested in getting to know more about him because of his approach to solving real life financial problems.

He has worked in various companies that include Trucept Incorporated, The Amanda Corporation, Smart-Tek Automated Services, Dalrada Financial Corporation, Allegiant Professional Business services among other companies. Additional details can be found at: http://people.equilar.com/bio/brian-bonar-trucept–inc./salary/470203#.Vye_cEURW4E

His creativity and ability to come up with real-life solutions can be attributed to his background education in engineering. His education background includes a Bachelors’ Degree in Technical Engineering, a degree he earned after attending the James Watts Technical College. He specialized in mechanical engineering by doing a master’s degree in mechanical engineering. He is also a member of the American Finance Association.

His work experience spans several organizations that include multi-nationals. He held two job roles at IBM as a procurement manager and the Director of QMS. As the QMS head, he was responsible for managing other 100 people. After IBM, he joined Adaptec where he was a sales manager – The New Frontier.

These two companies and others that he worked for gave him the required experience that he used to set up his company called Bezier Systems. However, the height of his career has been at Dalrada Financial Corporation. He is a very respected and revered person by those that have worked closely with him at Dalrada Corporation.

His area of specialization is in the area of mergers and acquisition. He is known for taking a creative and personal approach by combining his engineering technical skills and that of an architect.

Bloomberg published an article that Brian Bonar currently leads two organizations, Trucept and Dalrada Financial Corporation. Trucept is mainly involved in providing services to small and medium-sized companies. The services they provide include payrolls, human resources and other employee benefit products.

In 2010, he was honored to receive the highest recognition that is awarded by the Cambridge. He was named the “Cambridge Who’s Who” Executive of the Year Representing Finance. This is a rare opportunity as only two men and women are named by Cambridge Publishing in the various categories that they have.

The honorees are selected by Cambridge Who’s Who committee using criteria that look at the achievement they have had as professionals, educational accomplishment, and leadership capabilities.

For over 30 years, he has been active in the finance sector and gaining experience that made him be named the CEO and Chairman of Dalrada Financial Services.

Brian Bonar has lead the company for over 15 years and his main role has been developing a wide selection of employee and employer benefits and other aftermarket products.

Testing the Water with Wen

If you have ever heard advertisements on QVC for hair products that turn hair into luscious, thick looking, beautiful hair, chances are you have seen a WEN commercial. WEN by Chaz is incredibly popular and has an outstanding reputation as being one of the best hair care products on the market, giving girls lush and fuller looking hair. It is known to provide that vibrant, shiny hair that women love, so Emily McClure decided to try it out for herself, and here are the results that she got.

She decided to try wen.com products out for the first time after she had been traveling for the day, so the first day her hair was basically fried when she originally put it in. One of the first things she noticed was that when she was using WEN Hair product in the shower, hardly any of her hair actually fell out, which is something that she said happened frequently in the past. It felt great to her, as stated in her own words, each and every time she was in the shower and using the product for the next week, and that it felt great right after her showers. She noticed that her hair did feel greasy later on in the day, but she attributed that to a few factors.

If she got up early and took a shower she noticed that her hair would stay nice all day, but if she was lazy and got up late and had to rush, that her hair would end up greasy. She even says that she had a bad hair day one of the seven days, but that she also got some great compliments from her facebook friends on her hair. Her final conclusion was that it absolutely works and makes hair shiny and vibrant, but that it is not for her on a day to day basis, but that she will still use it when she wants extra shine.

Click here: http://www.amazon.com/WEN-Sweet-Almond-Cleansing-Conditioner/dp/B0048O2R1E to avail Wen hair.

Igor Cornelsen on Foreign Investment in Brazil

While Igor Cornelsen officially retired in 2010, he still plays an active role in Bainbridge Investments on houzz.com. He says that investing in Brazil offers exciting opportunities that investors need to currently consider. Igor Cornelsen reminds people that Brazil is one of the top producers of food in the world. Crops including soybeans, sugar and tobacco are exported around the world with its largest trading partner being China. The amount of food grown by Brazilian farmers for exports continues to grow substantially each year.

With the 2016 Summer Olympics to be held very soon in the country, the government has spent a lot of money building infrastructure. As Brazil’s 200 million inhabitants on prnewswire.com see this infrastructure, they want that same development in their area’s of the country leaving many opportunities for investors.

Over 25 percent of the Brazilian population works as entrepreneurs. Many of these people need financial help to grow their ideas bigger. This leaves many more opportunities for investors even if a person has only a few dollars to invest.

Igor Cornelsen says, in an article published via The Street, that residents of Brazil are very open. If you ask them about their businesses, most love to tell you what you want to know. This means that investors can often connect at a more personal level with projects where they choose to invest. If you do not have the time to travel to Brazil, however, consider dealing with an experienced investment banker like Igor who already has contacts throughout the country.

Secondly, Igor Cornelsen recommends that those looking to invest in Brazil realize that the market is growing but that it is extremely fragile. Therefore, new investors may want the help of an experienced professional to help them negotiate the pervasive bureaucracy and regulatory complexity.

Igor’s final word of advice on ireport.cnn.com is to understand the complexity of foreign-exchange money. In Brazil, one has to deal with the right financial institutions in order to transfer money. There is no set money exchange rate so making transfers in and out of Brazil can be very difficult.

Igor Cornelsen has years of experience negotiating Brazil’s business landscape. He can help you with choosing the right investment opportunities and the right financial institutions.

NutriMost Helps Woman Lose 86 Pounds

Julia Mitchell struggled with weight almost all her life. She tried over 30 different diets. When she lost weight, she always gained it back, so she was the classic yo-yo dieter. However, when she tried NutriMost, run by Dr. Mitch Gordon in Connecticut, she lost 86 pounds in a year.

What’s even better, Mitchell is a lot healthier. When she started with NutriMost, they found she had the metabolism of a woman over 90 years old. When she was interviewed on NY Daily News with Dr. Gordon, he said her metabolism was now at the age of thirty-year-old woman.

Nutrimost‘s techhnology identifies 2,800 biomarkers that are unique for each person. Therefore, they can design a diet and program specifically for that individual. That makes NutriMost stand out when compared to all the other programs on the market. Weightloss books all tout the same diet or eating plan for everybody. Many of the famous names sell their own prepackaged foods, or shakes, powders and bars. All of them assume the same foods, food amounts and food combinations at meals should be the same for everybody. But we are all different. We all have slightly different metabolisms, so it’s no surprise certain foods will have different effects on different people. In fact, that can explain why every diet program has both successes and failures.

Once somebody begins eating as Nutrimost advises them, they go into fat-burning mode. When that happens, they are burning the fat they’ve stored up for decades, and therefore have a lot of energy. When they reach their ideal weight, they are led through a reset phase which puts their body into weight-maintenance mode. They are taught how to make sure they don’t gain or lose more than two pounds.

NutriMost is a national company. Dr. Gordon is the owner of the NutriMost Connecticut franchise. He’s been a chiropractor for over 20 years.


Visit the official NutriMost Facebook page to learn more: https://www.facebook.com/NutriMostUSA/


Docu-Series Follows Soap Opera Stars’ Efforts To Transform Television

It almost seems as though the drastic changes American television has experienced have happened over night. More Americans than ever have cut the proverbial cord and now consume alot of their television through streaming services like Netflix. The streaming giant has taken up even more space in the television market by funding and developing a slew of hit original television shows like Orange Is The New Black, Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt, Gracie and Frankie and House Of Cards that have drawn even more loyal viewers into its ranks.

In the world of network television there seem to be more reality tv show franchises than there have ever been which might lead observers to wonder if some networks are even interested in investing in scripted television anymore. In the middle of all of these changes is the American soap opera, a sector of entertainment that has dwindled significantly in recent years. Viewers that grew up watching shows like One Life To Live, Port Charles or As The World Turns will be disappointed to learn that none of these soaps are on the air today. Today only four American soap operas are currently in production. These soap operas include Days Of Our Lives, The Bold And The Beautiful, The Young And The Restless and General Hospital.

Last year the Pop network aired a docu-series that sought to provide a solution to the changes that the world of soaps has experienced. The show Queens Of Drama, which aired in 2015, brought together six soap opera actresses and followed them as they worked together to do what some might call impossible: produce a new soap opera television show for network television. The show followed the ups and downs of soap stars Crystal Hunt, Hunter Tylo, Lindsay Hartley, Donna Mills, Vanessa Marcil and Chrystee Pharris. Soap star Crystal Hunt was a stand out in the show’s first season. Her time on the show provided one of the most compelling story arcs. Her interactions with fellow castmate Lindsay Hartley kept viewers riveted.

Crystal Hunt’s acting career includes roles on soap operas like Guiding Light and One Life To Live. Hunt was recognized for her outstanding work playing One Life To Live’s Lizzie Spaulding through the Daytime Emmy nomination in the category of Outstanding Younger Actress in a Drama in 2005. Some of her early work on the small screen involved being cast in commercials. In 2015 she was cast in the comedy Magic Mike XXL. The film followed a group of male strippers who embark on a road trip before giving up their profession for good.  Ms. Hunt’s highlight reel is available on YouTube, to get a feel for her acting range.

George Soros Predicts Tougher Economic Times for Global Economies

George Soros a renowned hedge fund firm owner, philanthropist and founder of an open society; predicts an economic crunch worse than the historical economic crunch that hit America in 2008. Speaking at an economic forum held in Sri Lanka’s Capital, George Soros addressed his fears about an imminent economic crisis.

While addressing the economic forum, George sought to address the current crisis in the global market on politico.com that has led to investors choosing to opt out of investing in major deals and ideas. China, a country which is the second largest economy in the world has in the recent past faced difficulties in adjusting its preferred growth model, this struggle has taken a toll on developing economies that have held on to China their preferred manufacturer. George Soros holds the opinion that the current crisis in global markets, as well as that in China’s economy, spells doom for all players in developed and developing economies.

In an attempt to cure the crisis China has preferred switching to consumption and services replacing the long-standing growth model of investing and manufacturing. This change comes after the global currency, stock and commodity markets come under fire in the opening week of January. Global equities have recorded a major loss of almost $2.5 trillion; further losses have been witnessed in Asia as Chinese equities took a nose dive. This is according to an article in Bloomberg Business http://www.bloomberg.com/news/articles/2016-01-07/global-markets-at-the-beginning-of-a-crisis-george-soros-says.

With a struggling Yuan, the change is inevitable. However, China continues to struggle with making the adjustment. It is this adjustment crisis that George Soros is afraid of warning that the America’s economy is headed for a worse recession than the one witnessed in 2008. A recession that saw major banks close and many American citizens lose their homes to foreclosure.

This is not the first time that George Soros has addressed the issue, in September 2011 while addressing a panel in Washington; George sighted the Greece-born European debt crunch as a major cause of the economic crisis in the world. 

Having begun his career in the 1950’s George has made a reputation out of predictions on global economies that have turned out to be true. In 1992, George made $1billion from a bet with the odds being a prediction that the U.K would be forced to devalue the pound. His prowess is exhibited by his hedge fund which boasts of netting 20% profit on average from 1969 to 2011.

His predictions continue to be strengthened by the declining performance of the global economies. The Chicago Board Options Exchange Volatility Index is up by 13% while the Nikkei Stock Average Volatility Index, which offers insights into the production of raw materials in Japan, is up by 43%.

Attempts by the Chinese Communist party to increase the Yuan’s convertibility by 2020 are rather a farfetched, with previous attempts by the Peoples Bank of China offering an all time loan low interest bearing no fruit.