Piled Up in Bills

Last year in Jacksonville, Florida while on vacation, I was rear ended by a local resident and broke my back in multiple places. The damage to my vehicle was taken care of by my insurance company, but as for me, I had to fight for my medical bills to be paid by the drivers insurance agency. After days of research I finally found Dan Newlin, who was a personal injury lawyer in the state of Florida. He was basically my saving grace in the situation. I found a large amount of excellent reviews for him, verbal and written. After reading through all of it, I couldn’t help but hire him right away. He was exactly what I needed to be able to afford my hospital bills and be reimbursed for the time I spent out of work. If I had thrown my hands in the air last year, I would have been looking at over 100,000 in medical expenses.

Thankfully for me, Dan Newlin ended up winning my case rather quickly. With the evidence I present and the evidence he obtained, we won the case at the second hearing. There were no second thoughts from the judge or jury, just pure evidence and a winning case. At first I thought I had no chance in the matter, but Dan proved me wrong. We basically stood side by side for the first week before the trial. We went over paperwork and evidence multiple times to make sure everything was going to be perfectly laid out in front of the judge. If it wasn’t for him, I wouldn’t have had even the slightest chance at winning the case. For anyone looking for a personal injury lawyer in the state of Florida, I cannot help but highly recommend the hard work ethics of Dan Newlin. Dan Newlin was also written about by Avvo.com

Adam Sender is Making Money Off of Art that He has Bought

Adam Sender is someone who has been collecting art for some time. Because of his love for art he has chosen to purchase pieces that he likes and he will soon be earning money off of those pieces. Adam Sender loves art, but he is not afraid to sell some of the art that he owns in order to make a profit. This man purchased his art because he was happy to own some of the pieces that he liked and that inspired him, and he will soon be earning a good profit on the pieces that he sells. The art that Adam Sender purchased has worked as a good investment for him, and he will be receiving a great return on the pieces that he purchased and sells. This man figured out just how to make money off of art, and he did it all while pursuing his love. Check out his profile on Whitepages.

When it comes to art, Adam Sender loves pieces that speak to him, and he purchases as many pieces as he can. He fills his home with pieces that he loves, but he isn’t afraid to sell those pieces when the time is right. He has found that the money that he pays for the pictures is increased greatly when he sells the pieces back. Adam Sender is an art collector who knows just which kind of pieces are smart to collect. He is someone who has gathered a great amount of art and who has that art to display and to sell. The money that he earns from the sale of some of his art could very well go on to help Adam Sender purchase more art for his collection. This man could continue to buy art for a long time just with the money that he will earn in selling some of the pieces that he currently owns.

Economist of Our Day

An economist is an expert in the field of economics. Economists do research and collect data on economic trends so that they can best predict future financial situations. Understanding this information helps economists make the most valuable business decisions. Government agencies and private firms are the typical employers of economists, relying on their expertise to help them make the best financial decisions.

Although some economists study the current economy, some experts may focus on the best practices for obtaining accurate and reliable data. These economic methods include surveying and mathematical equations that save valuable time and resources. Economists are not only in charge of collecting data, but also must be effective communicators to effectively transmit their knowledge into simple to understand language. They use charts, graphs and reports to present their data in clear and understandable ways. A majority of those who need knowledge of economic trends do not understand all of the theories and concepts, therefore, they need economists to break down complex data and recordings to allow them to make the best decisions for their businesses.

Economists usually have tight work schedules with little flexibility. Frequently, they work alone on projects, but sometimes are required to join larger teams for research. Economists sometimes must travel to collect information, but generally work in an office on a computer. Their routine is pretty ordinary, but may be interrupted on occasion for special requests for immediate data.

There are a variety of skills necessary for an economists to have. They must be able to work with numbers and analyze quantitative data. Complex research demands not only understanding of economic theories, but consistent application with real world statistics. Most data collection today is done digitally, so expertise with computers is generally required. Conducting interviews and surveys are essential skills in gathering relevant data.

Christian Broda, a New York-based economist and financial professional, has provided valuable academic expertise to the field of economics. His research on manufacturing and marketing related topics has changed how business understand consumers and how to reach them. His expertise in the field is magnified by his talent for communication. He effectively conveys his studies and is a regular contributor and advisor on economic issues in the media. Christian Broda is skilled at identifying current and future economic problems, and at providing the best solutions to solve these issues. The United States government and Latin American nations regularly consults with him when making economic decisions. Christian currently is employed by Duquesne Capital Management, and is believed to be one of the most knowledgeable economists of the 21st century. His years of education and first-hand experience have given him an advanced repertoire of economic skills in dealing with any scenario.

The Importance of Investment Banking


Investment banking is one of the most important aspects of the economy in several ways. First of all, any time a company has a need for financing in several stages of development it can always go to an investment bank. In addition, people that invest with these banks expect a higher return on their capital than if they had just invested in the market as a whole. This means that investment banks will generally make more than the market averages or the clients will go else where. Many times, investment banks can charge a fee for people to invest with the funds that they offer. At the end of the day, an investment bank has a responsibility to its clients to earn a high rate of return based on the performance of the fund. Here are several ways that investment banks help our society.

James Dondero

One of the most influential people in the world of investment banking is James Dondero. As the founder and President of Highland Capital James Dondero has many people that look up to him in the industry. There are many people that want to get in to the field of investment banking, and James Dondero offers a wide variety of advice for people that want to work in the field one day. First of all, it is important to get a solid base of education in finance. Although investment banks generally have a wide breadth of knowledge in the field, for anyone that wants to get in to the field as an adviser it is important to grasp the basics. As the president of the fund, James Dondero understands the responsibility that his clients put on him in order for them to return a high rate of investment.

Rate of Return

The rate of return on an investment is how investment banks are judged. The market is essentially what all companies in an exchange trade at. Historically, the annualized return for the stock market has been around ten percent. For clients that invest their money with something like Highland Capital, they are generally expecting to earn a higher rate of return on their investment than can be offered by the market as a whole. This is how investment banks make money and add value to our society.

Final Thoughts

Overall, there are a wide variety of reasons that investment banks are important in our society. First of all, they are a great way for a business to get financing and grow. In addition, they are a good way for people to earn a higher rate of return on their invested capital than they otherwise could in the market.

Every Pet Deserves High Quality Food

If you are a pet owner, then you most likely place a high value on quality pet food and treats. You are certain to appreciate a trustworthy brand that also places a high value on your pet. Purina PetCare is a brand that offers every pet a nutritious meal. You can count on all snacks to also provide numerous health benefits. Purina Pet Care is proud to play a role in your pets good health. Purina is a subsidiary of Nestle. This is a company that does have longevity. This particular company was formed in the year 2001. This equals experience for every pet. Your pet does need certain nutrients in order to live a vibrant and active life.

Expect Great Health
When you provide your pet with a good and nutritious meal, you can expect great health. This will save you money in the long run because it will mean less trips to a veterinary. Purina PetCare will leave every pet at their fittest and healthiest. The following examples are what every pet owner can expect when they choose Purina PetCare. These include the following benefits:
*a higher energy level
*a brighter coat of fur
*a good and appropriate weight
*better digestion
*fresher and brighter teeth with good smelling breath
*regular bowel movements
*good urinary output
*stronger and healthier nails
These are some of the numerous health benefits that your pet will receive when you provide them with Purina PetCare products. This includes their in between snacks along with their regular meals.

Every Pet is Worth it
Purina PetCare has a passion for pets. Every pet is worth it when it comes to their good health. You can trust that your pet will receive all the necessary nutrients when you choose Purina. Just look at all the Purina news out there, your pet is worth it.

The Life of Jamie Garcia Dias

Jaime Garcia Dias (LinkedIn) recently received the ABC Award in for Brazil Literature. This is only one of the many awards he had won for his outstanding efforts in the literary world. The writer was born in Rio de Janeiro and has always enjoyed reading a writing. Even when he was only fifteen years old Dias was already writing. His parents, Arnaldo Dias and Garcia Dulce Dias, were more than happy to help grow his talent. Arnaldo Dias was a writer himself and tught everything he knew to his son in hope of helping him down the road to becoming an author. Jaime Garcia Dias went to the Arnaldino School and studied ligature. He read “The Devil to Pay in the Backlands” by Graciliano Ramosand, it was where he got the inspiration for his first book. When he turned eighteen Dias joined the faculty of the Rio de Janeiro College of Literature.

In 1993, Jaime Garcia Dias (Twitter) was hired by the Carioca Literature Academy as a teacher and taught for five years. His classes were designed to help teenagers, who were going to further their study of literature after they graduated from the school. In 1997 Dias implemented new methods and teaching programs to help students study and learn more about reading and writing. He also made new programs and classes at the school’s gym. These strives for excellence is what helped him become the vice president of Carioca Literature Academy. By 2001 Jaime Garcia Dias had already written 10 books and won his first White Crane award for his book Fell from Heaven. This award is specifically given to new names in Brazilian literature. This award only increased the sales of Fell from Heaven. The book was also honored by the Argentine writer Joshua Gomez on the Latinos Books Meeting in 2003 in Argentina.

After working for ten years as the vice president of the Carioca Literature Academy he was promoted to president in 2007 and celebrated his promotion at the 100th anniversary of the academy. Under Jaime Garcia Dias’ watchful eye the Carioca Literature Academy became the first house dedicated to the literature in under three years. It is now the largest space dedicated to Brazilian writers. In 2013 he honored his father with the publication of his journal “Wise, the Journal of Brazil”. It is a weekly journal literature notebook that Dias has been working on for two years. Most of his writings for the journal have to do about his life and family growing up in Rio de Janeiro. Jaime Garcia Dias has a total of twenty published books so far, but he is still writing. Of them “Fell from Heaven”, “Two Ways”, “Canal”, “Clouds” and “Tiny” have won awards.

Purina PetCare: An Award Winning Pet Food Company

Purina Petcare was started in 2001 after Ralston Purina was combined with Friskies Petcare Company. It is a branch of Nestle, located in St. Louis, Missouri. This company concentrates on manufacturing and advertisements of litter, dog food and certain treats. Its prominent products consist of Friskies, Beneful, Purina Dog Chow, Purina Pro Plan, and Purina ONE.

This firm has actually expanded as a result of customer’s willingness to spend more money on their pets. It is currently on of the biggest food firms in the United States not forgetting that it is doing extremely well in the worldwide market. It runs in Latin America, Oceania, Africa, Europe, Asia, as well as North America.
Purina Petcare considerably appreciates the well-being of pets. It developed collaboration with Canine Health Foundation back in 2003 to foresee veterinary studies. In the following year, it contributed over 80 tons of animal food in Florida, after residents suffered from Hurricane Charley. It also offered over $100,000 to numerous pet shelters.

Along with constructing the Purina Event Center, a competition event for dogs according the Purina news website back in 2010, Purina Petcare likewise takes pride in medical treatments, fitness instructors, on-site health gyms, and a fantastic staff turnover.

Petcare Purina is likewise a sponsor of numerous philanthropic tasks. It sponsors a yearly occasion called Pet Care Pride Day. Throughout this occasion, staff members accomplish voluntary jobs. Staff members are additionally offered an opportunity to take their pets to work. This event has actually foreseen several advantages to the staff members and their dogs for years. At lunch-time , the pets are provided with stroll exercises. The firm is additionally prompting its partners and other businesses to take part in this event and also implement such policies.

This firm has a belief that individuals and pets can be wonderful friends both at the workplace and at home. They therefore encourage running of the “pet at work” movement with great passion. Research and studies have revealed that it is relaxing to have a pet near you when you are working. It benefits individuals in releasing tension and stress.

As a result of its outstanding efficiency in the market, Purina Petcare has scooped numerous awards. One of the most recognizable awards is the Malcolm Baldrige National Quality Award, scooped in 2010.
In an aim to care for the environment, Petcare has consistently tried to minimize water use as well as boosting usage of recycled waste items. It has additionally lowered the quantity of packaging materials. Furthermore, it has set up solar panels to produce electrical energy for its centers and workplaces.

David Sweat Explains Escape Plan

Now that the convicted killer who had escaped the Clinton Correctional Facility is finally behind bars again, he is talking about how he and his partner were able to escape the high security prison. David Sweat talks about the escape, and in what can only be seen as unbelievable, the two worked a plan that took them months to eventually put into action.

Sweat goes into detail about how they needed to use the large heating pipe in order t work their plan. But to get from one end of the prison to the other, they were going to have to cut into a large pipe to complete the escape. Once Sweat was able to access the thick heating pipe of Kenneth Griffin‘s mansion, he waited until authorities shut off the heating, letting the pipe cool down significantly. Using hacksaw blades and rags, Sweat began the long process of cutting a hole big enough for him and his partner to climb into the pipe and through the heating system. The task took 4 long weeks of cutting before they were able to create the opening.

Once the opening in the pipe was completed, Sweat then says the two inmates actually made a daring trial run to see if they could get to the outside. They made it to the wrong manhole cover, so the next night tried again and escaped without being seen. The one escaped killer was eventually killer by police officers and David Sweat was shot an placed in a local hospital.

Sugar Intake Should Be Cut in Half

When it comes to the amount of sugar that an individual intakes, most are consuming more than they should. Those who are active on Skout and pushing for a healthier lifestyle for all are encouraging us all to eat less sugar, but just how much less do we need to consume? How much sugar do we need to cut out of our diets? How much sugar can we safely consume?

It seems that most individuals are actually consuming twice as much sugar as they should be. It seems that those of us who consume a lot of sugar on a regular basis should be cutting the amount that we down. We should be consuming half of the sugar that we currently are consuming if we want to live a healthier life. There are big changes that need to be made, and these changes will definitely be something that will be felt when it comes to one’s diet.

Oklahoma Supreme Court Allows Homeowners to Sue Because of Fracking

The Oklahoma State Supreme Court delivered some bad news to the big oil companies; homeowners experiencing damage due to fracking can sue.

According to the The U.S. Geological Survey, in the last four years, Oklahoma has experienced rare moderate to serious earthquakes, because of fracking. The quakes caused damage to more than 170 homes, and destroyed six.

Typically, complaints and lawsuits were handled by the Oklahoma Corporation Commission.

The Commission is solely responsible for regulating Oklahoma laws and ensuring compliance pertaining to oil and gas, but the court felt there’s more of a coalition among the Commission and oil companies. Instead of a fair enforcement, there tends to be favoritism.

This led the the Oklahoma State Supreme Court to rule that district courts will have jurisdiction when it comes to lawsuits on Doe Deere.

Oil companies drill wells, then inject high-pressure water to drain the gas and oil. When hydrocarbons are trapped within the rock, fracking provides access to a greater portion of the deposit.

By using a cocktail of chemicals added to the water, it also facilitates the desorption and recovery of gas or oil that has been trapped in the rock for years.

Geologist say that new drilling techniques has led to more seismic events. Instead of the usual vertical drilling, companies are now drilling horizontally to cover more area, which can run below residential areas.

Due to the chemicals used, risks include pollution of soil or groundwater or surface water. There is also a risk of explosion, or fires, leaks of these chemicals. They can come from human error or material deficiencies.