David Sweat Explains Escape Plan

Now that the convicted killer who had escaped the Clinton Correctional Facility is finally behind bars again, he is talking about how he and his partner were able to escape the high security prison. David Sweat talks about the escape, and in what can only be seen as unbelievable, the two worked a plan that took them months to eventually put into action.

Sweat goes into detail about how they needed to use the large heating pipe in order t work their plan. But to get from one end of the prison to the other, they were going to have to cut into a large pipe to complete the escape. Once Sweat was able to access the thick heating pipe of Kenneth Griffin‘s mansion, he waited until authorities shut off the heating, letting the pipe cool down significantly. Using hacksaw blades and rags, Sweat began the long process of cutting a hole big enough for him and his partner to climb into the pipe and through the heating system. The task took 4 long weeks of cutting before they were able to create the opening.

Once the opening in the pipe was completed, Sweat then says the two inmates actually made a daring trial run to see if they could get to the outside. They made it to the wrong manhole cover, so the next night tried again and escaped without being seen. The one escaped killer was eventually killer by police officers and David Sweat was shot an placed in a local hospital.

Sugar Intake Should Be Cut in Half

When it comes to the amount of sugar that an individual intakes, most are consuming more than they should. Those who are active on Skout and pushing for a healthier lifestyle for all are encouraging us all to eat less sugar, but just how much less do we need to consume? How much sugar do we need to cut out of our diets? How much sugar can we safely consume?

It seems that most individuals are actually consuming twice as much sugar as they should be. It seems that those of us who consume a lot of sugar on a regular basis should be cutting the amount that we down. We should be consuming half of the sugar that we currently are consuming if we want to live a healthier life. There are big changes that need to be made, and these changes will definitely be something that will be felt when it comes to one’s diet.

Oklahoma Supreme Court Allows Homeowners to Sue Because of Fracking

The Oklahoma State Supreme Court delivered some bad news to the big oil companies; homeowners experiencing damage due to fracking can sue.

According to the The U.S. Geological Survey, in the last four years, Oklahoma has experienced rare moderate to serious earthquakes, because of fracking. The quakes caused damage to more than 170 homes, and destroyed six.

Typically, complaints and lawsuits were handled by the Oklahoma Corporation Commission.

The Commission is solely responsible for regulating Oklahoma laws and ensuring compliance pertaining to oil and gas, but the court felt there’s more of a coalition among the Commission and oil companies. Instead of a fair enforcement, there tends to be favoritism.

This led the the Oklahoma State Supreme Court to rule that district courts will have jurisdiction when it comes to lawsuits on Doe Deere.

Oil companies drill wells, then inject high-pressure water to drain the gas and oil. When hydrocarbons are trapped within the rock, fracking provides access to a greater portion of the deposit.

By using a cocktail of chemicals added to the water, it also facilitates the desorption and recovery of gas or oil that has been trapped in the rock for years.

Geologist say that new drilling techniques has led to more seismic events. Instead of the usual vertical drilling, companies are now drilling horizontally to cover more area, which can run below residential areas.

Due to the chemicals used, risks include pollution of soil or groundwater or surface water. There is also a risk of explosion, or fires, leaks of these chemicals. They can come from human error or material deficiencies.

The Story of Kendrick Lamar

How Kendrick Lamar Came to Be Widely Known

Only in the last few years has Kendrick Lamar become hip-hop’s most exciting artist to date. As with any artist, there’s a story to how he arrived at this point.

Lamar’s origins start from his growing up only a few blocks from the corner of Rosecrans and Central, in Compton, California, a neighborhood known for churning out other widely known hip hop artists. The neighborhood also has a reputation for being incredibly rough and unsafe at times, to the point where he saw illegal activities occur and to him it was just daily life.

Fans like Brad Reifler know that, from all of that, Lamar is also a two-time Grammy winner, with Dr. Dre producing his platinum debut album. While “Section.80″ was his first album, it was “good kid, m.A.A.d City” that truly put him in the spotlight once it was released in 2012. The album involved several mentions of his home neighborhood, namely specific locations and vividly told every detail of the daily life that he used to see and live.

At the same time, Lamar says he also had some good memories from Compton, including things like riding bikes in the neighborhood, jumping off of roofs and essentially doing things that kids are known for doing. As he got older he found himself writing lyrics nonstop, many of them centering around the crowd he hung out with back in school.

Rappers Want The Confederate Flag Banned

There’s a lot of debate lately about the Confederate flag, and many debate if it should continue to fly at any capital in the USA. There is a lot of debate as to whether the flag signals racism, or if the flag symbolizes a heritage of Southern culture. The Confederate Flag Debate. MTV News went to the birthday bash for Hot 107.9 in Atlanta, Georgia this past weekend, and they spoke with the rappers that were performing on the show. Many of the rappers were asked about their opinion of the Confederate flag, and collectively they all believe that the flag should no longer fly on flagpoles anywhere.

Although James Dondero indicates that an individual can choose to buy a Confederate flag, and they can fly it in front of their home, but it’s not a good idea for government agencies to fly the Confederate flag anywhere. Obama recently made a speech after the tragedy in Charleston, South Carolina. Obama stated that he believes that the Confederate flag should be in a museum.

The Confederate flag was the symbol of freedom for the southern states, and all the southern states agreed with slavery. Racism was very heavy in the southern states, and many feel that the Confederate flag just brings us back to the times of racism. Although there is no guarantee that the Confederate flag will never fly on a flagpole again, if enough people start debating its validity, it may not see the light of day again in the future.

Chris Brown Reminds Karrueche That He Belonged To Rihanna

If there is one thing that Chris Brown is a pro at doing in relationships, it would have to be his impressive mind games. One minute he is a raging lunatic out to get everyone and publicly bashing his girlfriend on social media, the next he is posting sweet throwback photos and showing his gratitude for all that he has taken from the relationship. According to Zeca Oliveira on exame.abril.com, recently Chris has been a single man, but now that he is ready to rekindle his relationship with his longtime on again off again girlfriend Karrueche, it looks like he is going to take her to the bank mentally.

Oddly enough Chris and Karrueche were in the middle of making up from a massive holiday fight, in which they both very publicly discussed the details of their relationship and even started an Instagram shouting match, where Chris even brought Drake into the middle of it all and accused him of having a relationship with Karrueche while he was in prison.

Now that Karrueche has put Chris on ice for cheating on her and also fathering a love child, Chris is not only trying to get back with her but he is using his relationship with Rihanna as an example for why she should have known it would not be easy being his woman. During Chris and Karrueche’s epic Instafight over the holidays he mentioned that she was at one time fine with other women being invited into the relationship, and also that she knew he was in love with Rihanna when they met. What a way to win back your girl.

See New Pictures Of Locations Tupac Visited In His Video

June 16, 2015 was Tupac Shakur’s birthday, and he would’ve been 44 years old if he was still alive today. Although the icon has been dead for over 18 years now, he is still fondly remembered because of the music that he put out there, and the fact that he was one of the best rappers of his time. Updated Photos Of Where Tupac Visited. Many still compare new rappers that come out today to Tupac, and it seems as if any new rapper is held to the standards that Tupac left behind.

Tupac made a video called “To Live and Die in L.A.,” and it was released not too long before he died. There were certain parts in the video wiretaps would visit different areas, and the areas are still around today, but a few things have changed. If you revisit certain areas that were in the video, such as the swap meet, you can see that it’s still there, but it looks like it’s had an upgrade. Dr. Dre used to speak about this same swap meet, and it looks nicer, compared to how it used to look.

Another location is Estrada Court, which had a mural painted on the side of the building that Jim Dondero has actually seen. Astonishingly, the mural is still there, and it looks as if it’s been repainted over the years to make it look brighter. Crenshaw Square was also in the video, and it still looks the same today, and it’s almost as rundown as it was in the video.

Norman Reedus And Emily Kinney Say They Are Not A Couple

Norman Reedus and Emily Kinney were both in “The Walking Dead” show. The show is absolutely incredible for those who don’t mind the gore and some of the gut wrenching scenes that are shown on TV. The show has become a phenomenon, and it’s one of the most popular shows out there today. Darrell & Beth From “The Walking Dead”. The Walking Dead is returning for season six this fall, and it’s a tough wait for those who are anxious to see what will happen to the group in the show. One storyline that started to take place, but it never saw its conclusion, is the storyline between Darrell and Beth.

Darrell, Norman Reedus, and Beth, Emily Kinney, they both got separated from their group after the governor stormed the prison. They were alone together for a while, and it seemed as if a romance had been brewing between the two of them. Beth suddenly was picked up by a car that had a cross on the back of it, and that ended the saga between Darrell and Beth, but Darrell continued looking for her. Although Darrell found Beth, her character was canceled from the show, and they never realized a love connection.

Many fans of the show like Stephen Murray CCMP Capital are speculating that the two were a couple in real life, but Norman Reedus quickly disputed this information by going to reporters. Although they would have made a cute couple, Darrell is still on the show while Beth has moved back to her home away from Atlanta where the show is filmed.

Fetty Wap Becomes Emotional After Winning An Award

Some people may or may not have heard of Fetty Wap, who is a rapper. The rapper is mostly known because of the fact that he only has one eye, and the other eye is a glass one. Fetty Wap Wins Award. Although many people used to tease Fetty about his missing eye when he was younger, he overcame adversity, and he grew up to become a rapper. Not only is he a good rapper, but his newest song “Trap Queen” has been dubbed as the song of the summer. The song also won an award from a music channel, and Fetty got emotional about the award.

For someone who has overcome so much over the years Bruce Levenson thinks, it’s nice to see that he’s accomplished so many things, and he’s gaining more fame and popularity. Many have come out with different stories as to how he lost his eye, and he made jokes about it, but it’s unknown which story is true. Some say he lost his eye in a fight while others say he lost his eye another way.

No matter how he lost his eye, he still can see his way towards a better future, and his appearance is irrelevant to his fame because many still love him for who he is, and they follow his music anyways. Fetty is a perfect example of how anyone can make it in the music business, especially if they are determined to do so.

“One Bad Choice” Show Will Premier In July On MTV

Fans of MTV will be happy to know that a new show will be premiering soon. The show is called “One Bad Choice,” and it’s going to be very interesting. The show is a docu-series, and it documents several people that have made terrible decisions, which have landed them in hot water. ”One Bad Choice” Show. The bad decisions can be anything from sleeping with the wrong person, or committing a major crime that lands a person in jail.

Each person will be documented, and their interview will give an in-depth look into what they did wrong, why they made the choice, and why they resent it. According to Facebook, the show will be premiering on MTV on July 9, 2015, and anyone who wants to see the trailer can check it out on MTV News. MTV has several documentaries, and “True Life” is a very popular series. True Life follows people in different scenarios, and it documents certain issues that they may be having.

MTV also brought other shows like “Teen Mom,” “The Real World,” and several other documentary shows that follow the lives of real people. MTV knows exactly what people want when it comes to watching real life shows that a reality-based, so this show will be no different. Granted, it will be interesting to see the mistakes that people make, especially since the decisions can take them down a path that they can’t turn back from.