Dez Grows Tidal

Desiree, or Dez, Perez was brought to Tidal by Jay-Z. Dez is currently the executive of this music streaming service. She has been putting forth an immense amount of effort to help this company be able to reach the top. Before Dez started as the executive, there were a few others who tested the waters in this position. Fortunately for Dez, they weren’t a good fit and eventually stepped down. Jay-Z was lucky to be able to find Desiree. She knew right away that the only way to make this company work was to first be able to create an interest in this streaming service. Once that occurred, the presentation and the content would then be able to be fine tuned.  Continue to read on

Desiree has been able to help Jay-Z finalize multiple contracts that have been worth quite a bit of money, in the millions to be exact. Dez has helped to guide this streaming service to great success. Desiree Perez has also been able to effectively pave a path for Jay-Z to be able to turn his rap career into a career in music streaming.

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Dez is great at this because she already has her own business. This gives her an advantage because she knows what has to be done to close all of the big deals and to be able to make this business run as smoothly as possible. This company is currently growing tremendously and it is starting to attract numerous customers. Dez is a huge part and one of the top reasons why this company is growing so quickly and so well. Thanks to Desiree, as what her page shows, Tidal has been able to win the release of huge musicians such as Beyonce, Kanye West, Rihanna and more. It is great that Jay-Z as well as others in the company highly appreciate her.  More of this on

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Inspiration From Adam Milstein’s Success Journey

Being successful as a solopreneur or entrepreneur, you need to be very strategic. Some days will be hard and others smooth and on such days, you will need inspiration from entrepreneurs who have gone through the same challenges. Today, we take a few success tips from Adam Milstein’s interview with Ideamensch, which was held in 2016 December.


Be Patient and Persistent

Being successful at entrepreneurship requires that you are very patient. According to Milstein, there are no shortcuts to success and success cannot be achieved overnight. Milstein learnt this the hard way, but you don’t have to, you can simply learn from his story. Milstein told Ideamensch of a time when he was selling art to temples in Israel. At that time, he was in campus and needed to make some quick cash. So when he started out and sold every last art on his stock, he knew that that was it for him. He went ahead and bought more art with the goal of selling it overnight. But this did not happen. He ended up a frustrated man as his art took more time to sell.


Don’t Put Your Eggs in One Basket

Adam Milstein advices entrepreneurs not to put all their eggs in one basket. The story discussed above taught him that. The best strategy to acquiring success is to diversify. Do lots of different stuff and identify one that is successful. At that point, you can add more money to grow the product line or company.


Follow Up

Milstein advises entrepreneurs to always follow up on leads. According to Milstein, if one does not follow up on contracts or leads, for fear of failure, they lose even better chances of success.


About Adam Milstein

Milstein is a co-founder and chairman of Hager Pacific Properties. The company deals with the development, purchase, and sale of commercial real estate property. Other than being a successful entrepreneur and businessman, he is also a serial philanthropists. Every day for Milstein is a day to give. He is the founder of Adam and Gila Milstein Foundation.

Wen By Chaz Lives Up To To Hype

When it comes to hair care products, there are a lot to choose from and it can be hard to figure out which one is the right one to use. There are lots of ads and promotions out there that say one thing but do another. That is why it is important to hear it from someone that has used it and get a first-hand account on what to expect, what it is going to do, and what kind of results one should expect from the product. One of the most trusted bloggers out there is Emily McClure of

She tells it like it is and she is a fashion and beauty expert. Because of her experience, people trust her, rely on her, and know she is a straight shooter. She is not one to mince words. Also, when she writes, she does hold back in terms of telling people exactly what to expect and exactly what they will be getting for their money. That is why the fact that Wen by Chaz has received her seal of approval really means something and really stands for something. It is the all-in-one product that works as a shampoo, conditioner, and styling treatment.

Another wonderful thing about the product that a lot of people love is the fact that it products quick results, try seven days, as pointed out in her article on, She also uploaded YouTube videos and showed pictures to show the kind of impact it had on her hair. As they say, a picture is worth a thousand words and her pictures, her words, and her review just prove that Chaz has gone above and beyond to make the best hair care product that money can buy for the consumer out there. When they use it, they will not walk away disappointed. Wen products are available online via Amazon or directly from the website.

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Bob Reina Leads Talk Fusion to Success

Bob Reina, is the chief executive officer and founder of Talk Fusion. He returned to MarTech Advisor in Brandon, Florida, to give a talk about video advertising trends for 2017. His latest talk is recorded, and the transcript will be available in article form to over a million marketing professionals. This talk represents the second published article by Bob Reina in the past year by MarTech Advisor.


Talk Fusion is the brainchild of Reina and represents a simple way for any business to stand out in a crowded and often competitive marketplace. His communication system is an all-in-one video marketing system and the comprehensive system is easy to use and serves to keep customers satisfied with the results and making them want to come back. The simplicity of the system is what makes the difference. It does not require complex audio/video skills or expensive and complicated editing equipment. The audio/video system is all there on one easy to install application available for any smartphone.

Bob Reina and Talk Fusion have together built a network of independent sales agents in over 140 countries. His independent sales agents have found a vehicle to earn needed income while at the same time taking care of family matters.

Reina founded Talk Fusion in 2007 and his sales agents offer 30 day free trials of their all-in-one video marketing solution that allows members to easily send videos to customers and allows for greater recognition in the market while making business easier and memorable and with the use of video makes the sales experience very persuasive.

Independent sales agents offer the 30-day free trials and do not require a credit card to start the trial.


White Shark Media Leads the Digital Marketing Industry in Six Short Years

In 2011, White Shark Media joined the digital marketing industry with superior marketing tactics and high-quality technology. In six short years, they have become one of the leading online advertising companies in the world. This did not happen by accident; White Shark Media or WSM is expert in creating a world-class experience for all of their clients.


WSM is designed for small and medium online business owners who need help with advertising their products and services. Without marketing skills, your business will be lost in the tens of thousands of businesses that fill the internet. Most owners are skilled in managing their products, but you need to have superior marketing skills to succeed.


WSM is a partner with Adwords, which is a very prestigious position as there are only 29 partners total. WSM uses SEM, SEO, and PPC to advertise your website, and they also have perfected an excellent program for managing your sales. WSM was founded by three experienced Danish businessmen, Gary Garth, Alexander Nygart, and Andrew Lolt who have expert skills in both online and brick and mortar marketing.


This dedicated team and the three co-founders have turned digital marketing into a growing success with their tech skills and positive attitudes in managing the business. Before they had their first client, Nygart, Garth, and Lolk decided that they were going to have incredible customer service, so their clients had a phenomenal experience, no matter what it took.


So, with this unique attitude in the business world, they adapted the business to be very user-friendly. They took complaints seriously, and most complaints are turned into benefits for both the client and the entire company. For instance, a client couldn’t get ahold of their contact person, so WSM provided every client with a monthly GoToMeeting and a direct extension. This is the spectacular attitude that has made them leaders in the industry.



Samuel Strauch Investing

Real estate investing is a great field to be in. Many people today are making a lot of money investing in real estate in growing areas. This is especially true in coastal cities like Miami. Miami has had its share of issues, but it is a great place to stay for a number of reasons. Not only does Miami have a lot to offer people who live there, but there are a lot of great places to invest.

Before you jump in and buy a property, you need to think about your financial goals for the future. A lot of people struggle in this area, and if you can succeed at a high level you can have a lot of success in the world of investing. Samuel Strauch is a great place to get started when it comes to learn from others.

Samuel Strauch

From the time he started investing, Samuel Strauch has always had exceptional results.  He is always willing to go the extra mile to help others along the way. Samuel Strauch is a great example of what it takes to succeed at a high level within the industry. If you are looking to become a great investor, you have to be willing to act when other people are scared to. Many people today are starting to worry about the repercussions of their decisions. If you want to start investing in a property, make sure you have your financing and budget lined up. Some people do not realize that there are a lot more expensive involved with a real estate property than just the mortgage payment. Overall, many people are excited about the changes that are being made to the business. If you want to succeed with others, this is a great way to get started.



Securus Technologies Video Visitation: Enhancing Institutional and Public Safety

Securus Technologies is a Dallas-based, technology company that develops solutions for the civil and criminal justice systems. The products and services developed and provided by Securus Technologies include solutions designed to aid in investigation, corrections and monitoring, and public safety.


The Securus Technologies Video Visitation system is an innovative technology that aids in correction management and in enhancing public safety. The system is designed to allow family members and friends the ability to engage in meaningful visits with incarcerated individuals without the expense and safety risk issues associated with in-person visitation.


The Securus Technologies video system is widely utilized. In the coming year, about 2 million individual visits are expected to occur using Securus Technologies Video Visitation. That equates to about 160,000 individual visits each month.


Securus Technologies advises that in recent times, the utilization of the Video Visitation system as doubled with each passing year. The company expects the same trend to occur into the future. Securus Technologies anticipates that 4 million individual visits will occur using the system next year.


The Securus Technologies Video Visitation system is also extremely cost effective. This is crucial in this day and age when correctional budgets are extremely tight. This frees up funds that can be directed to other correctional programming.


Traditional in-person visitation costs about $100 per instance. Visitation utilizing the Securus Technologies solution costs $2.72 per visit, a remarkable price reduction.


One of the reasons that Securus Technologies Video Visitation is garnering praise is the fact that it contributes to over all community safety. Research reveals that incarcerated people who are able to maintain consistent contact with loved ones are far less likely to reoffend when they return to the community. This is a major contribution to the overall safety of communities across the country, considering what the recidivism rate historically has been in the United States.




Scott Rocklage; Influence Caused in the Health Sector

Scott M. Rocklage is a Ph.D. holder from Massachusetts Institute of Technology. Besides, he is also an alumnus of the University of California, Berkeley where he earned his BS in chemistry. In 2003, Mr. Scott joined 5AM Ventures as a partner, and later in 2004 became part of the administrative crew. The heath industry recognizes him as an outstanding figure who has seen over thirty years of solid experience. In the past, he has assumed strategic offices where he pushed FDA to approve three new drug applications in the U.S.



In his tenures, he has founded and co-founded more than thirty patents in the United States, as well as published over a hundred books, which are all peer-reviewed. The Boston-based specialist is currently the chairman of Board of several organizations namely; Achaogen, Semprus, Relypsa, WaveRx, Pulmatrix and Variation. Scott’s able leadership is recognized in most states across America, particularly his excellent knowledge of his specialty.



Background Information Regarding 5AM Ventures



5AM Ventures is an enterprise comprising of professionals possessing high qualities in a broad spectrum of specialties among them being; medicine, operations, law, science as well as finance. Basically, it serves capital purposes, focusing on improving the future companies in the health sectors, especially those depicting an ability to deliver cutting-edge returns to their investors. The members, Mr. Scott being one among the partners, contribute towards achieving their success.



Previous Investments by Scott in 5AM Ventures



Following his superior knowledge in the medical fields, Mr. Scott has been up to various advisory and presidential roles. Between October 2006 and March 2013, there are several investments he made within 5AM Ventures. The investments were serial, and they include; achaogen, rennovia, pulmatrix, as well as novira therapeutics.






  1. Scott Rocklage is a proven, time-tested and self-made administrator possessing a vast knowledge in the health sector. Prior to joining 5AM Ventures, he had served several other significant offices relating to medicine. He had even been president and chairman of Nycomed Interventional, Inc. between 1992 and 1994. His input in the entire United States is quite notable, particularly on inventions. His far-reaching healthcare management skills are matchless.


Technology Is At The Forefront Of Fashion Too

The fashion industry and the technological industry keep on changing all the time. But another fact is that both these industries are growing together. Technology is becoming fashionable today.



During the 70s, there was the boom box that allowed its user to carry around tunes and stations. In the 80s, movie story lines got added to this. The 90s made it more personal with the Walkman. The year 2000 saw this personal experience getting smaller with the iPod. Hence technology has grown in order to keep pace with what is being considered fashionable.



This kind of synthesis of technology, as well as fashion, is happening even today. Fashion designers are creating and looking at the possibility of using technology. This would translate into higher standards of innovation as well as functionality. Technology is providing a playground where fashion can experiment, and this leads to endless possibilities.



The future will be seeing fashions advance by using technology to protect us. People may not wear bike protection as it is not fashionable. Hence a system came that one can wear around the neck. This is the Airbag for Cyclists. Here an airbag will be popping out of the neckwear and protecting the head from impact. It also provides better visibility of the surroundings as compared to wearing a helmet. Firefighters are wearing Frontline Gloves that allow them to give valuable information to each other through simple hand gestures. Hence firefighters can know when to leave a scene, or be able to say that all is okay.



Interestingly, designers are looking at a lot of innovations in order to create fabulous fashions. This is thought that is also shared by Christopher Burch who is the founder as well as CEO of Burch Creative Capital. His company has an investment philosophy that reflects the entrepreneurial values of Burch. He is a visionary looking for new market opportunities that can have a direct and lasting impact on the lives of consumers. He understands fashion and this industry very well. This is because he has over 40 years of experience as an investor and entrepreneur. Burch has been involved in the rise of nearly 50 companies. Hence an understanding of consumer behavior along with direct sourcing experience has led him towards innovative impact. He has a highly diversified investment portfolio. His company supports the development of leading lifestyle as well as consumer products brands including apparel, furniture and so on.

Equities First Holdings Offers Loans to High Net Worth Individuals and Companies

Equities First Holdings, LLC was founded in 2002 in Indianapolis, Indiana. The company provides loans that are guaranteed by using stocks, bonds, and treasuries owned by the company or individual requesting the loan and are used as collateral for the loan.Equities First Holdings has its main office in Indianapolis, Indiana but provides services and operations around the globe staffed by competent individuals who are experts in the fields of stock analysis and bond valuation.

Businesses constantly have a need for capital for expansion and for the purchase of new equipment. A business that is not growing will find itself loosing ground to the competition.

The perfect candidate for Equities First is a business owner with a substantial securities portfolio who is in need of a loan for business or personal use. While banks hesitate to use securities as collateral, the sharp minds at Equities First realized that they could fill a vacuum and create a niche market. The company targeted their clients within the category of high net worth individuals and business executives with substantial portfolios who were seeking loans. Their idea took form and exceeded expectations as they developed their market concept around the world.Al Christy Jr. serves as President of the company he founded in 2002.

Christy has become a leading authority in long-term planning, resource allocation and proven himself a leading authority in the areas of long-term planning, cash-flow strategy, and resource allocation. He has drawn from his winning athletic background in creating a forward thinking and successful loan organization. For more about Al Christy Jr. see a great article: