Susan McGalla Is Breaking The Glass Ceiling

Recently, Philly Purge published an article by the title of, “How Pittsburgh’s Susan McGalla Paved the Way for Women in Leadership”, by Joe Williams. This article details the advancement of women in business and the advancements Susan McGalla has made for the female gender in the state of Pennsylvania. She has raised herself from the bottom to be an important part of the team behind the Pittsburgh Steelers.

Susan McGalla’s career is talked about at length.

For example, they talk about her humble beginnings at the American Eagle Outfitters company and how she became the company’s president before leaving to found P3 Executive Consulting. Her work with the Pittsburgh Steelers led to her becoming their President of Business Strategy and Creative Development. Working her way up from the bottom, McGalla has become an inspiration for women everywhere. Her confidence and wits have helped her shake the weight of gender discrimination.

Susan McGalla was born in East Liverpool, Ohio on May 31, 1964.

She was raised in East Liverpool and it’s important to note that her father worked as a football coach for a local team. Susan McGalla attended Mount Union College in Alliance, Ohio from 1982 to 1986 where she received a bachelor’s degree in business and marketing. Currently, she resides on the Board of Advisors for the college that she once attended, which is the Mount Union college. She is also formerly a trustee of the University of Pittsburgh.

Before working at American Eagle, McGalla worked at Joseph Horne Company.

The Joseph Horne Company was based out of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. Here, Susan McGalla worked a variety of jobs. When she started working for American Eagle Outfitters, it was as a divisional merchandise buyer. Eventually, she rose to be president of the entire company. Nowadays, she still works in business and strategy for the Pittsburgh Steelers.

Wikipedia Information of Equities First Holdings

Financial solutions firm, Equities First Holdings, was first founded in 2002 in Indianapolis, Indiana. It has since that time spawned offices in several other countries throughout the world with its largest in Australia, the United Kingdom, Hong Kong, Singapore, Thailand, and Switzerland. It was originally called Meridian Equity Partners. It provides securities based lending services based on risk evaluations and evaluations of the future performance of stocks, bonds, and treasuries. However, its securities loans are unrestricted so that they can be used for anything after they are approved, whether it be personal or professional.

One of its most successful international offices is in Australia which became headquartered in the metropolis of Melbourne in 2016. This headquarters leads two other Australian offices in Perth and Sydney. And it is expected to grow even further in the near future. Since its founding EFH has completed over 700 transactions.

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Igor Cornelsen Provides 3 Tips For Investing In A Foreign Market

Igor Cornelsen is a highly successful investment banker. He recently disused three tips for those who want to invest in a foreign market. Below are the three tips he had for investors.

Familiarize Yourself With Currency Restrictions

One of the top tips Igor Cornelsen shared was to become familiar with currency restrictions. He used Brazil as an example, saying that people have to fin a bank that is authorized to exchange. He stressed that it is a must to research currency laws.

Connect With The Natives

Igor said Brazil is home to many business oriented people, as well as entrepreneurs. He said networking and relationships keep companies going in the country. He pointed out that it should be simply to connect and build a network with people in Brazil. Furthermore, around 25 percent of people in Brazil who are between the ages of 18 and 64 are self-starters. Not only that, but natives tend to be very welcoming, so it should be easy to become part of focus groups and to discuss new ideas.

Red Tape: Be Prepared For It

There are many regulations that businesses need to be aware of in Brazil. In fact, starting up and running a business can be difficult due to the red tape. The market is growing, but it’s still delicate and this is why there are many laws. What you should do is research the regulations ahead of time. This will help people become more prepared and they will be able to avoid problems that are avoidable in the first place.

Igor Cornelsen knows all about investment in the market in Brazil, and he believes that Brazil is recovering from a potential economic disaster. Cornelsen is an expert in investment and he runs an investment firm that has foreign clients who are interested in investing in the Brazilian market. His company is known for creating investment strategies that work very well.

Meet James Dondero; An American Serial Entrepreneur With A Heart of Gold

Legendary men like James David Dondero don’t come by so often, today. Dondero’s high-flying achievements are only comparable to those of a select few modern-day investors. For over thirty years, he’s served in high-ranking positions at dozens of globally acclaimed companies. Today, James is a highly sought-out-after financial wizard who commands lots of influence and respect in the financial circles. Read more about James at Crunchbase.

His official profile on reveals the 54-year-old investor-cum-entrepreneur to be a high-profile board member in 11 financial organizations that span well over 25 different industries.

Dondero’s listed as the Director at Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer Studios, Cornerstone Healthcare Group Holding, Inc., Safety-Kleen, MGM Holdings, and at NexBank SSB. He’s also the Chairman of the Board of Directors at NexBank Capital, HCM Acquisition Company, Jernigan Capital, Inc., and at Highland Acquisition Corporation. Highland Capital, Inc., is without a doubt the crown jewel of Dondero’s immense empire. Since founding Highland Capital in 2016, James has served its C.E.O, President, and Secretary, as well.

About Highland Acquisitions

Highland Capital Management is an equity firm specializing in high-yields and distressed investments. The award-winning financial consultant is highly recommended for investors looking for competitive credit. Highland’s best-selling credit financing solutions include collateralized loan obligations, abbreviated as CLOs, private equity funds, hedge funds, mutual funds, ETFs, and REITs. It’s headquartered in Dallas, TX. Learn more about James Dondero at Affiliate Dork.

Dondero Feeds Our Vets

Despite earning six-figure paychecks and commissions for decades, James Dondero remains one of the most humble and caring men you’ll ever encounter. James Dondero is genuinely passionate about the welfare of the nation’s veteran community. Over the weekends, you’re likely to stumble upon Dondero feeding the many veterans found in the poorest neighborhoods in Dallas, TX. The C.E.O is also a huge donor to educational courses, for instance, he supports the Education is Freedom and the SMU’s Tower Scholarship Program.

Academic Background and Certifications

James David Dondero is a Beta Gamma Sigma top honors graduate of the University of Virginia’s McIntire School of Commerce. The revered bond analyst attained a degree in finance and another in accounting in 1984. After graduating, James secured an interning position at the prestigious Morgan Guaranty Corporation. Mr. Dondero’s since attained his CPA and CFA accreditation.


Making Sense Out Of $18 Billion

What Does Success Mean To You?

We all have live by standards if we want to go in “the right direction.”

We often wonder about the path that George Soros took. His recent charitable acted amounted to $18 billion given away.

The best way to achieve great standards is to first set the standard you want to achieve. We easily accomplish the things that our society tells us are acceptable. You only have a tremendous advantage when you set your life standards based on what you want to achieve instead. Success is easier than we like to admit it is.

The challenges we have come when the wrong ambitions are connected to the wrong goals. The way George Soros saw it was simple. His financial plan was to find a strategy way of investing that would fit his character.

This is also what he did.

Times when the market showed great opportunities were times when the pattern of George’s life also made sense. This connection between what success means and how it’s achieved is how George best defines accomplishment.

Make it meaningful, and you are also likely make it happen.

A Quick Look Through The Eyes Of George Soros

George Soros didn’t become rich with his best trade in history.

By the time George Soros became a billionaire, he was already a millionaire. The meaning of success for George Soros is a long, drawn-out process. He believes; success takes into account the importance of determination and passion.

Aligning meaning to the word success is about remembering the sacrifices that were made in the past. The numbers in success only make sense to George Soros after he’s correlated it to the time he’s invested. Looking through the eyes of George Soros reveals to us the correlation many men want also.

Taking Your Desires One Step Further

Another key asset to George’s success was that he could take all of his work a bit further.

It was never enough for George Soros to be successful. He had to be successful and “then some.” The same occurred in his most successful trades. George Soros could win great sums, but he knew how to win a bit more.

This gift became characterized in him.

That characterization was ingrained in the way success came to George. He then became the public voice in investing. He was so profound with tracking market behaviors that he could take all of his work one step further.

Reaching and then breaking the limits is exactly what George eventually did. and Follow him

Health Companies Work Together with Cancer Treatment Centers of America

It is very important for people to have the best health as possible. In order to do that, people need the best treatment sources. Each condition needs the best treatment possible. For instance, cancer patients need Cancer Treatment Centers of America in order to get the best possible treatments. One of the reasons that Cancer Treatment Centers of America should be considered first is because they have all of the technology needed to help people not only treat cancer, but also catch it in its early stages so that it can be relatively easy to treat. CTCA has not stopped there.

Right now, this facility is working together with other facilities. Also, there have been deals made with other prominent health care facilities so that they can improve on the process of health care provision. This is so that people will not only be able to treat their cancer, but also treat other conditions. With the right type of networking, people will be able to get the best type of treatment for every type of disease they get. As a matter of fact, it is a good idea for all of the specialized treatment centers to come together so that patients can get effective treatment.

Among the partnerships that have been formed are those among AllScripts, CTCA and NantHealth. The hope is to bring forth something that is a lot better than what the general treatment facilities have to offer. For one thing, the professionals will be better able to get deeper into the detection, diagnosis and treatment of any disease. One thing that is a problem for many people is dealing with misdiagnosis. This is one of the things that CTCA is hoping to avoid. With the right type of care, people get reatments that they need to recover from cancer and other conditions with the least side effects.

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Cassio Audi Crosses A Cultural Divide

Changing the way we view the world is a common thing for people to do over the course of their lives as we grow and change our outlook on how a life should be lived. One man who has achieved much and maintained a grip on his own sense of reality is Cassio Audi, the financial expert, a man of the people of Brazil, and former drummer with the heavy metal band, Viper. Embarking on his career in finance by bringing everyday people from Brazil in the 21st-century comes after the first hint of fame achieved by Cassio Audi came with his role as a heavy metal drummer. Watch this video on Youtube.

The 1980s were a time when heavy metal drummers were almost as well known as the lead singers of the bands they played with; for Cassio Audi, the heroes of his teenage years were Iron Maiden drummers Clive Burr and Nicko McBrain. As a drummer in the Brazilian city of Sao Paulo, Audi had already begun playing with different bands when he was asked to join a group of his fellow Iron Maiden fans in the creation of the band, Viper. Read more reviews at Applesauce Blog about Cassio Audi.

Moving into the conservative world of finance may have seemed a long way to move in 1985 when Viper began creating impressive demo recordings leading to their signing to the Rock Brigade label and the 1987 recording of the album, “Theatre of Fate”. Cassio Audi toured with Viper and played an integral role in creating an early sound heavily influenced by British heavy metal bands such as Viper who created much of the early buzz still surrounding Brazilian heavy metal more than three decades later.


Advances Being Made By Talos Energy

After 80 years, the Mexico oil reform industry has seen some major advances. This is in the form of its first private well which is being operated by a foreign company. This is being considered as a major step as it shows the commitment of the government in allowing foreign competitors back into the energy industry.

This private well is the result of a joint venture between the Premier Oil PLC which is based in London, Talos Energy LLC based in Houston, and Sierra Oil & Gas which belongs to Mexico. The drilling of the well had started on May 21. This is the first time that someone other than Petroleos Mexicanos is doing the digging as this state-run monopoly was doing so since 1938. This was when the country had nationalized oil industry.

This is the Zama-1 well. It is based in the Sureste Basin which is just off the state of Tabasco. The estimates say that it has 100 to 500 million barrels of crude oil. Drilling should get completed in the next 90 days. The digging will be costing the Premier nearly $16 million.

These three companies had won the rights to this prospect in 2015. This was during the first round of bidding which took place once Mexico decided to open its oil industry to foreign investment. This was meant to give a boost to the ailing oil industry of Mexico.

Since this is the first well to be drilled by a private player since the Mexican waters opened as a part of the energy reform process, it is being keenly watched by all in the industry. Even the structure of this basin indicates that this project has very high chance of success.

Due to these implications for the market, Zama has become an interesting exploration well that is being drilled this year.

Talos Energy remains the most important operator of this well. They own a 35% stake in this venture. Nearly 40% is being held by Sierra and Premier holds 25% stake in it.

Hence, a lot is at stake here for all.

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Amicus Therapeutics Brings Relief in Management of Rare Conditions

Amicus Therapeutics is a medical-pharmaceutical distributing medical supply to patients with rare medical conditions and disorders. Most of which are either epidermolysis bullosa, a stubborn skin disorder basically genetically passed on, lysosomal conditions, Pompe and Fabry among their main focus. Ordinarily, there is scarce of information in regards to the risk factors, scanty treatment options, and management.

Scientists, researcher alongside Amicus Therapeutics have pulled hands to ensure the areas get explored for latter better disease management. The Michael J. Fox Foundation made a generous donation of $500,000 to help the advancement of studies and aid research work. This was possible in collaboration with the School of Medicine, David Geffen Faculty of Medicine. Similarly, Alzheimer’s Drug Discovery contributed toward such a course with $210,300 which brought positive progress in the clinical management of these rarity diseases through UCLA. Learn more about Amicus Therapeutics at Dial Dish.

Another development has been on Chaperone-Advanced Replacement Therapy (CHART™) which is an enzyme replacement therapy suitable for individualized forms of treatment. It has also been in co-operation and partnership with GlaxoSmithKline and JCR pharmaceuticals especially in contracts regarding the sale of drugs. Amicus Therapeutics is finalizing on the development and commercialization of Migalastat.


About Amicus Therapeutics

Amicus Therapeutics is a pharmaceutical company with a different approach in medicine and drug development which explains its popularity. It was established in 2002 in New Jersey but currently with an office in San Diego. It has grown its stocks to participate in publicly traded stocks. It uses the symbol NASDAQ – FLOD since 2007 when it was acquired these rights.

It enjoys a pool of composed and professionals with expertise in their executive leadership. John Crowley and Bradley Campbell lead the team as the CEO and COO respectively. The company has enjoyed the benefits of the good network from a donor, funders (Radius ventures and Canaan Partners), researchers and customers. It recently merged with Scioderm Pharmaceuticals which naturally increased Amicus Therapeutics’ valuation and net worth. Read more at about Amicus Therapeutics.

Organo Gold is Here to Transform People Lives with Their Premium Goods

Specialists have linked drinking or eating certain things to reduced risks of dying from various diseases. For instance, drinking coffee reduces the risk of stroke and heart disease according to two recent studies that Annals of Internal Medicine published.

One study examined more than 185,000 Americans and established that whether individuals drank decaffeinated coffee or caffeinated coffee, it was associated with lower risk of death due to cancer, heart disease, kidney disease, diabetes and stroke in African-Americans, Latinos, whites and Japanese Americans. Follow Organo Gold on Facebook.

People who drank 2-3 cups of coffee each day had a probability of 18% decreased of dying compared to coffee nondrinkers over the test period of 16 years. The study group reported their coffee drinking patterns, which was updated every five years. According to the study, it is not a guarantee that coffee will prolong someone’s life but there is a connection.

The other was a European study that examined a little more than 520,000 people from 10 nations. The study found that those who took several cups of coffee each day had a reduced risk of death compared to coffee nondrinkers. However, the study had a few limitations, and the researchers were not able to point out a causal connection or why coffee seems to have these benefits.

Researchers noted that people who don’t report drinking coffee might skip it because of health issues; therefore, their mortality rate could have resulted from them being unhealthy.


About Organo Gold

Organo Gold is a global network-marketing firm with a goal to transform the lives of people by helping them reach new levels of freedom, balance, and wellbeing via their premium goods and business opportunities. Their nutraceuticals, beverages, and personal care products can be found through their independent distributors in over 50 nations. These distributors can offer sample products, discounted prices, and free shipping since OG has preferred customer program. Visit to know more about Organo Gold.