The Legacy of Milan Kordestani

Milan Kordestani was born April 22, 1999. Coming out the Bay Area, California, this young man has accomplished so much. Milan graduated from Sacred Heart Preparatory in 2017. Now the young man has made his way to college. Kordestani is well known for his 3rd place rank in the World’s Championship, 17 and Under Park Division in 2015. He is noticed again in 2016 for ranking 2nd place in the World’s Championship 5-Gaited Show Park Division. Milan Kordestani is a very successful equestrian. Besides his horse back riding skills, he also has other success.

Milan Kordestani is known for his national and international equestrian competitions, but is also an accomplished CEO. Milan Kordestani is the founder and CEO of Milan Farms. Milan established the business in 2015. Milan wanted to make a company that had a fully organic process to raise his poultry and grow 100% pure Saffron. Milan Farms currently cater organic eggs, 100% Saffron, and mint. Kordestani created a business where if a customer wanted merchandise; it should be available on hand and it has no secret on how it was raised.

Kordestani is also doing research on how he can grow 100% Saffron hydroponically. It is still in an experimental phase but Milan is brainstorming to make this a primary or secondary grow method. Milan Farms was brand and logo was trademarked in 2016. Milan currently has 3 locations distributing eggs along the west coast.

His Saffron is selling worldwide. Milan Kordestani is also a published author. He writes for the Huffington Post as a post writer. The main topics he chooses to write about are agriculture, mental health, and politics. Milan Kordestani is a very accomplished young adult. At the age of 18 years, Milan Kordestani has showed the world that anything is possible with determination.


1Gregory Aziz is a reputable entrepreneur who graduated with a degree in economics. He was also born and raised in a family full of entrepreneurs who gave him the chance to gain entrepreneurial knowledge and gain experience as well. Ata tender age he joined the family business which involved selling foodstuff in the region. It later grew to be known and have a market in other countries. After completion of his studies, he had the opportunity to work with several companies which boosted his entrepreneurial growth.


Working with banking companies was the changing point of his life and career. At his working period, he was able to save as much as possible creating the opportunity to start his business venture. The interest in motor creation led James Aziz to venture into car engineering and manufacturing. Using his savings, he bought National Steel Car which is a car manufacturing and engineering company. Over the years, he has used his knowledge to make the company run effectively making it grow and have a broader market.


National Steel Car is made up of employees who work with passion and use their skills to ensure they do their best to fulfill the needs of the clients. For this reason, the company has grown to gain many contracts such as of the construction of new railroad freight car. The sound works done to lead to Greg Aziz to acquire awards on behalf of the company for the impact it creates. The company has grown to produce a massive difference in the society. Firstly, it has created employment opportunities too many people in the region who have used the venture to build their standards. View Related Info Here.


Moreover, Gregory James Aziz believes in the need to change the society for better. The drive has motivated him to take part in many philanthropic activates. He uses his achievements to help the community grow in all aspects as he knows for one to improve one must lift others. Some of the activities include his saving of funds to sponsor organizations such as Salvation Army and Hamilton Opera.


Unlike many entrepreneurs, he works together with his workers to give back to the society. They have a system that allows them to contribute regularly to provide for the people in the region. They all add funds which they donate to local food banking center, especially during the festive season. The spirit of communism and oneness enhances through the annual Christmas party celebration in which they participate together.



Upwork and Getting Your To Do List Done

It would be wonderful if we could magically get our to do list done just by snapping our fingers, however, life does not work like it does in our favorite genie movie. The most important factors of getting things done is to make a plan and stick to it. The first thing a person wants to do is gather all of your information in one spot and create that to do list. It is known that writing things down help you actually remember but if you are not into that you can always use an app…yes there is a mobile app that can do this for you! There is also software for your computer as well.

If you are working to get things done you do not want everything scattered, keep it all in one place or inside one folder if you are using technology to get that list together. Understanding how long a task from your to do list will take is important as well, list out what time this particular task will take you to complete. When working as a freelancer this is important, if you work for Upwork formerly known as Elance this will make it so much easier to get a job finished on time.

Understanding that everything on your list is important you do need to prioritize your energy and time efficiently. Nothing in our day to day lives goes exactly as planned, so if something is urgent make sure to put that at the top of your list. This will make hitting those deadlines so much easier! This also lets you know not to put so much on your plate that you can not possibly get it done on time.

There is a program called Click Up that will let you allot tags to group things together to be more productive in your to do list as well. In essence any time wasted thinking or putting off something is not of value, think more of projects that are valuable to you. Working through your to do list is your production schedule and if you are working as a freelancer through UpWork then dedicating time to get a list together should be the most important thing you can do.

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Dr. Rod Rohrich – Facelift Expert

No matter what reason you have to undergo plastic surgery to make your appearance brighter than before, you are most likely be in safe hands if you consult Dr. Rod Rohrich who is not only the past president of the American Society of Plastic Surgeons but also voted as the best plastic surgeon by the US News and World Report. He is a renowned surgeon working out of the Dallas area and all it takes for you is a phone call to schedule an appointment to get started. Be it Lip Augmentation or Abdominoplasty or any other thing you could think of relating to the area of plastic surgery, Dr. Rohrich is likely to have an answer for all of your questions.

There are so many people who are become conscious about how they look, especially professionals working in visual media. And hence, there has been an increasing number of individuals who are looking to get a Face Lift done. According to Dr. Rohrich, the modern techniques of facelift helps you to deal with aging-related issues where the deeper layers of the face are lifted. It also helps to fill the cheek area and if you combine this technique with the modern day neck lift procedure, then you are looking at a complete face rejuvenation package. Dr. Rod Rohrich strongly believes that every face is different and needs a varied amount of lift to give it the best possible appearance.

It is extremely simple to work with the doctor as he is known widely to understand the goals of his patients and devise the best possible treatment plan for them. He also spends a lot of time in understanding the distinct facial features to make sure that he provides the best available solution to his patients. You do not generally find this hardworking and meticulous trait in every other plastic surgeon and hence it is not surprising why he is consistently rated as the best in the space. Dr. Rohrich is very popular in bringing the youthfulness back in his patients and give the human face the best look it possibly deserves.

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Eric Lefkofsky’s Use Of Precision Medicine To Conquer Diseases.


For some time now, the healthcare system has been distressed by diseases like cancer and Alzheimer’s. Understanding the algorithmic patterns of diseases genetically by use of artificial intelligence, big data, and machine learning will contribute to better care for patients and result in their cure. Eric Lefkofsky is dealing with the computational problem at Tempus Labs, a technology firm based in Chicago that he co-founded in 2015. The firm aims to collect health information of cancer patients, organize and digitize it allowing physicians to access the data, learn from it and use the information in treating future patients. In ushering Precision Medicine, Tempus Labs has data pipelines that collect, clean and study clinical and molecular data that is added using sequencing DNA/RNA. Each patient’s data is stored in one place to enable physicians to make treatment decisions based on the data at that time. Having data from various patients helps learn more about their treatments and response and thus will help make better decisions on how to treat patients who come next. This has been in place as Tempus has partnered with healthcare organizations, academic institutions and most cancer centers where patients are sent for genomic sequencing at Tempus. A report of their molecular clinical information is then generated and sent back to their oncologists, and the doctors use the treatment options for specific mutations that have worked in the past to treat their patients.

Alzheimer’s disease has currently been diagnosed as a result of memory loss or other dementia symptoms. The government in conjunction with the scientific community has however suggested a new way to identify the disease. This would be based on determining biological signs like brain changes thus enabling earlier detection of the disease as most patients are often diagnosed very late. With the current means of identifying the condition, 30% of the patients are not even suffering from Alzheimer’s. They have been misdiagnosed making it hard to base the foundation for treating the disease on this accurately. The new way will select patients based on brain scans and other tests. This will help identify patients in the pre-symptomatic stage and see if early treatment can help do away with the disease.

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Business Leader Michael Burwell

Michael Burwell is a well-known businessman with many years of experience. He has worked at several companies over the years and has earned the respect of his colleagues. The experience he brings to his work is reflected in the production increases seen at each of the companies he has worked for.

Michael has earned a bachelor’s degree in Business Administration in Michigan State University and this has allowed him to move up the ranks in the corporate world. Starting in small businesses, he gained knowledge and experience and he continues to grow and expand his base. Michael’s co-workers have often said that working with him has allowed them to glean much information in order for them to also expand their own experiences.

The companies that Michael Burwell has worked for have given him many accolades over the years and feel that he has helped them to increase their client base. His relentless pursuit of perfection is what drives him, and he will use a positive spin on almost any situation. When faced with a difficult task, Michael Burwell believes that this relentlessness is what has pulled him through.

When a project does not work to his liking, Michael feels that you need to learn as much as possible from it in order to move on to the next one. This will allow you to pinpoint any perceived problems in the next project and overcome it. This mindset has proven successful for Michael Burwell in that most of his projects have become great successes.

Michael’s personal time is spent relaxing and enjoying what he has been able to achieve in life. He rises early in the morning and enjoys spending time with his family. Being able to relax is also key to his success. Without it, he would not be able to continue to pursue his dreams. The business world is tough and in order to expand your knowledge base, you must be willing to learn and grow and he has created a formula to do this. His career seems to have no end and he is looking forward to working with many clients in order to help them succeed. Visit This Page to learn more.

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David McDonald Has Been At The Forefront Of OSI Group’s Recent Expansions In Various Regions Of The Globe:

David McDonald is the President of OSI Group, one of the worlds most renowned food processing and wholesale firms. He hails originally from Iowa and grew up with a background in farming. After a successful college career at Iowa State University and the attainment of his animal science degree he entered into the business world. While serving as Chairman with the North American Meat Institute, David McDonald joined the team at OSI Group, initially working as a project manager for Asia and Latin America. Over thirty years later, David has worked his way up to one of the top positions within the OSI Group corporate ladder and continues to help the company in its every growing business that now encompasses operations in seventeen different countries around the world. The constantly evolving nature of the food business is something that David focuses on. While OSI has a commitment to always maintaining its core values of family and customer service, the company is always looking to find innovative ways to continue to apply these values so that it stays on top of the game in the food business.

David talked about several ways in which OSI grows its business and generates new customers in a recent Inspirery interview. A big part of the OSI formula that he opened up about was the fact that the company strives to become a part of the community wherever it sets up operations. This helps OSI to gain a true understanding of the individual and often greatly varying markets around the world. This along with the company’s success at creating highly valuable partnerships with organizations that are already operating in the countries OSI is moving into has been a huge part of the recipe for success.

OSI Group itself is a perfect example of an American success story. All of the parts are present. The company was originally founded as a butcher operations by an immigrant from Germany named Otto Kolschowsky. He grew the firm into a successful wholesale enterprise that eventually attracted valuable clients such as McDonald’s. In a lot of ways the growth of McDonald’s and OSI Group ran a parallel course as OSI had to increase its output to keep up with the demand that the growth of McDonald’s demanded. By the 1970s the Kolschowsky family had brought in brilliant entrepreneur Sheldon Lavin as a partner in the firm and he helped the business expand to the international level. He continues on today as CEO and Chairman for OSI. 1987 saw the arrival of David McDonald. Recent years have seen major expansion into Europe and Australia. Just recently the company acquired Dutch food company Baho Food, British food company Flagship Europe and Australian food company Turi Foods.

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Adam Milstein Considered the Boldest Philanthropist

Adam Milstein is a passionate humanitarian who has served on many fundraising projects and partnered with several organizations to make the world a better place. He is an American-Israeli citizen who had been born and raised in Haifa. The philanthropist supports education among the Jew and remains a loyal pro-Israeli activist.

His views on the Jewish New Syndicate

Adam Milstein had written an article in early 2018 to express his concern over anti-Semitism. He clearly outlined that the discriminatory scenario has become a cornerstone for the rise of radical Muslim Movements which has been stoning women, undermining the rights of the minority groups and the less privileged, as well as condemning gays. He outlines that the sour relationship between the Israeli and the Americans has resulted in the development of racist, hate, and bigotry. Adam Milstein had, thus, decided to unite the two countries by advocating for solidarity and sharing a common goal of achieving freedom and tolerance.

Fight against discrimination

Apart from his efforts to unite Israel and America, Adam Milstein has always condemned the act of discrimination. He highlighted that universities in the US are currently discriminating against Jewish students. He quoted the New York University which has condemned Israeli a number of times even more than Trump. In a Chicago LGBT gala, 3 Jewish personalities had been barred from attending the function as a result of their flags having the Star of David. In another event that was fighting against sexual violence, the organizers condemned the Jews that wanted to participate resulting in their deportation

More about Adam Milstein

Adam Milstein is known to be an all-time entrepreneur and a co-founder of Adam and Gila Milstein Foundation. He is currently serving as the national chairman of the Israel-American council. His work remains significant to the society today as he tries to bring together different racial and religious groups. His main aim is to educate the world about the need to eliminate discrimination and hatred. His work as a humanitarian and an activist ought to be recognized as it acts as a stepping stone to a free world.

How Tony Petrello Went From A Working Class Family To Heading A Huge Oil Company

Tony Petrello lives and works in Houston, Texas. He is the chairman of the board Chief Executive Officer and president of Nabors Industries, Ltd. (sometimes also referred to as Nabors Drilling). The company he oversees was founded in 1968 as Anglo Energy, Ltd. He joined this company as a top executive in 1991 after having been working as a New York City lawyer for several years.

He was born in a working-class neighborhood in Newark, New Jersey. He now runs the biggest land-based drilling company in the world. As a philanthropist he has also found a way to pump hundreds of millions of money into neurological disease research. He is one of the best paid CEOs in America, earning total compensation in 2016 of $15.2 million. It is said that he is very talented when it comes to math as well as managing people and very much has a willingness to work hard. He has used these abilities to both manage Nabors Industries as well as to help children who have neurological disorders.

When he was growing up Tony Petrello went to public school. He became really amazing at math which garnered him attention from his teachers and fellow students. This led to a scholarship offer from Yale University where he learned from one of the giants in the world of math, Serge Lang. After graduating from Yale, earning both a bachelor and master’s degree in mathematics, he decided to pursue law degree instead of continuing his math education. He graduated from Harvard Law School and joined Baker & McKenzie in New York.

It was when Tony Petrello was working at this law firm that he had a new client, Nabors Industries. They were impressed with his knowledge and work ethic and managed to hire him away from Baker & McKenzie. He made fateful decision to accept the offer and move out of the Northeast and to Texas.

Beyond his work and philanthropy, he keeps busy in other ways. Tony Petrello serves on the board of Texas Children’s Hospital, for example. He was also once the director of the executive committee for Stewart & Stevenson. He was also once the director of the board for which offers video-on-demand services to consumers. Additionally, he is presently the director of the board for Hilcorp Energy Company which is the biggest privately-owned oil drilling company in the nation.

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Talos Energy: Towards Technology-driven Oil Production and Exploration

Since its founding in 2012, Talos Energy has grown into one of the leading oil exploration and production company in the United States. Specifically, the company has established a strong operational presence in the Southern United States with numerous oil wells and rigs to its name. Headquartered in Houston, Texas, the company was founded by a group of investors including John A. Parker, Timothy S. Duncan, John L. Harrison, and Stephen E. Heitzman.

Pillars of Success

The company’s success has been founded on key fundamental pillars which have seen it establish a strong operational footprint in the Gulf of Mexico. One of the fundamental pillars of the company’s success is the use of cutting-edge technology. Talos Energy has some of the best seismic technologies in the industry which have increased its oil exploration and production activities. Due to such operational efficiencies, the company has exponentially grown its shelf and deepwater asset base throughout the Southern United States.Additionally, Talos Energy’s growth has been spurred by its management team who is headed by the company’s founders. The company is managed by a cohesive team and vastly experienced management team with unrivaled industry knowledge. Before founding the company, the investors had established excellent management track records in offshore oil exploration and exploitation. They built successful oil and gas companies such as Gryphon Exploration Co. and Phoenix Exploration Co. from the ground up and grown them into multimillion entities which they later sold. Under the team’s leadership, Talos Energy went public in 2017 with an initial public offer in November 2017. The company’s shares are now publicly traded at the New York Stock Exchange.

Mergers, Acquisitions and Expansion into Mexico

Talos Energy has continued to expand its operations into new territories. One such territory is Mexico which recently opened its oil industry to privately and foreign-owned companies. The deregulation saw the company win an oil drilling and exploration contract in the country. It made a landmark oil discovery which it named Zama. Talos Energy’s increase in operational capacity has been boosted by strategic acquisitions and mergers. In 2013, it acquired Energy Resource Technology while it is in the process of merging with Stone Energy.