Fortress Investment Group in definitive knowledge

Fortress Investment Group is a leading worldwide elective resource chief with around $34.2 billion in resources under administration. Stronghold is headquartered in New York and has members with workplaces in Chicago, Geneva, London, Hong Kong, to say a few. Fortress contributes, raises and oversees private mutual funds and value reserves. Stronghold expects to develop its current organizations while proceeding to make creative items to take care of the expanding demand by involved financial specialists for predominant hazard balanced venture returns. Fortress Investment Group additionally anticipated that would acquire access to restricted accomplices in Asia through SoftBank. And keeping in mind that the elective resource administrator intends to work autonomously, some say SoftBank won’t waver to use Fortress’ numerous stages — including its large land arm.

Post’s senior venture experts will stay set up and will hold their critical support interests in finance execution. They have a representatives had this to state “Organization will move you, yet, also, perceive diligent work and commitment. Numerous enterprises are accessible to pick up the introduction and expand a worker’s learning base inside Financial Services Good Benefits. Great Pay Great place to learn and develop savvy associates Daily market patterns with astounding individuals to work with, The independently employed mindset with dealing with your work hours.” Fortress Investment Group fantastic reputation justifies itself with real evidence, and we anticipate profiting from its administration, expansive based ability and world-class speculation stage. The benefit director will work inside SoftBank as a free business headquartered in New York. They are knowledgeable in corporate mergers and securing. With a considerable measure of involvement in organizing and execution of investments, they work intimately with administration partners and sheets of executives to get the ideal results.

The Fortress Investment Group brags of excellent information on each industry they put resources. Their speculation experts are sourced from various fields and expedite board first rate aptitude from their areas. They have additionally sustained associations with driving enterprises in multiple sectors. Their activities, be it credit assets or value reserves, depend on a differing scope of benefits. They have noteworthy involvement with capital, money related and land resources. Throughout the years they have overseen, decided costs, financed and possessed budgetary and physical assets. Capital markets and tasks administration are their different regions of capability. They have made in streets in the value and obligation capital markets. These empower them to give minimal effort financing to various ventures. They can effectively take part in advanced experiments in light of their capacity to make sense of and tackle challenges amid tasks.

Equities First Holdings Runs The Australia Office Successfully

Since Equities First Holdings started, they’ve always known how to profit and how to help other people with the issues they have. It’s their goal to help everyone they can with the services they offer and with the capital they are free to loan. They believe in providing positive experiences for all their customers and that’s what makes them an integral part of the capital loan industry. They’ve always wanted to continue giving other people a positive experience and even giving companies the chance to perform with the options they have. It’s their goal of giving others the best chance to succeed and the best abilities they know how.

By the time Equities First Holdings started, they began doing things that other people could see as positive. They even opened Australia office with their clients in mind. When they’re helping people who are worth very high amounts and companies that have similar goals, they know they can perform best in the industry. They also know the industry will change based on the opportunities they give to these people because of the success they know how to use. It’s their goal to always give them positive experiences no matter what.

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OSI Food Solutions Doubles Chicken Production

OSI Food Solutions company for quality food processing began in Toledo, Spain. The company is improving its amount of production to a whole new level. The industry accomplished much of its expansion early this year and now can raise the levels of production and quality of the processed chicken products from 12,000 to 24,000 tons per year, doubling the output of the previous years. Still, the firm is a work in progress to improve the services to its customers. Consequently, the total production capacity of quality chicken, beef, and pork production raised to a total of 45,000 tons per year. Additionally, the expansion brought about increase in need for more skillfulness by offering 20 more jobs on top of the current 140 job opportunities. The new extension needs skillfulness and more inventiveness in run further development and current production.

The rapid expansion of the OSI Food Solutions is as a response to the increasing demand of the chicken products in Spain and Portugal. The company added numerous amenities such as shipping and receiving areas, new production halls, supply storage, refrigerating rooms, waste container storage, hot water and nitrogen tanks, social spaces for the employees. The new extension opens doors for new products to the firm’s portfolio and invests in customer networking. OSI President, McDonald was grateful to have achieved such a role when the demand for quality processed food called for more productivity.

OSI Food Solutions established in the year 1990. Due to the company’s consistent to give high-quality products, the firm rated excellent in the top 100 American food company of the year. The honor attributes to the Chief Executive Officer, Sheldon Lavin for his leadership skills. Lavin converted the firm from a domestic food company that served only Illinois to an international company with extensions in more than 16 Countries. The company also used the centered-client approach to attract customers and offering classified products from own chefs in the testing kitchens.

In the year 2016, OSI Food Solutions moved to Chicago and fetched the Tyson Food Plant. Thus, increasing its North American activities. The firm went ahead to open a new plant in California for processing beans, tofu, and rice. Also, the company found its way to numerous other nations like the United Kingdom and Europe. In the year 2017, the OSI purchased the Flagship in Europe and called it the primary food distributor. Recently, OSI achieved further by buying the Baho Food in the Netherlands.

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Talos Energy Reaps Big Rewards With Double Adventures: ZAMA And TALO

Talos and Stone Merger

Talos Energy, an offshore oil and gas producer out of Houston has just merged with Louisiana Stone’s Energy from Louisiana. the merger leaves Talos Energy with 63 percent while Stone Energy retains 37 percent of the merged company. The newly merged company has a value of $2B.

Talos Goes Public

Talos will continue to pursue offshore drilling sites along the Gulf of Mexico both inside of the continental waters and in Mexico. Its recent acquiring of the controlling shares of Stone Energy has made it possible to now operate as a public company after acquiring Stone’s majority shares. Talos Energy will operate on the NYSE with the symbol TALO.

Timothy Duncan Speaks

The President and Chief Executive Officer of Talos, Timothy Duncan told reporters he felt Talos was well positioned now with its freshly acquired high-quality asset. Also, its future opportunities in the Gulf of Mexico and directly in offshore Mexico are now enhanced and looks forward to the “potential business” and “greater development opportunities” that can arise thru this merger.

Zama Discovery

On July 2017 Talos struck it big when while it was drilling in Block 7 of the Sureste Basin offshore Mexico with its Ensco 8503 floating drilling rig and hit an oil deposit which has been estimated to contain between 1.5 to 2.0B oils of crude oil. Zama is located at 165m depth, which makes it relatively easy to drill. The U.S. Geological Survey of 2012 has estimate roughly 19 Billion barrels of oil within 10 regions along Mexico, Guatemala, and Belize.

Mexican Amended Constitution

The Zama discovery came within a year of Mexico amending its constitution allowing both local and international private investment companies to enter the area to drill for oil. Companies that were interested had to align themselves with the new requirements. Talos won some of the first offshore bids and working with partners Sierra Oil and Gas (Mexico) and Premier Oil (Mexico). Talos retains 35%, Sierra Oil & Gas 40%, and Premier Oil 25% of the reserve, since they were working in partnership in Block 7 of the Sureste Basin.

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Eric Lefkofsky Role In Cancer Treatment

There are some dangerous medical conditions such as Alzheimer and cancer, and they have been giving the medical experts a very rough time. The medical department is looking for any possible way to deal with this dangerous condition and at the end of the day save the lives of many people who are living in pain. Many families living with patients say that they have spent millions yet their loved ones continue to suffer. After a long time, these experts now say that the use of precise care that is more personalized with offer the kind of cure people have been looking for.

Using artificial intelligence data, according to medical experts can be an excellent way of understanding the cause of the diseases and eventually getting the right cure. Eric Lefkofsky is one of the most respected individuals in the America corporate world, and he has introduced the idea of data to cure cancer and other dangerous diseases. The businessman has been doing this through his foundation, known as Tempus. Eric Lefkofsky started the Tempus Labs, a powerful technology company so that he could introduce a better treatment to the people living with various forms of diseases in the country.

Eric decided to start the successful foundation after his wife got breast cancer. When Eric went to a hospital to get treatment for his wife, he was shocked to realize that the doctors and medical professionals had not yet realized the use of modern technology in the treatment of dangerous diseases such as cancer. The wealthy businessman felt that it was his responsibility to take the challenge and start a foundation that was going to change the lives of the people who needed cancer treatment.

Since 2015, the Tempus Lab has been operational, and it is changing the lives of millions of people in the whole world. With the use of precision medicine, people living with cancer have found new hope, and they are living very happy lives. Eric and his wife have been playing a crucial role in the introduction of this form of medicine. The businessman has been funding most of the activities taking place in Tempus too.

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Ryan Seacrest and His Career

There are few individuals within Hollywood that work harder than Ryan Seacrest. Seacrest has even earned the moniker “the Hardest-working Man in Hollywood.” Seacrest got his first big break in Hollywood as the host of American Idol. As the showed grew in popularity season after season so did Ryan Seacrest. Today, he is almost as iconic as as the the legendary American singing competition.

According to Forbes, when American Idol was cancelled by Fox in 2016 Seacrest kept working. Both hosting and producing a variety of nationally syndicated broadcast and cable TV. As an entrepreneur he has played a major role in many media and entertainment companies. Seacrest is also the founder of Ryan Seacrest Productions (RSP). He’s even received awards for his creative entrepreneurship.

Those who were never fans of American Idol or are too young to remember the phenomenon it was may be more familiar with Seacrest from the hit E! series, E! Live from the Red Carpet award shows, or Live with Kelly and Ryan. Seacrest’s production company produces each show.

Seacrest has also expanded beyond the media and entertainment business. He is really interest in lifestyle brands. He’s launched a menswear line under his lifestyle clothing company, Ryan Seacrest Distinction. The line is only available at Macy’s stores.

Seacrest is an avid philanthropist who strongly believes in helping others. He founded the Ryan Seacrest Foundation, which he also serves as chairman. The foundation focuses on making life worth living for children in pediatric hospitals around the nation by exposing them to media centers. It has opened 10 broadcast media centers so far.

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Bob Reina: He’s A Dreamer and A Realist

Oftentimes, when people use the word “dreamer,” they use it in a negative sense, as if someone is not supposed to have any dreams or enjoy life. Bob Reina, though, believes it is important to have dreams. He knows dreams are very, very important to people. People were not meant to just work a job where they make money and that is it. They don’t receive any joy from it and it does not mean anything to them as a human being. They need to work jobs that are going to inspire them, excite them, and make them happy every single day they show up to work.


That is why Bob Reina created a wonderful company like Talk Fusion with video newsletters and video emails. He knew this was a way for people to be seen. Bob Reina is also a realist. He knows that people are not going to become an overnight sensation and they are not going to set the world on fire in the blink of an eye. However, it is the right path to achieving video success, which is vital for people out there. They need to be seen, they need to be heard, and they need to be recognized for their work. They are doing something special with their company and people need to know as much as they can about the person behind it and the company.


That is why Bob Reina’s mantra is, “I Will.” He wants the world to know they can and they will. They don’t need to just think of it as being something they think about but never tell anyone. They can tell people now, and they can be proud of it. They can let people know they have big ideas, big dreams, and big goals. They can also let the world know they are going to achieve them and there is not a single thing that is going to stand in the way of them doing it.


As with anything in life, it is a process, but it is a process that is worth it. There is a powerful saying out there, which is, “Do something today that your future self will thank you for.” That is the whole point of Talk Fusion. People are planting their seeds and by planting their seeds, they are setting themselves up for a bright future. They can dream as big as they want to dream. Learn more:

Peter Briger – Future Thinking Leader

The Principal and Co-Chairman of the Board of Directors at Fortress Investment Group LLC, a global investment management firm leader, Peter Briger, manages more than $65 billion in assets serving both institutional and private investors. Mr. Briger, a Princeton University alumnus with an MBA from the University of Pennsylvania Wharton School of Business has guided Fortress Investment Group’s operation in various management role since 2002. In 2009 Peter Briger was elected as co-chairman of board.

An article from the Deal Street Asia website titled, SoftBank owned Fortress said to seek $2b for first Direct Lending Fund, written by Melissa Mittelman published on May 22, 2018. Under its new owner, SoftBank Group Corp., Fortress Investment Group LLC $2b direct lending is the first impetus move into Corporate Lending. Fortress was sold to SoftBank, a Japanese conglomerate, in 2017 for $3.3 billion. According to Forbes February 15, 20017 article, with this sale, Fortress executives will cash in $1.3 billion.

Mittelman’s article mentioned that the firm recently promoted Josh Pak and Drew McKnight to managing partners working closely with Peter Briger. Fortress Investment is following firms such as Ares Management LP, Tenenbaum Capital Partners LLC, HPS Investment Partners LLC and others with its recent $2b direct lending fund strategy. Sterner regulations from banks have created asset managers looking for alternative deployment of cash. Fortress’s direct lending will enhance the firm’s alternative cash deployment strategy within its Drawbridge Special Opportunities Fund, said Middelman. However, no decisions have been made on when its direct lending fund will go public.

Peter Briger apart from his professional activities, is one of three Princeton Alumnus in supporting Princeton University with its initiative to give support for startups. The Alumni Entrepreneurs Fund (AEF) is to encourage and empower a mindset of innovation, risk-taking, creativity, and to generate ideas aimed at Princeton students. To qualify for the disbursement of the funds, at least one startup member must be a Princeton alumna or alumnus who has recently graduated within the last five years along with other criteria’s.

Peter Briger is optimistic and said, “We’re at a special point and time in the world, in terms of businesses and business models being disrupted,” he said. “Princeton should be helping its students prepare for this new world. The fund is going to create real ties with people who we hope will become serial entrepreneurs and allow them to help others who would like to do the same.”

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