A Guide to the Successful College Basketball Betting

College Basketball betting is among the most popular sports that the bettors place their bet. Most bettors believe that it is easier to bet in college basketball since there is no hassle trying to predict the point spread winner. One of the professional bettors, Ted Servansky, attests to the use of the head and not the heart in placing their sports bets. He goes ahead and states that betting does not involve feelings but the ability to make informed decisions. College basketball bettors should watch as many games as possible to understand how every team play.

All sports enthusiast should visit the Covers.com to make informed decisions on all types of betting on college basketball odds and catch up on the latest news and events in the sports gaming industry. Since the inception of the Cover.com in 1995, it has always given accurate information on the current games attracting over 45 million visits annually. It covers live scores and odds, reviews, user-rankings, match-ups, best sports books online and the experts’ picks. Covers.com has a team of qualified experts who gives information on the numbers and analyzes the statistics while upholding integrity and honesty in their work.

There are three types of college basketball bets, which include spread betting, money line betting and game total betting. Spread betting involves picking sides of the team that the bettor thinks will win. There is a certain number of points (spread) set for each team, and it becomes a win only if the team goes beyond the set target. Money line betting involves picking the team that will win without much consideration on the points. Over under / game total betting is done using the total number of points acquired in a match. An over-under number gets set, and the bettors only choose from the over or under the set numbers.

In college basketball betting, there are the sports books which are the companies where people place their bets on are responsible for paying the winners of the bets. Whenever a strong team is playing with a weaker team, too many people may end up placing the bet on one team and this amount to severe losses to the sports books.

Spread betting becomes essential at this point to minimize the challenges encountered. Most of the times, the total game betting for college basketball games ranges between 130- 150 though there will be bets at 110-170. Covers.com provides the bettors with a platform to place their bets in the college basketball betting.

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