Avaaz Helps Strengthen The Worlds Food Chain By Fighting For The Bees

The word Avaaz translates to voice in numerous languages. They launched in 2007 with a mission to organize the people of all nations to help create the world most individuals want. They empower millions of individuals from all different walks of life so action can be taken on pressing issues on a global, national and regional level. They fight for justice regarding poverty, corruption and conflicts.

The members of Avaaz campaign in fifteen languages and have teams on six continents. They take action with petitions, media campaigns, calling, sending emails and lobbying governments. They organize protests and lobby governments to ensure people’s viewpoints from all over the world are heard.

Avaaz went into action mode when scientists realized the bees are dying and are responsible for the pollination of one third of the world’s food. There is a group of pesticides called neonicotinoids that have been directly linked to the decline of bees all over the world. Avaaz placed their focus on getting the European Union to place a ban on these toxic pesticides.

Since these particular chemicals were so lucrative the corporate lobby was in full action mode. Avaaz send thousands of messages to European ministers and launched an enormous petition. More than 2.6 million signatures were collected and they intervened at the shareholder meeting conducted Bayer, the giant of pesticides. Avaaz financed opinion polls and targeted the key blockers including Spain and Germany with campaigns. The actions of Avaaz caused Spain and Germany to change their positions and support the ban. They organized marches all over the continent that included beekeepers and an inflatable bee called Bernie.

Two years later Avaaz won the battle and the dangerous pesticides were banned until a scientific review could be completed. The decision by the EU has given the bees of the world hope along with all the individuals who realize their importance in the food chain.

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