Barbara Stokes a leader in the Disaster Relief Construction Industry

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Barbara Stokes holds a Bachelor’s of Science degree in Biomedical Engineering and Physics from Mercer University, where she graduated in 2001. Additionally, she also studied Technical Communication, Thermodynamics, Manufacturing and Management and Structures and Properties while at Mercer. Barbara joined Green Structures Homes Inc. (GSH) of Alabama after having worked for Boeing and Pisces Corporation where she acquired widespread knowledge. Green Structure Homes will greatly benefit from Barbara vast understanding of manufacturing and all her experience. Green Structures Homes of Alabama, LLC is privileged to acquire the services of Barbara Stokes and her team due to their demonstrated Disaster Relief Construction Industry leadership. Follow Barbara Stokes on

Green Structures Homes, Inc. offers steel and modular wood frame homes that incorporate modern features and ideas, using novel technology that ensures that the homes are energy efficient and environmentally friendly. The state of the art technology employed delivers homes that are built quickly, with greater project accuracy and negligible imported labor force. These homes also deliver bargain life-cycle costs, that is, insurance premiums and reduce energy and maintenance costs. GSH plans, constructs, delivers and provides an on-site construction of modular and mobile residential and commercial structures across North America. Green Structures Homes provides independent engineering and internal project management leadership with more than thirty years in the general preparation, groundwork, development, fixing, and assessment of residential and commercial structures.

GHS pre-inspection-yard contains multiple state of the art technology units that allows for quick conveyance, hurricanes integrity testing for the structure, mildew, pest, mold resistant and tailor-made homes that come in one, two or many bedroom Homes. The construction material for the structures is usually light gauge steel or wood, the exterior of the homes employs executive home architecture, but the interior can be customized depending on the needs of the client. The Green Structure Homes households are energy efficient and environmentally friendly. The construction of these homes off-site ensures that the site and the environment receive the minimum impact. Additionally, local materials are spared. Since the manufacturing procedures and processes are standardized, the end products quality is high in design, materials, form, and construction. Quality assurance procedures and checks are put in place and imposed during the installation and, manufacturing of the homes. Visit to know more about Barbara Stokes.

Apart from Barbara Stokes leadership at Green Structures Homes, she is also a mother of three and an energetic volunteer in the Huntsville community.