Cancer Fighting in the 21st Century

Sickness and disease is all a part of life unfortunately and no one is fully immune to these deadly illnesses. Cancer is one of the most devastating diseases of all-time, and it can manifest within the human body in a number of vital organs. One of the leading cancer research facilities in the world is known as Seattle Genetics, and it has revolutionized cancer research. This company specializes in developing and commercializing antibody based-therapies. These aren’t your average therapies thanks to their targeted actions. These therapies are made up of antibody drug conjugates, and these drugs aggressively attack cancerous cells while sparing the good cells.

Dr. Clay Siegall is the president of Seattle Genetics, and he is also the company’s founder. Since its inception in 1998, Seattle Genetics has grown dramatically. Siegall is the heart, the mind and the soul of the company. The guy literally has a heart of gold, and he has been personally affected by cancer early on in his life. Siegall is one of the most accomplished individuals in cancer research. The guy has written up to 70 different publications, he is the holder of 15 patents, and he has helped the company raise over $1.2 billion in capital. Of course, this was through public and private funding, but most of the capital goes right back into purchasing some of the most advanced technologies. Rigorous research, scientific innovation and drug development are the main principals that the company follows. Every piece of information is scrutinized to the fullest and the company has many more advanced drugs in its pipeline.

Siegall is a man on a mission. The company’s top drug, ADCETRIS, is now being used in over 65 countries worldwide. If this isn’t a plan for success then what is? This was made possible by Siegall’s ability to land some strategic licensing deals. It wasn’t easy, but when you’re the one who’s holding all of the cards, you become the winner in the end. This is the new wave of fighting cancer and no other company does it better than Seattle Genetics.