All You Need To Know About Lori Senecal

Lori is the current global CEO for CP + B Company, Before the appointment, she worked as the president and CEO MDC. Lori has also worked at McCann Erickson as a co-founder. She got the rise in many ranks like Global Chief Innovation Officer until she finally became the President, McCann NY. The acquired experience made her join the Kirshenbaum Bond Senecal and Partners as the president and CEO. Her efforts were quickly noted raising the rank to become the Chairman and CEO Kirshenbaum Bond Senecal and Partners.

Lori Senecal’s success is contributed by her being a graduate of Mc Gill University where she achieved a degree in Marketing and Finance .she further has unique skills like digital strategy, digital marketing, and social media marketing among many others that have positioned her well to serve the organization in such a high position. In her job execution, she has been noted to have knowledge in Relationship marketing, brand architecture, E-commerce. Her efforts have made her gain global acknowledgment wherein 2013 she was named an Advertising age’s ‘women to watch’’.it made her get awarded at AWNY Game Charger Award. She got Quantum Leap Award for her best style in leadership. Moreover, she engages in giving insights into leadership skills in various media houses.

Her job as the MDC Partners is to make the organization achieve its strategic plan of the company. According to Huffington Post, she got assigned at implementing a policy that will see the firm make fast growth. She also got tasked with seeing the team achieve the cross collaboration. The company hopes to benefit from much knowledge that is accrued to Lori Senecal.

In an interview, Lori narrates that her success has been a long journey. As the youngest child in her home, she hated being referred as a young one. She wanted to prove she wasn’t what she got referred. She implemented the actions that shaped her to become a leading lady presently.

She is seeing her much success as being attributed to her inclusion of all in the realizing of the organization goals. She says her culture of believing in fulfilling the goals and the incorporation of actions make her stand out.

She advises the women to use the already successful women as their role model. She further went ahead to point out that as a woman the empathy and respect are attributes that give great success, she urges the ladies to formulate the same skills into their workplace as they have many benefits.

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