Dr. Johanan Rand: Introducing a New Kind of Treatment

Dr. Johanan Rand is a well-known physician who has focused on doing business. Dr. Rand is known for services that enhance a person’s beauty and figure, and earlier this year, he introduced a new way on how to treat people with obesity. Many patients who have visited his clinic can testify to its effectivity, and how the procedure helped them to become slimmer. Dr. Johanan Rand is providing his services to those who are living in New Jersey, and one can get hold of him at the Chilton Medical Center or at the Healthy Aging Medical Center where he serves as the president. He stated that he is enjoying giving tips and advice to people who are asking him about health and wellness, and the procedure that he is marketing for his clinic could become an instant hit. It involves the use of IV therapy for those who wanted to become slimmer, and Dr. Johanan Rand stated that the medicines used would be transported inside the body by injecting it into the body.

Dr. Johanan Rand is an alumnus of the Howard University College of Medicine, and he finished his internship at one of the local medical centers in New Jersey. He also had to undergo training before he took an examination for his professional license. He served different medical centers during his residency, and he would travel from one hospital to another providing service to the patients. Dr. Rand believes that as a doctor, he should not confine himself to a single hospital, but he should be driving around to check on the condition of the patients around his locality.

Today, Dr. Johanan Rand spends most of his time at the clinic in West Orange, New Jersey, because of the rising number of patients who are seeking his IV treatment for becoming slim and fit. They are also seeking for his bioidentical hormone replacement, which is a new treatment option for those who wanted to have their hormones checked and repaired. It is a futuristic approach to fighting off menopausal symptoms and osteoporosis. It can also combat aging, based on what Dr. Johanan Rand is claiming.