ClassDojo Reinvents Child Education Interaction

ClassDojo is app used to promote the communication between teachers, parents, and their students. This allows the parents to be involved in their child’s learning and it allows the teacher to better communicate their progress with the parents. The communication is available to discuss the activities, behavior, and academic standing of the student while they are in class. It also allows the teachers to discuss the child’s social abilities with the parent.

Students are having fun with the app because they are able to customize the appearance of their avatar within the app. The students can also earn points when their teach gives them an award, so it encourages them to perform to the best of their ability. Teachers have found that the app is saving them a lot of time because they are able to keep up with the student’s progress and accomplishments just by checking into the app. This replaces the old way of recording behavior on the chalkboard. ClassDojo is much easier to use and it is also more fun for the student. It is also a good way to share data between the parents and teacher. ClassDojo has the ability to record performance in the classroom based off of the behaviors that were selected. These reports can then be emailed to the parents so they are able to keep with how their child is doing.

ClassDojo is also a great organization tool, which leads to a better behaving class. The teacher can use the app to give points to the students, or a group of students if they choose to do so. The teachers have had a lot of fun coming up with different ideas for rewards that they can give their students once they gather enough points. ClassDojo is making the rounds within schools due to the improvement that increased parental involvement has had on the children.