Today’s Students Realizing Tomorrows Vision at the Academy of Art University

Great talent is always on tap at the runway shows by the Academy of Art University during New York Fashion Week. Usually included in the shows are an eclectic mixture of BFA and MFA graduates from the Academy of Art University debuting their collections. Impressing audiences of top names are a diverse group of designers from the Academy of Art University presenting ideas and craftsmanship as unique as their creators. Out of hours and hours of bringing an idea from concept to reality comes a vision. This vision is now a living and breathing image walking down a runway and it’s having its 15 minutes of fame in front of the world via live stream. It’s a make or break moment that can lead to many more minutes of fame for a designer.

During New York Fashion Week the designers from the Academy of Art University’s work was on full display. Some of the graduates were inspired by what was experienced during a class. While others drew inspiration from outerwear, materials, sustainability, emotions, and landscapes that one photographed. The Academy of Art University graduates shows that inspiration for fashion comes from just as many corners as the graduates themselves do. They come because of the reputation the Academy has of producing some of this worlds top-notch designers, the real world up to the minute class instruction and machinery.

The Academy of Art University offers a Master of Art(MA) and a Master of Fine Arts(MFA) in Fashion. The Academy urges students to create cutting-edge fashion for tomorrow using resources from some of the best minds in the fashion business today. The Academy of Art University, set in San Francisco boasts to be the largest privately owned art and design school, with its modern facilities and equipment to round out the education experience. Students creating their visions with some of the same equipment the big fashion houses use.

The Academy of Art University is innovative in ways that make the opportunity to become a student available to everyone regardless of a portfolio or economic background. With the option of online courses and housing options, a students location isn’t even an issue. The Academy of Art University was established first as the Academy of Arts in 1929 and has grown to over 18,000 students and a wide range of current industry professionals as instructors.