Calling All Unicorns: Lime Crime Announces Polly Pocket Style Eyeshadow

When you hear the term “Queen of the Unicorns” you likely think of one of two things. First, you might think of a literal queen of unicorns that is perhaps part of a child’s television show, or second, you might think of Doe Deere founder of Lime Crime. If you’re in the second group then you are definitely on my wave length and you’re likely a fan of one of the coolest cosmetic brands out there.

Lime Crime is everything that the brands that line the walls of drug stores aren’t and likely never will be. They are a leader in a room of followers and everything they do is designed to be innovative and different. Their staff doesn’t put out a single product that their internal team isn’t absolutely crazy about. They genuinely listen to their follower feedback on social media not just to monitor for brand management but to create new products and adapt existing ones to make sure they meet specific needs.

They call their followers Unicorns and encourage creativity and style at every point, whether that is the bright colors of their products or the packaging. Lime Crime has spiced up their packaging to become even more creative with their latest eyeshadow palettes, the Pocket Candy Palettes. These are carefully designed to look like the retro toy that was a favorite of girls everywhere in the 1990s, the Polly Pocket.

Available in blue, yellow and pink, each palette has five fun and powerful shades

that express all the whimsy that Lime Crime brings to each of its carefully crafted products.

CEO and founder Doe Deere is at the heart of every single product released by Lime Crime. She truly earned her title as queen of the unicorns and her look is ever evolving and is constantly showcasing her love for color, style and flair in a world that can often seem mundane. She infuses her deep personal values into her company, by using only the best products and by making sure her makeup is cruelty free and acceptable for vegans.

She launched Lime Crime in 2008 as a way to find the perfect products to match her bright wardrobe without having the cheap consistency that she found in drug stores. Her line has grown from lipsticks to hair color and other beauty products and the launch of the Pocket Candy Palette shows the ongoing fun that Lime Crime continues to add into its products for its Unicorns everywhere.