Stream Energy And Stream Cares Did This Monster Of A Good Deed

Dallas, Texas, is one of the largest cities in the United States of America. While not home to nearly as many people as truly major metropolitan areas like New York City, Chicago, Miami, or nearby Houston, Dallas is one of the best places to live across the South and the Midwest, as Dallas has a great job market, substantial economy, and tons of other objectively good things that make it one of the greatest places to live and work in.

Stream Energy is a fairly large company based in Dallas that employs roughly 245 trained, skilled, eager workers. Rob Snyder and Pierre Koshajki, a pair of longtime friends who turned into ballin’ business partners, created Stream in 2005. The company’s executive decisions are now spearheaded by Mr. Larry Mondry, a well-known C-suite businessman who has remained in the proverbial – and sometimes literal – penthouse of the executive rungs of the figurative ladder of corporate hierarchies for longer than the past decade.

Not only are Stream Energy’s many workers eager to serve the many customers of the company, as their collective track record has proven that most of those 245-odd employees also enjoy setting time aside from their free time to give back to people and communities in need.

Stream Energy leads the bulk of their workers’ philanthropic, charitable endeavors through a relatively new subsidiary Stream Energy founded – Stream Cares.

Stream Cares is simply a business that operates under the umbrella of Stream Energy, though the two are practically the same thing. The only difference?

The former organization deals with all philanthropic duties, whereas the full-fledged energy service provider company in Stream Energy only focuses on expanding, earning money, and making its thousands of customers throughout the United States as happy as possible.

Stream Cares is known well by citizens, residents, and stranded travelers either from or in Houston when the destructive Hurricane Harvey took the area by storm.

Rainwater accumulated upwards of six feet deep in some parts of the Houston metropolitan area. Despite such unworkable conditions, Stream Cares’ volunteers served those needy people extensively less than a year ago.

Sahm Adrangi’s remarks on Eastman Kodak Company

In his report, Sam Adrangi, who is the chief officer at Kerrisdale, claimed that KODAKone and KODAKcoin are not capable of providing any benefits the Kodak shareholders and this is because the shares have risen beyond justification. More details on Sahm Adrangi at

Kodak company is a commercial printing and imaging company.It is attacked by claims of having its stock rising with 187% since it announced a partnership where a photo-centric and a blockchain- enabled image licensing were to be launched, and just the day before this announcement, the directors’ board members of Kodak had granted themselves restricted stock.

This announcement, according to Sahm Adrangi, was a suspicious act. It Aimed at doing away with the ICO craze, since it put no effort in eliminating the weak fundamentals of Kodak, mounting default risk, unbearable capital structure, declining revenues, and negative cash flow, hence putting it at risk of having an SEC investigation being carried out. Learn more about Sahm Adrangi at

Sahm Adrangi proceeded to claim that there was no credibility in the team behind KODAKcoin. Additionally, the blockchain community is not familiar with the KOKAKone’s executive team. He made it clear that KODAKcoin was the last option for stock promotion, to a failing company.

In his report Sahm Adrangi also says that Kodak has been faced with more problems, which the management has been unable to control. The problems included fighting debts maturities and fighting liquidity. Having restrictive debts convents the financials to go down the drain.

This, as stated by Sahm Adrangi, were the same problems that faced the company six years ago. It leads it to bankruptcy and not even the royalty payments received from KODAKone and the proceeding of the ICO, can save this situation hence the company is at risk of debt restructuring and a possibility of default, within the next one year or so.

Sahm Adrangi has asked the shareholders to start thinking how they will completely wipe out the company, instead of hoping for a new economy for the photographers.

Sahm Adrangi was previously an investment advisor and this helped him gain experience. It is thus important to put his report into consideration to redeem Kodak and the shareholders.


Perry Mandera’s company is leading the way in the transportation industry

The transportation and logistics industry may not seem big, but it’s still one of the most important businesses in the world. Running a successful transportation company requires a lot of hard work and in order to keep things going smoothly, the right technology needs to be used. Businesses such as The Custom Companies use a variety of technological services including Cheetah Dispatch and Dock Management System to keep track of everyday activities. Get details on Perry Mandera at

Being that The Custom Companies is one of the leading transportation businesses; a majority of its success is due to founder Perry Mandera. The Chicago native’s tenure with the trucking industry began in the late 1970s when he joined the U.S. Marines. It was during his tour of duty that Perry Mandera was assigned to drive a military truck. Mandera’s experience with driving trucks would come in handy after he left the Marines.

By 1980, Perry Mandera was seeking out a new career as a business owner. Being in his early twenties, the young entrepreneur left his mark on the business world by founding The Custom Companies. The company, which is located in Mandera’s hometown of Chicago, offers trucking services to customers all across Illinois. Within a few years, The Custom Companies had become one of the top transportation businesses in America.


As the company’s success continued to grow, so did Perry Mandera’s accomplishments. The owner received numerous honors for his work. The Illinois Trucking Association named him one of their “Top 100 American Transportation Executives of the Millennium. Aside from his work as a business owner, Perry Mandera is also known for volunteer work. Mandera has donated his money and time to many charities over the years. He’s worked with The Walter & Connie Payton Foundation, The Special Olympics, and the Chicago Anit-Hunger Federation. Mandera also offered his trucks to help distribute goods to the residents of Louisiana following Hurricane Katrina.

With his successful business and charity work, it’s no wonder why Perry Mandera is on his way to becoming one of America’s famous entrepreneurs. Read more about Perry Mandera at Gazetteday.

A Great Businessman— Louis Chenevert

Louis Chenevert is a business man who was born and lives in Canada.

He was elected as the chairman of United Technologies Corporation. This is a company

which is considered an American Multinational Conglomerate. It researches, develops and

manufactures high-technology products. Read more about Louis Chenevert at Affiliate Dork.

While he was the CEO of UTC, he accomplished many feats and he helped this company

make gains in the market, all while there was a recession. While in a recession, under his

direction, UTC obtained the Goodrich Company. This took much patience because the

negotiations took one year. The deal was 18.4 billion dollar deal .

Louis Chenevert made the idea of creating greener and more environmentally friendly

designs a made this a selling point. When these products were used they decreased the

emission of greenhouse gasses by 26%. Then they established the same global standard

for all of their facilities. Read more about Louis Chenevert at

He not only was able to accomplish many things while at UTC , he also was able to

lead this company into huge revenue on a consistent bases. This happened in 2011. It was in

this year that it seemed everything fell into place for the company, and for him. Besides

his accomplishments in the company, he received an honorary doctorate from his old university

HEC in Montreal. He also was named person of the year in 2011. The magazine that did this

was Aviation Week and space Technology. He accomplished this by aligning himself with

companies that had services which would work well with UTC.

Louis Chenevert also held other positions in companies like Pratt & Whitney in Montreal,

and also was a production General Manager at General Motors. Every company he

had any involvement in seemed to do a great business. Mr. Chenevert was able to

target opportunities in the aerospace and industrial businesses and he had a

knack for improving their outcome and their bottom line, their revenue. He was able

to leave behind a legacy, after he left every company he was employed with.

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Adopting Sentient AI To Boost A Brands Sales

With the increasing number of brands that are taking the online shopping route, the industry has gotten bigger and more competitive than ever. It is now becoming easier than ever for brands to set up online stores and reach potential customers. With the surge of stores and options available online, the need to stand out from the crowd has been more than ever.


One of the main reasons why people tend to shop online is because of the convenience that it provides. Sitting at home, one can buy clothing from the other side of the world without much effort. Shopping is no longer limited to territory and is received by people all around the world. The experience of online shopping is what draws in millions of individuals, and optimizing that goes a long way into making a brand bring in more profits.


People who shop online want to have a process that is quick, easy, and effortless. A brand might have thousands of products, but if the customer has to scroll through all of them, it takes away from the aspect of convenience. That’s when Sentient AI comes in to save the day. Sentient AI is an e-commerce recommendation engine and works to show customers products that they would like and potentially buy. If a customer is shopping on a site and searches for something or puts it into their cart, the Sentient AI can usually pick that up and then show them options based on that. Often, the choices end up being exactly what the customer was looking for, which then works to entice them to buy the product. As simple as this might sound, the technology behind this is brilliant, but also incredibly complex. Even so, this is one of the best tools that a brand can implement to boost their sales and get more customers.


Big online marketplaces like Amazon and E-bay have been using this technology for a while now, which is why they have such a rapidly growing customer base. Using this technology in the form of ads is one of the ways which brands can implement this. Brands can use this technology to show customers options of products on social media sites like Facebook, serving as a reminder for them to buy the products. Brands have also adopted this in their websites, which actively shows customers options while they are shopping on the site itself.

Barbara Stokes a leader in the Disaster Relief Construction Industry

UPDATE*** 7.5.18 More information on Barbara Stokes can be found, here.

UPDATE*** 5.16.18 Read more about Barbara Stokes on Ideamensch


Barbara Stokes holds a Bachelor’s of Science degree in Biomedical Engineering and Physics from Mercer University, where she graduated in 2001. Additionally, she also studied Technical Communication, Thermodynamics, Manufacturing and Management and Structures and Properties while at Mercer. Barbara joined Green Structures Homes Inc. (GSH) of Alabama after having worked for Boeing and Pisces Corporation where she acquired widespread knowledge. Green Structure Homes will greatly benefit from Barbara vast understanding of manufacturing and all her experience. Green Structures Homes of Alabama, LLC is privileged to acquire the services of Barbara Stokes and her team due to their demonstrated Disaster Relief Construction Industry leadership. Follow Barbara Stokes on

Green Structures Homes, Inc. offers steel and modular wood frame homes that incorporate modern features and ideas, using novel technology that ensures that the homes are energy efficient and environmentally friendly. The state of the art technology employed delivers homes that are built quickly, with greater project accuracy and negligible imported labor force. These homes also deliver bargain life-cycle costs, that is, insurance premiums and reduce energy and maintenance costs. GSH plans, constructs, delivers and provides an on-site construction of modular and mobile residential and commercial structures across North America. Green Structures Homes provides independent engineering and internal project management leadership with more than thirty years in the general preparation, groundwork, development, fixing, and assessment of residential and commercial structures.

GHS pre-inspection-yard contains multiple state of the art technology units that allows for quick conveyance, hurricanes integrity testing for the structure, mildew, pest, mold resistant and tailor-made homes that come in one, two or many bedroom Homes. The construction material for the structures is usually light gauge steel or wood, the exterior of the homes employs executive home architecture, but the interior can be customized depending on the needs of the client. The Green Structure Homes households are energy efficient and environmentally friendly. The construction of these homes off-site ensures that the site and the environment receive the minimum impact. Additionally, local materials are spared. Since the manufacturing procedures and processes are standardized, the end products quality is high in design, materials, form, and construction. Quality assurance procedures and checks are put in place and imposed during the installation and, manufacturing of the homes. Visit to know more about Barbara Stokes.

Apart from Barbara Stokes leadership at Green Structures Homes, she is also a mother of three and an energetic volunteer in the Huntsville community.


Tony Petrello – “Lucky is better.”

Anthony Petrello, the lawyer-cum-executive who helms Nabors Industries, might’ve been perfectly at ease running equations with incredible mathematical geniuses like Noether, Birkhoff, Einstein, von Neumann, Gödel, Turing, Nash (Remember, A Beautiful Mind?), and that guy from the Good Will Hunting movie. Remembered as a math whiz who’d write equations on napkins, he could have tutored Tao.Instead, he took his BS and MS in mathematics from Yale and entered the Harvard law program, forever changing his life.

Petrello’s freshman roommate from Yale, Lloyd Groves, is now editor-at-large at The Daily Beast. He’s read about the tremendous success of fellow Yalies over the years, but to learn that this “whiz at math” who was “basically the kid from Good Will Hunting” who was just a little louder than his more privileged classmates (Petrello made it on on merit, earning a full scholarship) turned out to be an unimaginably wealthy corporate giant – that was a staggering discovery. Groves rediscovered his old roomie after he was named the top-earning CEO of 2013.

It seems that success follows Petrello, who goes by “Tony” rather than “Anthony.” After receiving his JD from Harvard, Tony Petrello began working Manhattan law firm Baker and McKenzie, making managing partner in the mid-80’s. In 1991 he accepted an offer to work as a President in one of his firm’s large clients, Nabors Industries, the largest oil and gas drilling contractor in the world. He rose through the ranks to become CEO in 2011.He has led a charmed life, professionally speaking. In an email to Groves, he told him that “…between being smart or being lucky—lucky is better….I have been extremely fortunate in work.”

Perhaps as he wrote this he was considering that his daughter, Carena, was born with PVL, or periventricular leukomalacia, an extremely rare birth defect. Due to lack of oxygen, she developed cerebral palsy and is severely developmentally delayed.Tony and his wife Cynthia donated $7 Million in seed money to the Jan and Dan Duncan Neurological Research Institute at Texas Children’s Hospital. It is clear to see why the Institute holds a special place in their hearts. Follow him on Twitter : Click Here.

Financial Expert- James Dondero

He has participated in the banking, investment and the finance industries since he began his career. James Dondero is an experienced financier who has been in the industry for an extended period; He has also seen the foundation of the most successful finance and investment in the finance and the banking sector. James Dondero is the co-founder and the President of Highland Management Capital. Highland Capital Management LP is a Security Exchange Commission registered company that was created to deliver services and products including advising investors. Highland Capital Management has active and a long history operating as a leading alternative asset manager which has been putting more emphasis on the health sector.

James Dondero has been positively taking his responsibility as the President of Highland Capital Management by overseeing the operations as well as the management of the company. James has been in the industry for more than three decades where he has been specializing in credit management, and he is also considered to be among the pioneers of the collateralized loans obligation. Mr. James has been improving the financial as well as the investment sector with most of his funds being recognized and awarded. Some of the Awards he has received include Morningstar’s 5-Star designation for general allocation which he received in 2014, The Lipper Awards for Floating Rates opportunities, among many others.

Mr. James has served in several financial organizations. Before co-founding Highland Capital Management, James served at Protective Life which is an affiliate of GIC. At the company, Mr. Dondero worked as the Chief investment officer. Dondero can be described as a go-getter who does not rest until he accomplishes what he wants in life. At Protective Life, James helped to build the organization from its foundation and expanding it within a short period. He knew what he wanted from a young age, and after his High School graduation, James Dondero joined the University of Virginia where he graduated with a degree in Accounting and Finance. James Dondero is also a Certified Management Accountant and has every right to use the title of an elected a Charted Financial Analyst. He is also a leader who has served on several Boards as Director and a member including Nexbank, Cornerstone Healthcare among others.



Rona Borre is recognized nationally

Borre, the Chief Executive Officer of instant alliance she’s of late been in the limelight recognized as the enthusiast and determined person in entrepreneurial juncture. In the 2001 Instant Alliance was formerly known as Instant Technology and over the years has kept on growing and now Rona Borre is recognized nationally as one of the business guru as a woman-owned business.


She is a vibrant individual who has thrived all odds that came by her career and to his efforts, Rona Borre has been selected to lead some of the Chicago community organization the organization include Economic Club of Chicago , the Chicago Network, and the Young Presidents Organization .


Borre has worked although her career and now she has been in the limelight of the media, media like ; CNBC, CBS 2 Chicago, USA Today CNN and Crain’s Chicago.Additionally, to his hard work she has been given a hand of applause from The Business Ledger and the National Association of Woman Business Owners as an influential lady in Business.  Check on


Important to realize that Rona received her BS in Business from the University of Arizona and on the same fact but different note, she has been acknowledged by the Enterprising Woman Magazine as the Enterprising Woman of the year.

Check her on

Mike Baur Starts Things Up

Mike Baur is a hard-working and innovative businessman that worked in banking for twenty plus years. He has been interested in banking and finance since a youth and turned his hobby into a career. Baur received an MBA degree from the University of Rochester and an executive MBA from the University of Bern. At age 39 he dropped everything in desultory fashion and co-founded the “Swiss Startup Factory” which he is the executive chairman of. The Swiss Start Up Factory is a company that works with small start up companies and offers any assistance they need to take them to the next level. Their goal is to catch established companies off-guard by making the relatively unknown and unorthodox businesses skyrocket out of nowhere. They thrive especially working with digital entrepreneurs. This is exactly what the world needs, a company that will give great ideas a chance. The Swiss Startup factory sees opportunity where others do not.


They stand by their word that they have a 360 degree start up service that can accommodate any start up companies needs to get them to a global level. The Swiss Startup Factory means business and they want to cause chaos for their rivals, effectively taking their place. For investors they offer a platform to accelerate ideas as well as well vetted start ups. For start ups they offer financing, an investor and mentor network, a vigorous 3 month accelerator program and a customized service package. As for talented individuals they can help accelerate your ideas.


Baur not only financially supports numerous Swiss start ups but offers them his expert guidance as a mentor. He also shows his concern for future generations of entrepreneurs as he invests a lot of his time in the Swiss youth to show them a thing or two about what he knows. This care and work ethic is something that has trickled down through the whole Swiss Startup Factory organization. They have also developed a very do it yourself attitude and finance their selves independently. The Swiss Startup Factory helps young people with brilliant ideas bring them to fruition and helps them find acceptance whereas they would be rejected elsewhere. If other organizations and people followed in Mike Baur and The Swiss Startup Factory’s footsteps who knows what could be accomplished.