Glen Wakeman’s Impeccable Business Skills

Glen Wakeman has held numerous executive positions in his career. Some of the roles he has played include being a board member, chief executive officer, and Financial Services Executive. In addition to working in other companies, Glen is a business owner, mentor, and investor. Glen Wakeman has more than 20 years in business development (Alivenewspaper). Glen is quite passionate about developing businesses using a proven methodology that leads to improvement of five major aspects of performance. The method improves leadership, human capital, risk management, execution, and governance. Glen also focuses on improving the overall agility of the company and employees.

Glen founded Nova Four that offers access to capital and incredible advice to new companies. Glen Wakeman coaches the CEOs of developing countries as well as the Board of Directors by explaining to them different ways of ensuring sustainable improvements in their businesses. Wakeman also works with entrepreneurs during the early stages of their businesses. His company, LauchPadToolkit, offers entrepreneurs with business planning services. His startup provides these online services through digital marketing as well as a SAAS website.

Glen Wakeman spent more than 20 years with GE Capital where he held significant roles such as operations management, development of business, and general management. Eventually, Mr. Wakeman became the CEO of GE Capital where he established the nine-country operation with more than 17, 000 employees. As the CEO of GE Capital, Glen connected more than 1000 branches, created new products, and signed several partnership deals.

In an interview with Ideamensch, Glen’s idea of starting his own company was inspired by his interest in helping start-up businesses to prosper. Glen begins his day by reviewing the business operations of the previous day. After reviewing the operations, he holds a small conference with his business partners to divide duties.

To actualize his ideas, Glen likes to explain them to people. While explaining them, he gains a better understanding and feels motivated to make them happen. Glen Wakeman says that applying machine learning to solve business problems is a trend that excites him most. Being a curious individual makes Glen productive. Wakeman’s curiosity makes him work hard to solve problems, ensure customer satisfaction and come up with innovative ideas.