What You Need to Know About ClassDojo

About ClassDojo

ClassDojo is an application that was designed for the classroom. It falls under the communications and also education category of apps and does connect the parties involved; students, their parents and their teachers. Photos are mainly communicated between the parties involved, and so are videos and messages.

Cooperation between a teacher and their students is usually crucial, and so is the relationship between a parent and student. ClassDojo aims to bring forth teamwork, and a proper understanding of each other through the communication of experiences like the classroom experience. This thus brings about ideas and even gives a voice to proposals and propositions that may be difficult to speak up. The app also aims at building the home and classroom relationship.

Getting to Understand ClassDojo

This is the summary of what ClassDojo consists of;


The aim of the classroom is to build student confidence with their teachers and thus cultivate a culture of the classroom together. Here, the involved parties either choose a skill or values to improve and on. Students then give a feedback on how things are going, and the amount of progress they are making.


There are three parts of these stories; the school story, class story, and student story. Here, pictures and videos are shared with the aim of sharing with both the families and students, of what is going on in school. Each class has its story, and so does each school and also each student.


This is where parents, school leaders, and teachers communicate instantly. The beauty of it is that none of the parties have to share their contact details. Furthermore, translations of messages can be done in 35 languages. Nonetheless, when teachers are occupied or busy, then the “Quiet Hours” lets parents know of their unavailability.

Big Ideas

This is where students growth happens. Big Ideas offers straightforward ways of getting authentic content that will help in educating the student and thus leading to their social and emotional growth.