Rocketship Education Owes Lots to Preston Smith – Here’s How

John Danner is a technological guru that helped found Rocketship Education, a sizable network of public charter schools, in 2007. Preston Smith, the current chief executive officer and president of Rocketship Education – RSED for short – was the other half that founded the highly successful school known for technological innovation in the form of individualized learning plans, being located exclusively in low-income areas, and offerings its programs to students for free.

Many successful schools – or any organizations, entities, businesses, etc. of any sort – are founded by people looking to turn a dollar, whether it’s colloquial “quick buck” or a long-term investment. However, RSED was partially created, and currently administrated by, an educator that’s spent the majority of his career in low-income settings whose students haven’t rightfully received the high-quality students they’re entitled to as United States citizens. The respectable, civic-minded actions Preston Smith and the entirety of Rocketship Education’s ranks, by extension, have taken throughout the past decade are unquestionably beneficial for the United States populous at large; if the mass of more than 3,300 students hailing from low-income families fortunate enough to receive high-quality education from the ranks of Rocketship Education increases in number, the former status of the United States of America being one of the world’s leaders in public schooling could rise through the ranks rapidly, solely due to the public charter school system’s potential performance.

One-half of the base of founders of RSED, Preston Smith, has performed an innumerable number of favors for the school, many of which wouldn’t have been possible without his past history in elementary education and administration. Let’s take a look back at a few of the great things he accomplished in his earlier days.

Mr. Smith started his career with a bachelor’s degree in Latin American Studies from UNC at Chapel Hill, a field of study he chose to better communicate with the near-majority of Hispanics in California. While teaching at Arbuckle Elementary School, in the Bay Area, he was in the final round of six teachers for consideration of the Teacher of the Year at that school system.

Preston also founded an elementary school with himself as the leader, then as the principal, all while earning a master’s degree in educational administration. Directly after, he created RSED in 2007.