Dr.Walden Continues Her Practice In New City

Settling Down With A Family

Dr.Jennifer Walden was one of the most successful cosmetic surgeons in the Manhattan borough of New York City. With her background in Ear, Nose, and Throat medicine, Dr. Jennifer Walden was able to reach the top of her field easily. However, there was something missing from the picture. Dr.Walden wanted to raise a family of her own, but simply couldn’t find a man suitable for marriage. This led Walden to a fertility bank where she found the perfect sperm donor. Determined to raise her children alone the exact way she saw fit, Walden left New York City and returned to her hometown of Austin, Texas.



Returning To Her Hometown

Starting up her own private practice in Austin gives Dr.Walden greater potential for wealth and more freedom than ever before. She can now choose when she wants to work and when she wants to spend time with her twin boys. Thanks to the staff she’s hired, many of the difficulties present in opening up a private practice are not issues. All she needs to do is make sure she takes care of her patients and keeps them satisfied.



The Rewards And Recognition Of Dr.Jennifer Walden

As one of America’s most popular cosmetic surgeons, Dr.Walden routinely receives praise for the work she does. Recently, she was given the award for Best Female Plastic Surgeon in Austin, but this rewards is only one example of the praise she receives. Her patients often write words of praise for her after she has finished. Succeeding as a female surgeon in general is challenging. There are too many people who disregard the hard work of women in medicine. Dr.Jennifer Walden has defied those stereotypes and built herself up as one of the most important names in cosmetic surgery.