Why George Soros Gave Away $18 Billion

George Soros has made a name for himself as one of the most prominent private capitalists of our time. His fortune has generated billions of dollars and stands as one of the most successful examples of rags to riches today. Unlike many others who achieve his level of success he doesn’t hoard his wealth or seek to stop others from obtaining it for themselves. In fact he has used the Open Society Foundation to help create a world where people are better able to define their lives and choose how they will live. Recently, he gave $18 billion to the Open Society Foundation to help fight for more open societies worldwide.

This recent donation is coming at a time when it is needed more than ever. Donald Trump and other right wing ideologues have risen up to give the world a new age of intolerance and nativism. This threatens to undo so much of what was successfully progressed in the Obama years, but Soros isn’t going to let anymore of this happen. He wants to do everything he can to help maintain what’s been done and he believes that his contribution is going to play an important role in making sure Trump isn’t able to do too much damage to the left’s agenda overall. Given the amount of power the right has right now, he is going to have his work cut out.

Open societies are supported for a reason. They are the best way to make sure that people are getting what they want out of life and have the ability to uplift themselves. Nothing in the past has ever uplifted so many people in such a short amount of time. The need for societies in which people are able to define themselves is clearly obvious. Most societies do far better with democracy and a free market than they will do without them. This is how countries like China and Brazil have risen up and it is how we will see the rest of the developing world rise. George Soros is the best man to make this happen and his influence is going to remain highly important overall regardless of the attacks lobbed against him by the right.

The current stigma against philanthropy is rather odd. The history of America is filled with philanthropists who believed that America would function far better with the help of its wealthiest citizens than without. We have seen the likes of the Rockefeller and others who sought to do everything they can to help those less fortunate than them. George Soros manages to do this in a very modern way for causes that he has no connection to. He helps immigrants and those seeking to uplift themselves because he feels that he has a serious obligation to help those who happen to be less fortunate than him. This is only his latest way of doing it. Hopefully, others will also follow his example and give their own in order to restore the name of philanthropy.

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