The digital world according to Malcolm Casselle

The purchase and exchange of assets in the gaming world has built an incredible niche in the gaming market. The underlying issue with the exchange of said assets range from currency issues to financial security risks. With OPSkins being the leader in sales of virtual in-game assets, Malcolm CasSelle and the creators of OPSkins saw the next step in the gaming asset market in the model of a blockchain platform. WAX, or Worldwide Asset Exchange, is a platform that allows gamers to have both a common currency system and an extremely secure system. This platform eliminates underlying security issues that some third-party exchange systems would provide along with providing a legitimate common currency, in the form of tokens, for games from all part of the world to utilize effectively.

The person behind this next step in the gaming exchange platform is the Malcolm CasSelle. He currently holds the position of President of WAX. Being the biggest bitcoin merchant in the world, Malcolm CasSelle is a truly ambitious individual. Holding Computer Science degrees from both Stanford and MIT, Malcolm’s business roots are deeply entrenched in the digital and gaming market. Much of his storied success are based overseas, which lends itself to his verbal fluency in both Mandarin and Japanese.

Malcolm CasSelle’s earliest success story comes from being the Co-founder PCCW, a Hong Kong based information and communication company. His involvement the company led to its growth that is now valued over 35 billion dollars. Malcolm’s investment prowess is very astute. His track record of investing early on in companies such as Facebook, Zynga, and cryptocurrency related companies lend to Malcolm’s already growing resume.

Malcolm’s history of aggressive and decisive has led him to prestigious positions. He was an acting CEO for Timeline lab, a media content company. He was the President and CTO of Tribune Publishing (now Tronc), a popular print and digital media company based in the US. If there is a strong digital market growing, it would be no surprise if Malcolm CasSelle has some influence in that market.