Beneful: Making Dogs Happy and Healthy

It’s no secret that dog owners want their dogs to be healthy and happy. Most foods out there are artificial and bland, leaving dogs wanting more. If you want your dog to lose weight, sometimes it feels like the only option is to feed them less. However, this isn’t entirely true.

There is a way for your dog to be completely satisfied and still maintain a healthy weight. At their core, dogs are hunters that crave meat and need a high protein diet. It’s just logical that a dog food made from the healthy high protein meat that dogs crave would satisfy them beyond any of the brands out there that are grain based.

Beneful Grain Free is a dog food that is specifically designed and formulated to keep your dog healthy. Its ingredients include chicken, beef, and pork and are easily found on packaging and the company website.

So, if you’re looking for the perfect food to feed your furry best friend, Beneful is an easy choice. The food is packed full of meat to satisfy your dog’s wild desires and cravings.

Beneful coupons and package sizes at Walmart

Beneful brand dog food can be easily found at most mass retailers. One of the largest retail stores that carry Beneful brand dog food is Walmart. Often times Walmart will feature coupons on their website for wet and dry Beneful dog food. If product users cannot find coupons readily available at walmart’s website they may find coupons directly from the distributor. There is currently a $3 off coupon for a bag of grain free Beneful dry dog food at Beneful’s website. In addition to store and manufacturer coupons; Walmart often does product sales called Roll Backs which will allow customers to purchase products at a decreased price. Beneful products can be featured from time to time as Walmart Roll Backs.

Beneful dog food is available in dry and wet form and ranges in prices according to product size. The typical container of Benefu wet dog food from Walmart retails for $1.77, while a box of 6 containers retails for $10.58. Beneful also produces smaller 3oz medly canisters and a box of twelve retails for $6.97. Beneful dry dog food is available in a 3.5lb bag that retails for $5.48 up to a 40lb bag that retails for $33.98.