Investment Opportunities in the E-Cigarette Industry (O2PUR, BAT, Phillip Morris And Reynolds)

Most of the companies within the tobacco industry have links with each other. They tend to have a percentage stock from one another. Phillip Morris International which was part of Atria is rumored to have interest in buying Atria and vice versa.


Founded by Scott Barth, O2PUR provides consumers with a variety of E-Cigs, box mods, pens, nicotine salts E-liquid and E-liquid instruments at an affordable rate. Customers have a range of options within the E-Cigs and E-liquid with a few having special offers. For a 120ml of E-liquid, a customer gets a free 40w Box Mod at $. The five pack 02Pur coils go for only $4.95, and a six pack just add $10. Customers can buy more packs so that they can never run out of vapor. The company also sells other products like chargers, batteries and USB cables.


Reynolds most common product in the United States is the Vuse e-cig. It currently has a market share of 38% followed be blu at 16% and MarkTen from Altria at 13%. Its recent HNB product is called Core which the company has tried to launch under different names from back in the 1990s but was unsuccessful.

Philip Morris

Phillip Morris is an international e-cigarette manufacturer. Its device iQOS uses real tobacco rather than e-liquids as with other devices. It gained a considerable market share with customers who wanted to experience the real experience of smoking tobacco using an e-cigarette device. The company has applied to the FDA to get approval for reduced-risk product description. If the application is approved, it will be among the first companies in the industry to be legally using “safe e-cigs” with its products.

British American Tobacco (BAT)

BAT is in the process of a merger with Philip Morris and as a result will become the largest company in the tobacco industry. It currently has different e-cigs products on the market. Its technology heat-not-burn (HNB) enables the user to experience nicotine taste through the vapor that is created by heating real tobacco.