The Chainsmokers Releasing Hit Singles One After the Other Since 2014

With the competition increasing in the music industry, it is crucial for the new artists to come up with something unique to entice the audience. Many bands and artists have come and go with no signs of their existence anymore, but one of the new DJ and Production Duo by the name of The Chainsmokers has become highly popular in just a couple of years. And, as per the reviews they have been getting from the patrons, it seems like they are here to stay for a long haul. The Chainsmokers entered the mainstream music industry in 2014 when they released their first ever song by the name of Selfie.

The release of Selfie worldwide made them an overnight sensation, and since then the duo has never looked back. The Chainsmokers consist of Alex Pall and Andrew Taggart, who are musically literate and have a background in music production and Djing. It is what has helped them produce electronic dance music that has been topping the charts. Some of the brilliant songs that the Chainsmokers has released since they came to the limelight are Don’t Let me Down, Roses, Closer, Sick Boy, All We Know, and more. Their new release in 2018 is the Sick Boy, which has been particularly liked by their audience. The lyrics of their new single have also touched the heart of the duo’s fans.

The Chainsmokers have performed at many different famous venues across the globe, and continue to tour as the popularity of the duo continues to rise. The Chainsmokers released their first ever studio album in the year 2017 by the name of Memories, Do Not Open. The pair has featured on more or less every music and showbiz magazine out there, and are also listed by Forbes among the highest paid DJs. When asked in one of the interviews as what are their main influences, they named Pharrell Williams and Deadmau5. Both Alex Pall and Andrew Taggart have been interested in Djing from the childhood, and it is their interest in music from the very beginning that has helped them develop some highly passionate and creative music the industry has ever seen.