Ryan Seacrest and the Rigorous Schedule that Keeps Him on the Go

Ryan Seacrest has become one of the more popular hosts when it comes to talk shows and hosting shows. He has shown himself to be a professional in this area, that is one of the reasons why he has continuously been able to roll from one job to another. Most people know Ryan Seacrest from American Idol. This is where he has taken time to build an audience of millions as he hosts this music competition reality show.

According to Forbes.com, with the “American Idol” show the audience is huge. There are millions of people that watch, and that is what allowed him to gain the attention of other talk show hosts like Kelly Ripa. Now he is a co-host with Kelly, and this gave him a morning audience of fans that may not have necessarily tuned into “American Idol.” Ryan Seacrest has been able to transition from someone that works in primetime television.

This is not always an easy task, but Seacrest has managed to effectively pull this off more than once. He has continued to be someone that people looked to when it came to hosting various TV programs. He has taken a role that has been reserved for legends like Dick Clark by taking on “Dick Clark’s Rockin’ New Year’s Eve.” He has appeared on the red carpet as a host. He a also a producer engaged in producing reality television shows. Ryan Seacrest has his hands in so many different places. People are aware of all the work that is done, and he has a rigorous schedule for all these daily jobs he juggles.

Ryan Seacrest, the host of On Air with Ryan, has a huge presence in the business world, and it shows that he has learned quite a bit from former boss Dick Clark. He worked for Clark for years, and he knows that a big part of doing his job well is making it look like he is doing it well. Ryan knows that at the age of 43 that he could easily be cast aside by a younger broadcaster. He knows, however, that his work ethic is unbeatable, and that keeps him gainfully employed. Check out Ryan’s workout on The New York Times.

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Adam Milstein Considered the Boldest Philanthropist

Adam Milstein is a passionate humanitarian who has served on many fundraising projects and partnered with several organizations to make the world a better place. He is an American-Israeli citizen who had been born and raised in Haifa. The philanthropist supports education among the Jew and remains a loyal pro-Israeli activist.

His views on the Jewish New Syndicate

Adam Milstein had written an article in early 2018 to express his concern over anti-Semitism. He clearly outlined that the discriminatory scenario has become a cornerstone for the rise of radical Muslim Movements which has been stoning women, undermining the rights of the minority groups and the less privileged, as well as condemning gays. He outlines that the sour relationship between the Israeli and the Americans has resulted in the development of racist, hate, and bigotry. Adam Milstein had, thus, decided to unite the two countries by advocating for solidarity and sharing a common goal of achieving freedom and tolerance.

Fight against discrimination

Apart from his efforts to unite Israel and America, Adam Milstein has always condemned the act of discrimination. He highlighted that universities in the US are currently discriminating against Jewish students. He quoted the New York University which has condemned Israeli a number of times even more than Trump. In a Chicago LGBT gala, 3 Jewish personalities had been barred from attending the function as a result of their flags having the Star of David. In another event that was fighting against sexual violence, the organizers condemned the Jews that wanted to participate resulting in their deportation

More about Adam Milstein

Adam Milstein is known to be an all-time entrepreneur and a co-founder of Adam and Gila Milstein Foundation. He is currently serving as the national chairman of the Israel-American council. His work remains significant to the society today as he tries to bring together different racial and religious groups. His main aim is to educate the world about the need to eliminate discrimination and hatred. His work as a humanitarian and an activist ought to be recognized as it acts as a stepping stone to a free world.


Sheldon Lavin: Balancing business

In the larger scheme of things life is all about balance. Knowing when to give and when to take, knowing when to lead and when to follow, and finally knowing when to help invest in others around us is key. If we could develop and maintain a balance, we could all be successful and triumphant. One person who has mastered this and is very successful is the business man Sheldon Lavin.

Mr. Lavin is the chairman and Executive officer of OSI group. Born in 1932, he has lead this company to great success over the years because of his ability to balance business with a good character. Sheldon Lavin attended multiple colleges and institutions including the University of Illinois and Northwestern university where he studied finance and accounting. Additionally, he went to Roosevelt university where he obtained a Bachelor of Science degree in business. After school he obtained even more knowledge as he opened his own financial consulting business which he ran until he started working with Otto & Sons. This company is what would eventually become OSI the company that he is president of. OSI is a food processing company that works with vegetables, poultry, fish, other meats, and dough products. Lavin in all his industry knowledge lead this company to expand beyond its U.S. borders. The company now has over 60 locations in 60 different countries. That is a lot of expansion but Lavin balances it with a lot of economic job growth worldwide. He received the global Visionary award because of the jobs his company now supplies around the world. Also, the company has a large reputation for being environmental friendly and they have received sustainability awards under Sheldon Lavin’s direction. He doesn’t want to just take for himself, but he wants to give back as well.

He in recent years wants to keep a balance between business and doing what is right and hopes the newer generation of businesses follows his example. Furthermore, Sheldon Lavin gives back to charities as well. He is a frequent supporter of the Ronald McDonald house and has been for over 25 years. Sheldon Lavin has balanced creating and maintaining a very large business with ethical and charitable actions. He has truly mastered balance and it has worked for him phenomenally.

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O2Pur’s Exciting Product Lineup

Seemingly overnight the concept of e-cigarettes blew up, completely changing the market and providing exciting new opportunities. One of the companies that has seized on this change in the market most successfully is O2Pur which provides an extremely versatile and wide ranging selection of products that ensure that no mater what it is you seek, they are likely to have it. Whether it is boxes, mods, or exciting new flavors of juices this company has been one the cutting edge of the business since their inception a few years ago in 2012.

Based out of Utah, O2Pur is one of the best companies in the e-cigarette business. For proof of this look no further than their considerably large selection of flavors of nicotine salts. Delicious flavors such as: caramel apple, berry cheesecake and even island breeze ensure that no matter what you are in the mood for that O2Pur can take care of your needs. Additionally they have an impressive set of box mods and accessories for sale including a reasonably priced four port speed charger and an affordable dual coil that retails for under just $5 dollars. Finally, they offer an exciting 6 bottle variety pack of their most popular flavors of e-liquid — perfect for the smoker who wants to try out new combinations and figure out what flavor is going to be their favorite moving forward. The combination of affordability and a wide selection make this company a true diamond in the rough for anybody who wants to get the best e-cigarette smoking experience for a fair price.

Their focus on the newly expanding market of nicotine salts should excite fans of the brand moving forward. The motto of their nicotine salt line “Fast, Smooth & Tasty” is a promising development in the world of e-cigarettes. However, they also have reliable line of classics like e-liquid and mod packs. This ability to balance the classics with the rapidly advancing lines of products makes O2Pur an unparalleled company in the field of e-cigarettes. If you are looking for a new company to start buying from, then they are most definitely worth some serious consideration.

Sheldon Lavin’s OSI Industries Is A Highly Innovative Processing Company

Sheldon Lavin is Chairman and CEO of the world’s 10th largest meat processing and wholesale company OSI Industries, and also one of the oldest CEOs running a billion-dollar company. Even though he may be over 80, he is as excited as ever to keep growing the company and have new ideas and technology introduced to it. Lavin once said he would have never became the main owner of the company if he didn’t feel he could make it very big. And indeed today OSI Industries is open in 17 countries with over 50 operating plants. One of the most important investments Lavin has made is in enhanced safety equipment and training which has made OSI Industries one of the top safety practicing meat processing companies.

OSI Industries was only a local meat supply store in Chicago known as Otto & Sons when Sheldon Lavin first heard of it, and they asked him to obtain a bank loan on their behalf so they could build an additional large plant and open more locations. Lavin was originally an account manager and investment advisor at a large bank, and by the time Otto & Sons became a client of his he had started his own consulting business. During the first few years as their consultant, Lavin had been presented with the idea of becoming an owner in the company but didn’t want it at the time since he wanted to stay in the financial industry. But he kept working with Otto & Sons on more deals, and by the late 1970s he was nominated CEO. The owners retired in the early 1980s and sold Lavin the rest of their stakes in the company, and at that point Otto & Sons was changed to OSI Industries with its main company known as OSI Group.

OSI Industries and McDonald’s have have had a solid partnership over the years and Lavin has kept it strong by opening up prime locations advantageous to McDonald’s opening up franchises in China, Europe and other new places across Asia. Lavin also led the recent acquisitions of Baho Food and Flagship Europe to not only grow OSI’s product distribution, but in keeping the products and brand of those companies they’re now included in the overall inventory. Lavin is also a community activist and philanthropist who is a board leader at the Ronald McDonald House Charities and a donor to the Chicago Jewish United Fund which helps the homeless and needy in the city.

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Igor Cornelsen Provides 3 Tips For Investing In A Foreign Market

Igor Cornelsen is a highly successful investment banker. He recently disused three tips for those who want to invest in a foreign market. Below are the three tips he had for investors.

Familiarize Yourself With Currency Restrictions

One of the top tips Igor Cornelsen shared was to become familiar with currency restrictions. He used Brazil as an example, saying that people have to fin a bank that is authorized to exchange. He stressed that it is a must to research currency laws.

Connect With The Natives

Igor said Brazil is home to many business oriented people, as well as entrepreneurs. He said networking and relationships keep companies going in the country. He pointed out that it should be simply to connect and build a network with people in Brazil. Furthermore, around 25 percent of people in Brazil who are between the ages of 18 and 64 are self-starters. Not only that, but natives tend to be very welcoming, so it should be easy to become part of focus groups and to discuss new ideas.

Red Tape: Be Prepared For It

There are many regulations that businesses need to be aware of in Brazil. In fact, starting up and running a business can be difficult due to the red tape. The market is growing, but it’s still delicate and this is why there are many laws. What you should do is research the regulations ahead of time. This will help people become more prepared and they will be able to avoid problems that are avoidable in the first place.

Igor Cornelsen knows all about investment in the market in Brazil, and he believes that Brazil is recovering from a potential economic disaster. Cornelsen is an expert in investment and he runs an investment firm that has foreign clients who are interested in investing in the Brazilian market. His company is known for creating investment strategies that work very well.

George Soros and His Philanthropic Contribution towards Open Society Foundation

George Soros is popularly known as the premier philanthropist worldwide. He is passionate about giving as is evident in the overall generous contributions he’s made towards Open Society Foundation’s work around the world. George is an avid advocate of open societies that uphold both equality and justice. Mr. Soro’s wealth and success in financial markets has allowed him to be a leading philanthropist to further equality and justice agenda worldwide. He founded and has continued to fund Open Society Foundation and other organizations with similar course.

George Soros was born in 1930 in Hungary. He lived through the Nazi occupation in 1944-1945, a period in which Hungarian Jews faced significant challenges for who they were. After surviving the period, George later moved to London and put himself through London School of Economics working as a railway porter and nightclub waiter. He ventured into the world of finance investment where he successfully made a fortune through his own hedge fund foundation. He has since managed Soros Fund Management effectively, putting him among the most successful entrepreneurs oh his time.

Soros started giving back to the community in 1979 when he gave scholarships to black South African students under apartheid. He also helped promote communication in communist Hungary and funded startup independent cultural groups and their initiatives. He also founded and has continued to fund Central European University, a center for fostering critical thinking among the youth. George eventually founded Open Society Foundation which is a well articulated network of foundations, partners, and projects with roots in about 100 countries. The main purpose of the foundation is to push for societies that treat everyone equally and fairly without fear of discrimination due to their sexuality, social standards, gender, race or simply because of who they are.

Under his guidance, Open Society Foundation has achieved remarkable results. It has supported various individuals and organizations across the globe in rallying for the freedom of expression, accountability among government upholding justice and equality for all. It has also helped members of the marginalized groups that have been sidelined in the society. The foundation draws its approach from Popper’s rich and lucrative argument that admonishes discrimination issues in order to grow and flourish a society.

Soros is personally vested into the agenda of his foundation. He has actively donated up to $30 billion to Open Society Foundation over the years with his most recent contribution of $18 billion in 2017. This part of Soro’s endowment is directed towards helping groups, in their future endeavors, to deal with issues touching on fairness and justice. and Follow him Twitter.com

George Soros’s campaign has traversed beyond his own foundations to entail organizations worldwide. These include; Global Witness, International Crisis Group, and European Council on Foreign Relations. This move is geared towards raising more effort and commitment in creating just and equal global societies. George is a relentless individual who is determined to fight and conquer battles. He is a problem solver and an avid supporter of initiatives that defend justice, equality and fairness for all.

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Adam Goldenberg: Transforming Athleisure Wear for Women across the Globe

Adam Goldenberg is the co-founder and co-CEO of Just Fabulous Inc whose most prominent brand is Fabletics. Under his leadership, Fabletics has grown into a world-acclaimed brand in the active wear industry for women. The brand brings together fashion, affordability and functionality to meet women’s sportswear needs. Since its inception in 2013, the brand has made inroads into several countries across the world and has raised more than $250 million worth of capital.

Fabletics All Inclusive Active Wear

In March this year, the company started its journey towards being an all inclusive active wear brand by rolling out work-out cloths for plus-size women. The aim of the campaign is to empower all women irrespective of their size. Consequently, Adam Goldenberg’s Fabletics brand has introduced extended sizing ranging from XXS to 3X. The brand’s spokeswoman, Kate Hudson, indicates that for the company, it is crucial for the world of health and fitness to be accessible to everyone irrespective of size. As such, the brand has introduced features such as curved seams, thicker straps for extra support, and breathable mesh paneling to cater to this demographic.

Fabletics Shoe Line

To complement its sportswear brand, Fabletics has introduced a line of footwear currently available to the brand’s VIP members only. The shoe collection comprises of 11 different styles made up of training shoes, lifestyle sneakers, booties, slip-ons and high tops for women. Some of the features of the shoes include a fashion statement of faux suede, reflective accents, and zipper details to give them a stylish look. The shoes also come with memory foam shoes, flexible constructions that guarantee maximum comfort, breathable mesh lightweight materials.

Fabletics Marks Breast Cancer Awareness Month

Fabletics kicked off the month of October with a special collection to mark the Breast Cancer Awareness month. Part of the proceeds from the company’s sales in the month of October will go towards supporting breast cancer screening and treatment. Adam Goldenberg’s Fabletics and FTBC teams came together at the Fabletics store based at Del Amo Fashion Centre Mall in Torrance, California to promote their campaign for the breast cancer awareness month. This particular campaign is important to Fabletics because it contributes to innovative research necessary for the eradication of breast cancer. This is the second year in a row that the two teams have come together to work towards this cause.

About Adam Goldenberg

Adam Goldenberg is a serial entrepreneur who embarked on the entrepreneurial journey at the age of 15 years. Since then, he has co-founded several brands including Fabletics and Intelligent Beauty. So far, however, Fabletics is his most known brand, and as a co-CEO, he is working hard together with his team to transform athleisure wear for women across the globe.

Sheldon Lavin and OSI Group Grow Globally With Quality Food Processing

The career of Sheldon Lavin is of a considerable magnitude and it began in the spheres of accounting and finance which is his educational background. His consulting business was a crucial reason that Otto & Sons were able to secure additional funding to expand their operations and fulfill their lucrative contract with McDonald’s. Lavin has continued to maintain ties with the company ever since those days in the mid-seventies. He eventually bought out the current business partners to become the sole owner and the name was changed to OSI Group.

OSI Group has prospered on a global scale due largely to the vision of Sheldon Lavin and his desire to have an international impact. This ability of his to dream big has paid off in an extraordinary way as they have become one of the world’s largest privately held food processors. They have a depth of resources that few companies can match and were noted by Forbes Magazine for their size and ability to operate across the world.

The development of the company has been comprised of a steady growth trajectory that has culminated in operations across 17 countries and over 70 facilities worldwide. They have significant operations in Europe, Central and South America, North America, and Asia.

OSI Group, despite its size and scope, is driven by an entrepreneurial mindset that Lavin has carefully implemented. Creativity and outside-the-box thinking is encouraged and their ease and quickness of movement are unusual for a company so large. The vision of Lavin has propelled the company forward for decades and he continues working into his eighties and is still an entrepreneur at heart.

An open door policy is maintained by Lavin and the top management team at OSI Group. Employees are encouraged to bring forth ideas on how to grow and improve the business and the corporate office goes by first names. They also typically eat lunch together which fosters a family-like atmosphere where everyone has a voice and an opportunity for input.

One notable award that Sheldon Lavin has received was a Global Visionary Award from India’s Vision World Academy. He was honored for the perseverance and persistence that he displayed in turning his dreams into reality. This award was granted to inspire the next generation as to what is possible with hard work and dedication. Sheldon Lavin has been instrumental in building something special with OSI Group and they are among the world’s finest companies to work for.

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The Osi Group Continues Its International Expansion

Food service industry giant the OSI Group is continuing to grow it international presence. The company is responsible for providing many of the food choices consumers worldwide see in their local supermarkets, restaurants and fast food franchises. Started as a small Chicago-area family meat market in 1909, the OSI Group now has about 80 food processing facilities in 17 countries in North, Central and South America, Eastern and Western Europe and throughout Asia. And it continues to expand by building new facilities and acquiring companies which help it to provide more and better service.

The OSI Group has provided quality food for the international market for decades. From their Aurora, Illinois headquarters, they manage a global network of facilities and clients through which they provide millions of consumers with packaged protein, vegetable and dough items for daily consumption. And the OSI Group, led by Sheldon Lavin, CEO and president David McDonald, is always looking for opportunities to expand the reach of its beloved brand. In 2016, the OSI Group bought a controlling interest in Baho Food, a Dutch company which has subsidiaries in the Netherlands and Germany.

Baho Foods already provides 18 countries in Europe with food. The OSI Group plans to expand the company’s production capacity and increase its sales. The OSI Group has continued to expand by purchasing Flagship Europe. The company provides frozen poultry, condiments and pies to homes and businesses in Spain, Germany and all over Europe. The OSI Group’s goal is to find more business opportunities for Flagship Europe in many other places on the European continent. Under the effective, proven leadership of the OSI Group, it is easy to see Flagship Europe growing exponentially.

The OSI Group continues to expand its presence in the U.S. as well. The company recently purchased a Chicago-based food processing plant formally owned by Tyson Foods. That saved over 500 jobs in the local community and give the OSI Group more production options. It’s this type of innovative leadership that has helped the OSI Group to remain atop of its industry for so many decades. Even in the midst of international economic turmoil, the company has continued to grow and expand through careful product management, visionary leadership and precise marketing.

The OSI Group meets the needs of consumers worldwide with widely divergent culturally dependent tastes. They also ensure product safety and quality by using state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities and technologies.

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