Ara Chackerian: Presenting a Manageable Teak Farm

Ara Chackerian is an American entrepreneur, investor, and forester. He has accomplished so many things in the past, and it includes the management of a 100-acre Limonapa Teak farm. Curious as to how nature works to preserve forests, Ara Chackerian hired scientists and other experts in the field to observe the behavior of a living forest, and what they should do to emulate it. In the end, the study found out that nature is indeed difficult to imitate. However, they found a way on how to sustain the Teak forest that he recently opened and what measures he would need to cross out to determine that the forest is thriving. One of the methods that he used was the integration of technology to the protection and preservation of the Teak forest.



What Ara Chackerian wanted is for his forest to grow into a sustainable ecosystem where organisms could thrive. According to the studies that they made before, the forest involves a lot of cycles that makes it hard to emulate, and one of those cycles are forest fires which might seem negative to the people but it is indeed helpful to forests. In some cases, when a tree is fully grown, it loses its ability to become a haven for those living inside it. However, if lightning have struck the forest and a massive fire breaks out, the old trees would be burned down, and new ones would grow back again, providing animals with a new place to stay. You can visit for more details.



With the information that Ara Chackerian have on hand, he will be able to replicate the natural recovery of forests, and he will try to do it in his Teak farm. Scientists who have been studying the behavior of living forests are still baffled about the connection that nature has with the organisms living inside it. Chackerian stated that knowing so much about the forest would help him understand why humans would not survive without it. He knew for sure that a lot of resources that humans are using come from the forest, and he is further studying its behavior to identify the ways on how to preserve them. To see more you can checkout