For Kissably Soft Smooth Lips, Reach For An EOS Lip Balm

Understanding the anatomy of the lips will help you understand why the proper lip balm matters. First, everyone’s lips are made of very thin tissue, no matter your race, ethnicity or how full your lips are or are not.

Our lips are also naturally structured with inadequate melanin, so that means they are vulnerable under the hot UVA/UVB rays or blasting cold snow and winds. In addition, our lips can blister and become sunburned without the proper protection.

Your beautiful pucker is also delicate when it comes to possessing moisture. Our lips do not have substantial oil glands to protect them from drying out.

All this scientific beauty stuff tells us that our lips need constant nourishment and protection 24/7. That also means that a really effective lip balm is key.

EOS lip balm happens to cover all the bases. It is excellent at protection, hydration and maintaining a youthful texture and smoothness. The ingredients are all out there, including organic features with 100% natural flavors. These balm bases are formulated with zero chemical additives, are gluten-free and full of nourishing shea butter, jojoba oil and Vitamin E.

Our faves come in EOS Smooth Sphere Lip Balms. Not only do these balms offer superb, long-lasting protection and moisture but offer some of the best flavors on the planet. We are not alone in that thought because celebrities like Britney Spears cannot leave the house without EOS lip balm‘ Pomegranate Raspberry, better check this on Can you say tartly yummy? This balm rocks and provides exceptional hydration and healing properties for dry, thirsty lips.

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Another wonderful Smooth Sphere Lip Balm flavor to test out is EOS’ Strawberry Sorbet, simply sweet and very appropriate as the days warm up. It’s refreshing and spring-like and always goes on smoothly.

EOS balm is lip science at its finest.

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