Tips on How to Plan for a Meaningful Retirement According to Expert David Giertz

Life after employment is one many people fall to without adequately preparing for it. Like with anything else, failing to plan for your retirement is a sure recipe for disaster in the future. The following are some insights shared by retirement expert David Giertz on how to plan yourself for retirement hence saving yourself from the predicaments that may arise later.

Access Your Financial Status and Plan Early

According to David Giertz planning for your retirement has never been easy regardless of how much you are earning. One of the many reasons why this is so is because you are not able to clearly determine how much money you will spend during the entire retirement period. As much as this is true, you do need to realize that you will spend more money than what you will earn during your retirement period. Therefore, find a way to save enough or invest your funds in an investment that will generate you income when you retire.

Investment Is Your Ticket to Your Retirement Financial Freedom

Well, while this is true Mr. David Giertz notes that how and where you invest your money is what will determine whether you will have enough income for your retirement or not. David Giertz advises people first to calculate how much money they will need to save for them to grow to their desired amounts after retirement. The next important factor that needs to be considered is the retirement scheme to work with. The scheme you choose should be flexible to your requirements just in case you see the need of going for an early retirement it should not charge you penalties.

About David Giertz

David Giertz is an expert financial investor with over 31 years’ experience. His specialty is in the area of retirement plans. Currently, Mr. Giertz works with the Nationwide Investment Services Corporation and is located in Dublin, Ohio.

Mr. Giertz is quite passionate when it comes to matters retirement investment. His experiences and qualifications give him a reputation in the industry. In addition to all this, Giertz services are quite affordable for everybody.

David Giertz Dives into Retirement Saving Versus Spending

David Giertz is a Financial Advisor based in Dublin, Ohio. Mr. Giertz has upwards of 30 years of experience in the industry and currently works at Nationwide Investment Services Corporation. He is registered with FINRA as a broker and serves as a leader and distributer of life insurance policies, retirement plans, annuities and mutual funds.

Having earned his BS from Milikin University and MBA from Miami University, Mr. Giertz started as a Financial Advisor with Citi Group before becoming Vice President of Sales. Since moving on from Citi Group, he has become the President of Nationwide Investment Services Corporation where he has generated over $5 Billion in Revenue. Mr. Giertz continues to be a key contributor within the industry and currently serves on the board of trustees for Milikin University.

Mr. David Giertz shares his input on money management in retirement in an article with the French Tribune. He shares that older people can enjoy their lives while being fiscally responsible through budgeting and cash reserves. With developing a lifetime habit of saving money, Mr. Giertz has seen many retirees struggle with spending their lifetime savings without experience guilt and buyer’s remorse.

Mr. Giertz encourages retirees to prioritize relationships and find what makes them inspired, creative, and fulfilled. He continues to state that retirees ought to to live their lives accordingly to the well-thought out plan devised decades before. He believes a deep reflection on what is most meaningful to each person is what dictates how money will be saved versus spent.