George Soros: Leaving His Fortune To Foundations And Charities

George Soros is a wealthy American investor who has a net worth of more than $20 billion. However, a recent decision of George Soros to donate $18 billion to his foundation, the Open Societies Foundations, left so many people surprised. They lauded him for his generosity and wished that more affluent people be like him when they grow older. George Soros stated that he wanted to leave a legacy that will be remembered for ages, and giving his fortune to be used for charity is what he thinks to be the best. The $18 billion fund that is now in the hands of the Open Societies Foundation will be used for some humanitarian causes, and according to the leaders of the organization, so many people will benefit from the donation that George Soros provided. An additional $2 billion from the remaining wealth of George Soros will be donated to the foundation’s Asian counterpart later on. The Open Societies Foundation has been actively promoting the liberal way of life since its foundation. George Soros wanted to change society into a liberal society which is more accepting and less discriminating, which is why he keeps on giving financial assistance to groups and organizations pushing for liberal ideology. The Open Societies Foundation has been helping the minorities in the United States to gain more rights, and they are responsible for so many social changes that had happened in the United States in the past decades.

The $18 billion donations given by George Soros to the Open Societies Foundation will be diverted to Asian liberal groups and organization, to promote his ideology. Asia is one of the remaining continents on the planet which has a stigma against liberal customs because the people see it as opposed to their traditions and beliefs. However, the Open Societies Foundation cleared out that they will use the majority of the funds not to persuade the governments to accept liberal ideology but to help the people with their needs. One of the beneficiaries of the money donated by George Soros is those who are oppressed by the government who are asking for justice and activists who are fighting for equality and environmental protection.

In Nepal, there are hundreds of people who fell victim to a violent protest in the early 2000s. Military personnel tortured those who were caught in the act of protesting against the government, and they were mercilessly killed. The surviving relatives of those who are killed appealed to the Open Societies Foundation to help them out. The group provided lawyers and prosecutors who helped the surviving relatives gain justice, and they managed to bring those who are accused in court to be convicted. In Mongolia, the Open Societies Foundation had to step in, and they sent a formal letter to the government allowing children with disabilities to attend school. In Thailand and Indonesia, the group appealed to the government to monitor companies who are polluting the waters. The Open Societies Foundation stated that they would continue doing philanthropic works across the world, as directed by George Soros.

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Ricardo Guimaraes Leading BMG Bank into Further Success

Brazilian financial expert and businessman Mr. Ricardo Annes Guimaraes is a descendant of an affluent family that entered the financial sector many decades ago. His grandfather stirred the family into the financial industry with the founding of the bank Banco de Credito Perdial in 1930. Sinc then the Guimaraes family has had a leading role in the financial sector of the country.

Mr, Ricardo Annes Guimaraes started working in the family business in 1998. He had a fresh perspective on the business, and it showed. Banks are generally conservative institutions and very few such establishments show individuality. Mr. Ricardo Guimaraes believed that being different will attract people in a special way that could not be replicated by other banks. He used other methods to advertise services and present the bank. As the heir to the large corporation, Mr. Ricardo Guimaraes had the right to make a vast number of essential decisions. He did so with confidence and brought the BMG Bank to global renown s the leader in payroll loans.

Back in the day, banks stayed in their field for the most part and rarely ventured out to take part in other events. Mr. Ricardo Guimaraes, however, the football club of Minas Gerais and partnered up with their team. The players wore the logo of the bank on their jerseys during the matches advertisement. Mr. Ricardo Guimaraes started working with the football club Atletico Mineiro in 2001 as well. For the next five years, he was the Chairman of the football club.

In Brazil, banks working with payroll loans are favored among the people working in business. Payroll loans r a popular practice in the country because the borrowers can obtain a loan with lower interest if they use their monthly revenue as collateral. Over the years, BMG Bank has grown to be on of the most profitable financial institutions in payroll loans with only one other bank head of it. BMG Bank has been a strong competitor in the business for many decades. It was started 80 years ago. In the 70s, the name of the institution was changed to its current one, and Mr. Ricardo Guimraes became the President of the BMG Bank in 1998 when he joined it.

Last year, Mr. Ricardo Guimaraes directed the BMG Bank towards further success by stepping into partnership with its competitor. BMG Bank has been expanding rapidly for the past couple of year. The two banks will join forces as the leader in their line of work.

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Agora Financial, Excellent Company

Agora Financial is an excellent publishing company. Agora Financial helps their readers with their finances by publishing articles, books, newspapers, videos, and different types of communications with helpful finical advice. Over the years Agora has helped many people obtain and maintain wealth with all of their wise and helpful insights in the finical world.

Agora is a unique company because they are private and independent. This is what makes Agora so trustworthy. Unlike most companies, they are not sponsored or funded by large investment companies. They are only funded by themselves so all of their information is un-basis and straight forward.

Agora is also very hands on with all of their work. Unlike other publishing companies, they do not sit in their offices all day goggling the best things to invest money into. Instead they have agents that travel through the world to explore the best investment projects and strategies. The company spends tons of dollars on traveling alone to insure their readers have the best information.

Traveling to find the best investment strategies has its benefits. Since they do travel independently, this means all of their readers will have access to fresh investments before the public has access to them. This is extremely important because the earlier you enter an investment, the less money you will need to spend on project, but it will be very profitable. Agora is always out to give their readers the best of the best.

They are an extremely trust worthy company considering their leadership team is filled with elite educated individuals. Subscribing to Agora Finical will give you the security in life finically that you’ve been longing for. All of their tips will help you secure wealth and even be able to pass it on to the next generation, if it is done properly!

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Wealth Solution’s Advice on Renting Your Property

Many people consider renting part of or their entire property as a way of making quick money. Renting to short-term guests can help a home owner get the needed cash for marinating their property. However, this may come with unanticipated problems. Your home can easily get damaged, leaving you with unexpected legal and financial problems. In fact, you can end up spending more to resolve these issues than what you earned by taking in short-term tenants. As such, there are a few factors that property owners need to consider before renting their property through Airbnb.


Insurance Coverage


Homeowner’s insurance policies will rarely cover you for the expenses incurred by short-term guests. You become liable for any cost they incur.




Renting to short-term guests is associated with many risks. You become responsible for any damage they cause to your neighbors’ property, lawsuits in case of misconduct, and theft. You may also lose out if the tenant refuses to pay.




In the case of damage, Airbnb will only offer secondary coverage. In fact, Airbnb comes in after you have exhausted your resources.


Once you have considered the above factors, you can decide whether to accommodate travelers for a while or not ( You may seek advice from qualified wealth managers such as Richard Blair. A property manager will help you review your options and offer a customized solution to your situation.


About Richard Blair


Richard Blair of Wealth Solutions is an accomplished financial advisor. He is the founder of Wealth Solutions, a financial advisory firm based in Austin, Texas. The idea for Wealth Solutions was driven by his pursuit to bring a positive impact in the lives of individuals, families, and entrepreneurs. Having grown in a family of educationists, Richard Blair became passionate about the world of education way back as a teenager. His mother was a teacher and is married to a teacher. Richard Blair’s firsthand experience with teaching helped him witness how education could help individuals grow their knowledge and confidence.


Richard Blair could combine his extensive background in teaching with his knowledge in finance to help people in developing investment and financial plans. Upon graduating from college in 1993, Richard Blair ventured into the financial services industry. It didn’t take long before he founded Wealth Solutions, an independent financial advisory firm to offer clients with unmatched financial advice without conflicts of interest. Over time, Richard Blair has honed his skills and experience in planning for retirement. In fact, he has helped his clients bridge the gap between retirement life and planning for it. He has prescribed them working strategies and helped them avoid common financial pitfalls.


Equities First Holdings Moves to Melbourne

Equities First Holding is a leader in alternative financing and a renowned global lender. The company has decided to relocate its offices to Melbourne in order to improve their accessibility to more clients as well as business associates. The new offices are strategically located, providing convenience to all those who wish to do business with Equities First Holdings.This move is an opportunity to provide for better growth as the company continues to expand. This is according to the managing director, Equities First holdings, Mitchel Hopwood’s comments immediately after announcing the migration. The company has three offices in the entire Australia including Perth and Sydney.

Equities First Holdings provides stock based loans to their clients for purposes of business expansion and strategic investments among other reasons. You can also meet their team for more information. These kinds of loans are not restricted to any specific purposes. They are therefore the most convenient loans without recourse.Equities First Holdings also has offices in different parts of the world including Switzerland, Hong Kong, United Kingdom and Singapore. The company’s headquarters are in Indianapolis USA.

About Equities First

The company came was founded in 2002 with the mandate is to provide its clients from all over the world an alternative financing solution, which is difficult to get from someone else. The loan is provided against any publicly trading stock allowing clients to get a loan for their business and personal needs. The company provides loans against any publicly traded shares and exchanges regardless of where you are in the world. Currently, the company has a reputation for having provided more than 1.4 billion dollars in loans through 700 transactions. This allows clients to get high value loans at low interest rates.The Equities First Holdings has nine offices around the globe. Its subsidiaries are in London, Hong Kong, Australia and Singapore. Clients can count on the company to get an investment or personal loan with favorable terms.

Equities First Holdings Offers Loans to High Net Worth Individuals and Companies

Equities First Holdings, LLC was founded in 2002 in Indianapolis, Indiana. The company provides loans that are guaranteed by using stocks, bonds, and treasuries owned by the company or individual requesting the loan and are used as collateral for the loan.Equities First Holdings has its main office in Indianapolis, Indiana but provides services and operations around the globe staffed by competent individuals who are experts in the fields of stock analysis and bond valuation.

Businesses constantly have a need for capital for expansion and for the purchase of new equipment. A business that is not growing will find itself loosing ground to the competition.

The perfect candidate for Equities First is a business owner with a substantial securities portfolio who is in need of a loan for business or personal use. While banks hesitate to use securities as collateral, the sharp minds at Equities First realized that they could fill a vacuum and create a niche market. The company targeted their clients within the category of high net worth individuals and business executives with substantial portfolios who were seeking loans. Their idea took form and exceeded expectations as they developed their market concept around the world.Al Christy Jr. serves as President of the company he founded in 2002.

Christy has become a leading authority in long-term planning, resource allocation and proven himself a leading authority in the areas of long-term planning, cash-flow strategy, and resource allocation. He has drawn from his winning athletic background in creating a forward thinking and successful loan organization. For more about Al Christy Jr. see a great article:


Investment Banks Raise Capital for Business

Are you looking for investment advice or ways to start building your portfolio of assets? Want to learn about investment banking and how to benefit from this increasingly popular field? If you are interested in getting into the field of investment banking, then consider getting in touch with Martin Lustgarten.

Investment banks also raise funds for clients by arranging equity issues, commonly known as stock. Investment banks focus on raising growth capital for companies. Some firms concentrate on the health care, industrials, business services, consumer and technology sectors.

Investment banks receive fees from client companies to raise capital, and in many cases investment banks employ marketing teams and sales experts to distribute clients’ equity and debt issues.

Finally, investment banks help client companies to restructure debt loans. Many times, the bank develops new investment strategies, or utilizes a client’s other assets as collateral for debts. In some instances, investment banks may use what are referred to as derivative instruments, which include futures, swaps and options, to help their clients reach their financial goals.

There are many ways to go about finding trusted investment banking advisors and firms but one of the reliable is through recommendations. You can contact people you know, including your colleagues, and find out if they have enlisted the services of an investment banker or firm. Next, you need to check the reputation of the professional.

Martin Lustgarten is a well known investment advisor and successful entrepreneur. He focuses on investment banking and has been helping clients to reach their financial goals. He has great expertise in the field and is considered one of the brightest minds in the industry. Martin has an impressive list of clients, including business owners, corporate executives, large companies and affluent individuals.

As an experienced investment banker, Martin Lustgarten works with businesses to sell bonds, distributing the bond issue to companies and otherwise facilitating the transaction. He also offers many other services and investment solutions to clients around the world. He has gained a great reputation among his clients and peers due to his outstanding performance.

Equities First Holdings Offers Alternatives Loans to Borrowers

Equities First Holdings is a company that provides alternative lending solutions. At the moment, Equities First is one of the international lenders that are offering alternative solutions to investors. Since it was founded, the global company that is based in Indiana has focused mainly on ensuring that investors have quick access to loans using public stocks as collateral. The company provides these loans for a short duration, and they also charge a low-interest rate. The operations in the lending institution are very transparent, and this means that the customer can trust them.

In a recent report, Equities First Holdings says that it has registered an increased customer interest in the stock-based loans over the margin loans. The company says that the economic climate has changed, and consumers, especially the investors, are doing their best to adjust so that they can survive and make good profits in business. Most of the lending institutions in the globe have been forced to tighten their lending criteria, and this move has left many investors out. The individuals who have been affected by this decision are the investors who want to increase their working capital. Persons who are not qualified for the margin loans have also been affected before they do not have many alternatives.

In the past, the individuals in this category had several options, but they are no longer available in the modern times. Most of the lending institutions have increased their requirements, and most of the individuals looking for a loan have been left out suffering.

Stock-based loans are the best alternative for people who want to increase their working capital. According to Equities First Holdings many investors have just realized the importance of these loans, and they are registering scores of clients who are looking for capital. Unlike the conventional loans, the stock-based loans are quick to process, and they have a constant interest rate. The rates are also low, and the customer does not have to worry about getting items to act as collateral. Individuals who choose these loans are also able to make more solid profits compared to the persons who get the conventional loans.