David McDonald Has Been At The Forefront Of OSI Group’s Recent Expansions In Various Regions Of The Globe:

David McDonald is the President of OSI Group, one of the worlds most renowned food processing and wholesale firms. He hails originally from Iowa and grew up with a background in farming. After a successful college career at Iowa State University and the attainment of his animal science degree he entered into the business world. While serving as Chairman with the North American Meat Institute, David McDonald joined the team at OSI Group, initially working as a project manager for Asia and Latin America. Over thirty years later, David has worked his way up to one of the top positions within the OSI Group corporate ladder and continues to help the company in its every growing business that now encompasses operations in seventeen different countries around the world. The constantly evolving nature of the food business is something that David focuses on. While OSI has a commitment to always maintaining its core values of family and customer service, the company is always looking to find innovative ways to continue to apply these values so that it stays on top of the game in the food business.

David talked about several ways in which OSI grows its business and generates new customers in a recent Inspirery interview. A big part of the OSI formula that he opened up about was the fact that the company strives to become a part of the community wherever it sets up operations. This helps OSI to gain a true understanding of the individual and often greatly varying markets around the world. This along with the company’s success at creating highly valuable partnerships with organizations that are already operating in the countries OSI is moving into has been a huge part of the recipe for success.

OSI Group itself is a perfect example of an American success story. All of the parts are present. The company was originally founded as a butcher operations by an immigrant from Germany named Otto Kolschowsky. He grew the firm into a successful wholesale enterprise that eventually attracted valuable clients such as McDonald’s. In a lot of ways the growth of McDonald’s and OSI Group ran a parallel course as OSI had to increase its output to keep up with the demand that the growth of McDonald’s demanded. By the 1970s the Kolschowsky family had brought in brilliant entrepreneur Sheldon Lavin as a partner in the firm and he helped the business expand to the international level. He continues on today as CEO and Chairman for OSI. 1987 saw the arrival of David McDonald. Recent years have seen major expansion into Europe and Australia. Just recently the company acquired Dutch food company Baho Food, British food company Flagship Europe and Australian food company Turi Foods.

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Sheldon Lavin: Balancing business

In the larger scheme of things life is all about balance. Knowing when to give and when to take, knowing when to lead and when to follow, and finally knowing when to help invest in others around us is key. If we could develop and maintain a balance, we could all be successful and triumphant. One person who has mastered this and is very successful is the business man Sheldon Lavin.

Mr. Lavin is the chairman and Executive officer of OSI group. Born in 1932, he has lead this company to great success over the years because of his ability to balance business with a good character. Sheldon Lavin attended multiple colleges and institutions including the University of Illinois and Northwestern university where he studied finance and accounting. Additionally, he went to Roosevelt university where he obtained a Bachelor of Science degree in business. After school he obtained even more knowledge as he opened his own financial consulting business which he ran until he started working with Otto & Sons. This company is what would eventually become OSI the company that he is president of. OSI is a food processing company that works with vegetables, poultry, fish, other meats, and dough products. Lavin in all his industry knowledge lead this company to expand beyond its U.S. borders. The company now has over 60 locations in 60 different countries. That is a lot of expansion but Lavin balances it with a lot of economic job growth worldwide. He received the global Visionary award because of the jobs his company now supplies around the world. Also, the company has a large reputation for being environmental friendly and they have received sustainability awards under Sheldon Lavin’s direction. He doesn’t want to just take for himself, but he wants to give back as well.

He in recent years wants to keep a balance between business and doing what is right and hopes the newer generation of businesses follows his example. Furthermore, Sheldon Lavin gives back to charities as well. He is a frequent supporter of the Ronald McDonald house and has been for over 25 years. Sheldon Lavin has balanced creating and maintaining a very large business with ethical and charitable actions. He has truly mastered balance and it has worked for him phenomenally.

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Sheldon Lavin: An Exception

Just because someone is a business man doesn’t necessarily mean that they are or have to be a bad person. There is a negative stigma that usually surrounds corporations and people who work for these huge global entities. There have been to be fair examples of companies and people in this line of work who are pretty appalling. But there are those who are good and contribute to society along with their business fairly and with care. Sheldon Lavin is one of those people.

Sheldon Lavin is the chairman and chief executive officer at the company OSI group LLC. This company is in the business of food processing. They process and work with food items such as vegetables, dough products, poultry, fish, and other miscellaneous meats. This company is now huge because of Sheldon Lavin under his tenure the company transitioned into a billion-dollar company. It expanded in every direction and now has facilities in 60 different locations in 60 different countries worldwide.

Sheldon and his extensive industry knowledge that he has been cultivating since 1970 contribute heavily to this growth. He attended the university of Illinois and northwestern University majoring in accounting and finance. He received a Bachelor of Science from Roosevelt University in Chicago Illinois. Not only is this company huge but their expansion under Sheldon has lead to benefits for every area they touch. Since the company has branches in other countries they had to have labor and thus they contributed to job growth all over the world as they hired employees in each part and didn’t exclusively hire American workers. The company is based out of Aurora, Chicago.

Sheldon Lavin for making this growth possible received the Global Visionary award from India’s Vision World academy in February 2016. His contributions as a business man don’t end there though as he is known donator. He has supported the Ronald McDonald house for over 25 years, a noble deed indeed. He is the Chairman of the McDonald house’s capital campaign and a trustee he has been donating for so long. In addition, he supports other charities like the Sheba foundation of which he is the President and Director. Th foundation is a family charity organization. Sheldon Lavin is a perfect example of a business that increased a company significantly but still maintained a since of duty to the community. His contributions just go to show that there are always those that will strive to do what is right.

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How OSI Industries Change The World

In the food industry, no other meat processing company holds the prestige and reputation of the OSI Industries. For over half of a century, the OSI Industries remains a privately owned company. Moreover, the company remains notorious for its offerings to high profile companies such as McDonald’s, and so forth. Also, the company has numerous operations across the country. Yet, OSI headquarters remains in Aurora, Illinois. Upon moving to the United States, Otto Kolschowsky opened a meat market in 1909. The market remained located in Oak Park, Illinois. Moreover, its conception began two years after he arrived in the U.S.

By 1917, the company experienced a boom in growth. Moreover, the company expanded its operations to the wholesale meat trade. Therefore, the company relocated to Maywood. Maywood remains a suburb of Chicago. By 1928, the company became known as Otto & Sons. In subsequent decades, the company built up its reputation as a superior business. By 1955, McDonald’s utilized the goods and services offered by Otto & Sons. Therefore, Otto & Sons became McDonald’s primary supplier of beef patties. In the years that followed, both companies developed a strong relationship. Moreover, Otto & Sons’ main business became supplying McDonald’s restaurants with beef. In the 1960s, a new way to process food came into play. It became known as Cryogenic food processing. Cryogenic food processing works by preserving fresh food with liquid nitrogen freezing.

Moreover, McDonald’s became able to get a high volume of products to supply their restaurants. As a result, they no longer needed to depend on 150-200 independent beef suppliers. By 1973, Otto & Sons opened its first high-volume meat plant in West Chicago. By 1975, the company became known as OSI Industries. Since the 1970s, the OSI Industries has remained a prominent figure in the food industry.

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