How OSI Industries Change The World

In the food industry, no other meat processing company holds the prestige and reputation of the OSI Industries. For over half of a century, the OSI Industries remains a privately owned company. Moreover, the company remains notorious for its offerings to high profile companies such as McDonald’s, and so forth. Also, the company has numerous operations across the country. Yet, OSI headquarters remains in Aurora, Illinois. Upon moving to the United States, Otto Kolschowsky opened a meat market in 1909. The market remained located in Oak Park, Illinois. Moreover, its conception began two years after he arrived in the U.S.

By 1917, the company experienced a boom in growth. Moreover, the company expanded its operations to the wholesale meat trade. Therefore, the company relocated to Maywood. Maywood remains a suburb of Chicago. By 1928, the company became known as Otto & Sons. In subsequent decades, the company built up its reputation as a superior business. By 1955, McDonald’s utilized the goods and services offered by Otto & Sons. Therefore, Otto & Sons became McDonald’s primary supplier of beef patties. In the years that followed, both companies developed a strong relationship. Moreover, Otto & Sons’ main business became supplying McDonald’s restaurants with beef. In the 1960s, a new way to process food came into play. It became known as Cryogenic food processing. Cryogenic food processing works by preserving fresh food with liquid nitrogen freezing.

Moreover, McDonald’s became able to get a high volume of products to supply their restaurants. As a result, they no longer needed to depend on 150-200 independent beef suppliers. By 1973, Otto & Sons opened its first high-volume meat plant in West Chicago. By 1975, the company became known as OSI Industries. Since the 1970s, the OSI Industries has remained a prominent figure in the food industry.


OSI-A Successful World Leader

OSI is a global food provider that has partnered with the leading retail food brands and with the world’s leading foodservice in order to provide concept-to-table products that reach consumers globally. OSI is dedicated to offering the opportunities to source, produce, develop, and distribute food solutions that are completely customizable to consumers all over the world. OSI provides fresh and state of the art ways to deliver the next generation of food solutions.

OSI continuously strives to maintain a sustainable and positive relationship with the people, communities, and environments they come into contact with. OSI works responsibly to manage their business within the environmental, economic, and social networks in which they operate while exploring new and innovative ways to improve their impact on sustainability. The top priorities of OSI are to sustain the food industry as well as the global supply chain.

OSI employs 20,000 employees and has more than 65 facilities in 17 countries. They are more than capable of handling any operation’s global presence or future growth with consistency and attentiveness. OSI group also ensure that their customers have a high quality experience, no matter where they are located in the world.

OSI is an equal opportunity employer and all qualified applicants receives consideration for employment at their company. At OSI, enthusiasm meets with diverse ideas and it’s an environment where you can learn to develop to your full potential. OSI is always looking for ambitious individuals who thrive in an environment that is geared for entrepreneurs and enjoy working as a team to deliver solutions to their customers. OSI firmly believes that their employees are what drives the very success of their company and they strive to provide rewarding opportunities.

OSI has been delivering high-quality food products for over a hundred years and is known for their innovation, commitment, and dedication. They employ people from around the world who are passionate, seek solutions, and have a belief that every person makes a difference. This is what makes OSI stand out and this is what separates them from all of the other guys.