Cancer Treatment Centers of America, An Intergrative Approach.

Hearing those three simple words from your doctor is never easy, you know the words, you have cancer. Once you hear those words, your world stops and you start to fear that there is no hope. One thing we all know is that cancer takes many forms and each set of treatments is unique to the type and stage of cancer. When you want an intergrative approach to cancer treatment for yourself or a family member one of your choices is Cancer Treatment Centers of America.

When you have the cancer diagnosis, you need a treatment plan that will help you fight cancer of two levels, first treating the cancer and second treating the mind and whole patient. That’s part of what makes Cancer Treatment Centers of America (CTCA) so valuable. This is a place where you can find this approach to whole treatment in one place, under one roof.

This whole person centered idea of treatment help to keep a patients strength up as well as provide a much better quality of life while they are going through the aspects of disease management and more. The state of the art technology helps to manage the patients pain and other side effects of treatment if there are any, and the rest of the program helps to keep the patients spirit high. Both aspects of a program like this are valuable and needed. This is what makes Cancer Treatment Centers of America on of the highest rated places to go when cancer strikes. If you or some one you know is going through cancer treatment, you owe it to yourself to check out the programs offered by Cancer Treatment Centers of America.The highly skilled people at Cancer Treatment Centers of America are committed to helping every patient empowered and making informed choices regarding thiir treatments. His facebook page

Sussex Healthcare – Senior Living Home For You

If you have someone that is aging, and they need somewhere to live where they will feel comfortable in the UK, then, you want to look into Sussex Healthcare. Sussex Healthcare is known for their excellent care for seniors. They provide a safe and living space that will allow your loved one to feel protected so that they can enjoy life as long as possible.

Their excellent staff has an exceptional ability to deal with seniors on a daily basis. Since Sussex Healthcare offers an affordable choice, they are chosen by many people for their loved ones needs.

When seniors live at Sussex Healthcare, they will be able to get the care that they need. The care is exceptional, and this will happen for them when they need it. They will also receive the ability to join the groups that they feel comfortable with so that they can be around other people that are also interested in making friends and doing something enjoyable. Sussex Healthcare is proud to provide these opportunities for seniors, and they are excellent at it.

Having questions about Sussex Healthcare is normal for those that want to find out more about putting their loved ones there. They will find that any questions that they might need answered will be answered in a clear and thoughtful manner. Since they will want to keep track of the information that they have learned, they will want to write it down according to A great way to do this is to carry along a notebook. They can jot down anything that they might want to keep track of.

At Sussex Healthcare, they will discuss all the financial aspects of having someone’s loved one stay there. They might even have programs that are offered to help with the financial obligations that are required. It is advantageous for a person to ask any questions that they have about this type of information because it will be freely given.

Sussex Healthcare is a great place for seniors to stay. After visiting their establishment, most people decide that they want their loved one to stay there too.

Meet Mark McKenna the Medical and Entrepreneurial Brain

Mark McKenna is a renowned licensed doctor in medicine and surgery. The patient advocate from New Orleans, LA graduated from Tulane University Medical School. He is a passionate entrepreneur with experience in investments and real estate development. The community servant launched Universal Mortgage Lending and Uptown Title, Inc. over the years. Besides the different innovative Non-Surgical Aesthetic (NSA) procedures, he provides his patients with comprehensive medical weight loss solutions.


The doctor shifted to Atlanta, GA in 2007 and started an aesthetic and wellness medical practice, ShapeMed. At Life Time Fitness Inc., he was the National Medical Director. In 2017, he was appointed the chief executive officer of OVME. Mark McKenna worked as a board member of the New Orleans Industrial Development Board and New Orleans Jazz Festival. Currently, he serves as a member of Entrepreneurs Organization.

Career Growth

Mr. McKenna has worked in the medical aesthetics industry for more than a decade. During this period he established OVME and later retailed it to a publicly company. The medical expert has transformed his life through objective ideas and committing to set goals. He urges the youths to grow their passion and take time to build skills. Relating with smart people like Elon Musk, Michael Barack Obama, and Bloom Berg has mentored the capitalist to grow his business. He loves reading books to boost his entrepreneurial and medical knowledge.

Shape Medical Wellness Center

Dr. Mark McKenna would not have built his Shape Medical Wellness Center without the support of his skilled and trained staff. The medical center is an equipped facility with physicians, nutritionist, and dietitians devoted to helping patients. Shape Medical Wellness Center offers convenient and affordable health weight loss and wellness solutions. The center has tailored programs packaged to meet individual needs. They provide counseling sessions through the aid of a state licensed nutritionist.

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