The influence of Graham Edwards at Telereal Trillium

Graham Edwards has played a pivotal role in the relationship of Telereal and Trillium, two outsourcing powerhouses in London. In fact, because of his contribution, he was named CEO of the newly formed Telereal Trillium (Propertyweek). Telereal Trillium is now the largest privately owned property company in the United Kingdom. The two companies merged into one in 2009; Graham Edwards played a key role and led the negotiation for the merger. He was the one who made the first move when it first appeared Trillium would be on the market.

Edward Graham’s prior experience in the asset management space contributed a great deal to his success at Telereal and again during the merger. Prior to joining Telereal, Graham Edwards was chief investment officer of Talisman Global Asset Management.

After the merger of the two companies Graham Edwards set his focus on three key areas:

  • Long-term relationships with key clients: Focus was primarily on management of clients’ portfolios designed to last ten years or more
  • Concentration on facilities management contracts and property strategy
  • Explore large-scale capital transactions

Graham Edwards is a notable CEO for his leadership and knowledge, but his dedication to charitable giving stands head and shoulders above other companies. He is responsible for spearheading the companies dedication to giving back to those in need. Telereal Trillium operates a charitable program internally called the Donation Matching Scheme. As part of the program, employees can donate to the charity of their choice and Telereal Trillium will match up to the plan’s maximum which is in conjunction with the increasing charitable giving of the company. He has held the position of CEO since the 2009 merger and was the CEO of Telereal from its beginning in 2001.

The workplace and culture of Telereal Trillium today is a reflection of Graham Edwards Telereal and his priorities. The company focuses heavily on business principles focused on diligence while maintaining good insight into what ultimately drives value.