Where Paul Mampilly Says Bitcoin Is Headed

Paul Mampilly is someone that people who want to figure out their own ways to invest often turn to because he’s always on the lookout for new stocks and alerts his followers to them in his newsletters. One investment he’s talked about is cryptocurrency and how Bitcoin has become ever popular in digital investments. Mampilly admitted in a Banyan Hill article that that he missed a chance to buy Bitcoin’s early stocks, but there’s been a little bit of a decline in their value and he’s now saying it’s best to not buy them.

The reason he says so is because Bitcoin is becoming too popular that its price has gone higher than where it was initially thought to go, and as something becomes too popular, its prices usually tend to inflate and then go steadily downward just as what happened with the DotCom bubble and the housing crisis. He did say that it may not be a sudden shock for investors, but eventually its value will shrink by at least 80%. He did say without naming that there is another safer digital currency to buy that you can find out about by subscribing to his newsletters.

Paul Mampilly came from Dubai in the UAE though his family heritage is Indian. He studied finance and economics at Montclair State University in New Jersey and got his first job as a portfolio management assistant at Deutsche Bank. As he caught on to how the markets worked and found solid funds to introduce to client portfolios, he earned promotion after promotion and in time had worked for ING, Sears, Banker’s Trust and a private Swiss bank. He was also in charge of billions worth in AUM at Kinetics International Fund, a hedge fund named by Barron’s as one of the world’s top investment firms.

Mampilly made a lot of personal investments in companies that most experts and analysts didn’t see becoming the phenomena that they did including Sarepta Therapeutics, Facebook and Netflix. He was also the winner of the Templeton Foundation’s 2008 competition for finding an investment yielding 88% in returns and turning $50 million into $76 million. But several years later, he decided it was time to share his investment ideas with middle class investors yet at a more affordable price than what other journals would give them. He achieved over 60,000 followers on his initial newsletter, and you can also see videos from Paul Mampilly with visual aids on YouTube.

Investor Paul Mampilly Predicts the Future for Large Returns

JHSF and José Auriemo Neto, the High-Rolling Kings of Brazil

When it comes to upscale, high-end property in the beautiful country of Brazil, the company of JHSF has no parallel when it comes to development. Within the industry, they are known as the undisputed kings of development. They specialize in commercial and residential, with particular focus on shopping malls and airports. They have quickly earned a reputation for innovative and pioneering ideas in regards to exactly what can be done with any one property. Their corporate model is actually divided into four separate divisions, those being: Malls, Incorporations, Hotels & Restaurants and Executive Airports.

The company is run by talented executive Jose Auriemo, who took the company over from his father at the young age of 27. He is known as Zeco and has a reputation of being a tough but fair man to work with. He took the company from a large but still family run business to a large corporation that is publicly traded.

There is no end to how Jose Auriemo is planning for the future. He takes his oversight of the company very seriously, which is why investors love him. They have trust that he will deliver the best returns on their investment. As it stands, the future hold nothing but promise for both Jose Auriemo and the corporation of JHSF. Today, they rule Brazil, but what is next? Could being the global kings of high-end commercial real estate be far behind? The future is theirs to behold!

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Highland Capital Management Ups Its Stake in Nexpoint

Texas based investment firm Highland Capital Management has recently increased its position in the Nexpoint Credit Strategies Fund. With a total of 793,036 shares, Highland Capital Management now possesses the second most dollar value of the fund next to Morgan Stanley. Its current holdings in the fund amount to 5% of the outstanding common stock of the firm. The manager of Highland Capital Management James Dondero currently owns 3 million shares of Nexpoint Credit Strategies which consists of 18 percent of the company’s total shares. By the end of the third quarter of 2016, Highland Capital Management reported an ownership stake of nearly $12 million worth of Nexpoint’s total shares.


The co founder of Highland Capital Management is James Dondero. He helped start up and build Highland Capital Management in the year 1993. Once he founded this firm, he built it into one of the most successful investment firms in the world. The firm offers a wide range of services that cater to a number of investors. Dondero looked to have his firm provide financial management for a number of organizations such as government entities, corporations, individual investors and also pension fund investors. The firm also offers hedge funds, private equity securities and also collateralized loan obligations. Once the firm established itself as a leading investment firm, it would expand to other areas of the world. Dondero expanded the firm to South Korea, Brazil and New York City.


At the very beginning of his career, James worked as a credit analyst right after he finished college. Over the course of his career, he would attain higher positions in the finance industry. This would give him the knowledge and experience necessary to eventually start up his own finance firm. His career would peak when he became a chief investment officer in which he would manage assets totaling $2 billion for companies such as American Express. In his spare time, James devotes himself to a number of causes of improving his local community. He regularly makes contributions to causes such as veteran’s affairs, education, healthcare and public policy. As a result, he has made a positive impact on his community as a way of giving back for his success.