Talos Energy Reaps Big Rewards With Double Adventures: ZAMA And TALO

Talos and Stone Merger

Talos Energy, an offshore oil and gas producer out of Houston has just merged with Louisiana Stone’s Energy from Louisiana. the merger leaves Talos Energy with 63 percent while Stone Energy retains 37 percent of the merged company. The newly merged company has a value of $2B.

Talos Goes Public

Talos will continue to pursue offshore drilling sites along the Gulf of Mexico both inside of the continental waters and in Mexico. Its recent acquiring of the controlling shares of Stone Energy has made it possible to now operate as a public company after acquiring Stone’s majority shares. Talos Energy will operate on the NYSE with the symbol TALO.

Timothy Duncan Speaks

The President and Chief Executive Officer of Talos, Timothy Duncan told reporters he felt Talos was well positioned now with its freshly acquired high-quality asset. Also, its future opportunities in the Gulf of Mexico and directly in offshore Mexico are now enhanced and looks forward to the “potential business” and “greater development opportunities” that can arise thru this merger.

Zama Discovery

On July 2017 Talos struck it big when while it was drilling in Block 7 of the Sureste Basin offshore Mexico with its Ensco 8503 floating drilling rig and hit an oil deposit which has been estimated to contain between 1.5 to 2.0B oils of crude oil. Zama is located at 165m depth, which makes it relatively easy to drill. The U.S. Geological Survey of 2012 has estimate roughly 19 Billion barrels of oil within 10 regions along Mexico, Guatemala, and Belize.

Mexican Amended Constitution

The Zama discovery came within a year of Mexico amending its constitution allowing both local and international private investment companies to enter the area to drill for oil. Companies that were interested had to align themselves with the new requirements. Talos won some of the first offshore bids and working with partners Sierra Oil and Gas (Mexico) and Premier Oil (Mexico). Talos retains 35%, Sierra Oil & Gas 40%, and Premier Oil 25% of the reserve, since they were working in partnership in Block 7 of the Sureste Basin.

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Peter Briger – Future Thinking Leader

The Principal and Co-Chairman of the Board of Directors at Fortress Investment Group LLC, a global investment management firm leader, Peter Briger, manages more than $65 billion in assets serving both institutional and private investors. Mr. Briger, a Princeton University alumnus with an MBA from the University of Pennsylvania Wharton School of Business has guided Fortress Investment Group’s operation in various management role since 2002. In 2009 Peter Briger was elected as co-chairman of board.

An article from the Deal Street Asia website titled, SoftBank owned Fortress said to seek $2b for first Direct Lending Fund, written by Melissa Mittelman published on May 22, 2018. Under its new owner, SoftBank Group Corp., Fortress Investment Group LLC $2b direct lending is the first impetus move into Corporate Lending. Fortress was sold to SoftBank, a Japanese conglomerate, in 2017 for $3.3 billion. According to Forbes February 15, 20017 article, with this sale, Fortress executives will cash in $1.3 billion.

Mittelman’s article mentioned that the firm recently promoted Josh Pak and Drew McKnight to managing partners working closely with Peter Briger. Fortress Investment is following firms such as Ares Management LP, Tenenbaum Capital Partners LLC, HPS Investment Partners LLC and others with its recent $2b direct lending fund strategy. Sterner regulations from banks have created asset managers looking for alternative deployment of cash. Fortress’s direct lending will enhance the firm’s alternative cash deployment strategy within its Drawbridge Special Opportunities Fund, said Middelman. However, no decisions have been made on when its direct lending fund will go public.

Peter Briger apart from his professional activities, is one of three Princeton Alumnus in supporting Princeton University with its initiative to give support for startups. The Alumni Entrepreneurs Fund (AEF) is to encourage and empower a mindset of innovation, risk-taking, creativity, and to generate ideas aimed at Princeton students. To qualify for the disbursement of the funds, at least one startup member must be a Princeton alumna or alumnus who has recently graduated within the last five years along with other criteria’s.

Peter Briger is optimistic and said, “We’re at a special point and time in the world, in terms of businesses and business models being disrupted,” he said. “Princeton should be helping its students prepare for this new world. The fund is going to create real ties with people who we hope will become serial entrepreneurs and allow them to help others who would like to do the same.”

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Talos Energy: Towards Technology-driven Oil Production and Exploration

Since its founding in 2012, Talos Energy has grown into one of the leading oil exploration and production company in the United States. Specifically, the company has established a strong operational presence in the Southern United States with numerous oil wells and rigs to its name. Headquartered in Houston, Texas, the company was founded by a group of investors including John A. Parker, Timothy S. Duncan, John L. Harrison, and Stephen E. Heitzman.

Pillars of Success

The company’s success has been founded on key fundamental pillars which have seen it establish a strong operational footprint in the Gulf of Mexico. One of the fundamental pillars of the company’s success is the use of cutting-edge technology. Talos Energy has some of the best seismic technologies in the industry which have increased its oil exploration and production activities. Due to such operational efficiencies, the company has exponentially grown its shelf and deepwater asset base throughout the Southern United States.Additionally, Talos Energy’s growth has been spurred by its management team who is headed by the company’s founders. The company is managed by a cohesive team and vastly experienced management team with unrivaled industry knowledge. Before founding the company, the investors had established excellent management track records in offshore oil exploration and exploitation. They built successful oil and gas companies such as Gryphon Exploration Co. and Phoenix Exploration Co. from the ground up and grown them into multimillion entities which they later sold. Under the team’s leadership, Talos Energy went public in 2017 with an initial public offer in November 2017. The company’s shares are now publicly traded at the New York Stock Exchange.

Mergers, Acquisitions and Expansion into Mexico

Talos Energy has continued to expand its operations into new territories. One such territory is Mexico which recently opened its oil industry to privately and foreign-owned companies. The deregulation saw the company win an oil drilling and exploration contract in the country. It made a landmark oil discovery which it named Zama. Talos Energy’s increase in operational capacity has been boosted by strategic acquisitions and mergers. In 2013, it acquired Energy Resource Technology while it is in the process of merging with Stone Energy.

Fortress Investment Group Generated Substantial Profits In Subprime Lending

Fortress Investment Group has generated substantial profits from investments in subprime lending companies such as Springleaf Financial and OneMain Lending. By investing in subprime lenders, Fortress Investment Group has provided needed financing for the general population to invest in housing, vehicles, and other basic daily financial needs. Fortress Investment Group is establishing a strong portfolio built on a super large conglomerate of subprime loans that are generating extremely profitable returns on investment. With the acquisition of subprime lenders, Fortress has created an opportunity to leverage the multi-faceted subprime investment opportunities into solid income streams that are senior in nature and provide they’re more than 1750 institutional and individual clients with long-term stable returns on their initial Investments.

Furthermore, with competent leadership and strategic planning from the likes of Wes Eden’s who has been deemed the Subprime King, Fortress Investment Group has solidified its position within the industry as the investment firm that generates lucrative profits from the under-performing alternative asset classes. The purchase of Springleaf Financial provided Fortress Investment Group with a solid investment within the United States as one of the leaders within the subprime lending industry and is providing everyday people with lending opportunities that would not be available within the traditional banking system.

Fortress Investment Group was established in 1998 and quickly became a worldwide conglomerate with Investments ranging from credit, real estate, permanent capital and private equity investment classes that has solidified its position as one of the most respected and well ran alternative asset investment firms within the industry. Fortress Investment Group has extremely intellectual investment managers that bring a vast resume of experience and expertise within the investment industry to provide the organization with exceptional human capital to propel their business model to levels many thoughts was impossible within the alternative asset industry. Their more specific experience and expertise within capital markets, low-risk financing, securing low-cost financing instruments, and various other debt and equity capital markets experience allows them to evaluate and analyze strategic opportunities within various asset classes around the globe.

The executive team within Fortress Investment Group is comprised of some of the most well-respected investment managers and executive staff within the industry. They have over 30 years of experience and a proven track record of lucrative returns on investment for some of the most well-respected investment firms in the world. The staff at Fortress provides key analysis and strategic evaluation of various alternative asset groups including capital assets, real estate, financing opportunities, credit opportunities to provide long-term stable returns on investment and create a stable investment portfolio for its clients.

Fortress Investment Group has invested heavily within the subprime lending category and it has provided them with an opportunity to reap tremendous benefits and lucrative returns on investment and provides an opportunity to diversify their portfolio and create long-term success and growth for the organization. Fortress Investment Group more specifically has invested heavily in Springleaf Financial and OneMain Lending within the subprime lending category and has positioned themselves as the leader and largest subprime lender within the United States and provides funding for the general population that would not otherwise be able to obtain funding from the regular banking institutions.

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Agora Financial Providing Crucial Economic Information to Its Readers to Help Them Safeguard Their Money

If you are looking to have a financially sound and secure future, you need to make sure that you do things right financially at present. One of the first things you need to do is to invest wisely and do so after careful research and investigation of the different investment tools available in the market. It is natural to get confused when you are looking to invest your money, but make sure that you do only after careful research. Without researching correctly, you would not be able to invest in an informative manner and may end up losing a considerably sized chunk of your hard-earned money. Taking the help of financial adviser is what many people do, but keeping yourself aware of the market fluctuation and the overall global economic situation is also helpful.

Agora Financial is a globally famous financial publishing house that has over twenty publications to its name, dedicated to different economic sectors. It helps the readers to pick and choose as per their area of interest. Whether it is cryptocurrencies or equities and whether it is government bonds or precious metals, the publications of Agora Financial would help in showing you the right way to invest your money in the said sector. There are ups and downs in every industry, and making entry with your investments at the right time can make a lot of difference. It is what the information offered by Agora Financial would help you in achieving with. The company has helped millions of its readers to know about the strategic market events so that they can time their investments accordingly.

Agora Financial has helped many of its readers to know when to invest and when to stay away from making any investments. Over the years, Agora Financial has been credited with many historic financial predictions that actually came true, including the dot-com bubble, tech bubble, mortgage crisis, real estate crisis, and more. Making such accurate market predictions helped in warning the readers about what to do and what not to do to protect and safeguard their money and investments. In order to grow rich and have sufficient amount of financial security in the future, you need to make investments at the right time and it is what Agora Financial would help you with.Agora Financial provides you with the full range of financial publications that has in-depth economic and technical analysis of different sectors. Such analysis can help predict market movements and provide information that would be crucial to achieving your financial goals. The company doesn’t endorse any particular financial institution or company for money, and its financial correspondents are spread across the globe to unearth vital economic information needed to make accurate market predictions.

Making Sense Out Of $18 Billion

What Does Success Mean To You?

We all have live by standards if we want to go in “the right direction.”

We often wonder about the path that George Soros took. His recent charitable acted amounted to $18 billion given away.

The best way to achieve great standards is to first set the standard you want to achieve. We easily accomplish the things that our society tells us are acceptable. You only have a tremendous advantage when you set your life standards based on what you want to achieve instead. Success is easier than we like to admit it is.

The challenges we have come when the wrong ambitions are connected to the wrong goals. The way George Soros saw it was simple. His financial plan was to find a strategy way of investing that would fit his character.

This is also what he did.

Times when the market showed great opportunities were times when the pattern of George’s life also made sense. This connection between what success means and how it’s achieved is how George best defines accomplishment.

Make it meaningful, and you are also likely make it happen.

A Quick Look Through The Eyes Of George Soros

George Soros didn’t become rich with his best trade in history.

By the time George Soros became a billionaire, he was already a millionaire. The meaning of success for George Soros is a long, drawn-out process. He believes; success takes into account the importance of determination and passion.

Aligning meaning to the word success is about remembering the sacrifices that were made in the past. The numbers in success only make sense to George Soros after he’s correlated it to the time he’s invested. Looking through the eyes of George Soros reveals to us the correlation many men want also.

Taking Your Desires One Step Further

Another key asset to George’s success was that he could take all of his work a bit further.

It was never enough for George Soros to be successful. He had to be successful and “then some.” The same occurred in his most successful trades. George Soros could win great sums, but he knew how to win a bit more.

This gift became characterized in him.

That characterization was ingrained in the way success came to George. He then became the public voice in investing. He was so profound with tracking market behaviors that he could take all of his work one step further.

Reaching and then breaking the limits is exactly what George eventually did. and Follow him Twitter.com

George Soros and His Philanthropic Contribution towards Open Society Foundation

George Soros is popularly known as the premier philanthropist worldwide. He is passionate about giving as is evident in the overall generous contributions he’s made towards Open Society Foundation’s work around the world. George is an avid advocate of open societies that uphold both equality and justice. Mr. Soro’s wealth and success in financial markets has allowed him to be a leading philanthropist to further equality and justice agenda worldwide. He founded and has continued to fund Open Society Foundation and other organizations with similar course.

George Soros was born in 1930 in Hungary. He lived through the Nazi occupation in 1944-1945, a period in which Hungarian Jews faced significant challenges for who they were. After surviving the period, George later moved to London and put himself through London School of Economics working as a railway porter and nightclub waiter. He ventured into the world of finance investment where he successfully made a fortune through his own hedge fund foundation. He has since managed Soros Fund Management effectively, putting him among the most successful entrepreneurs oh his time.

Soros started giving back to the community in 1979 when he gave scholarships to black South African students under apartheid. He also helped promote communication in communist Hungary and funded startup independent cultural groups and their initiatives. He also founded and has continued to fund Central European University, a center for fostering critical thinking among the youth. George eventually founded Open Society Foundation which is a well articulated network of foundations, partners, and projects with roots in about 100 countries. The main purpose of the foundation is to push for societies that treat everyone equally and fairly without fear of discrimination due to their sexuality, social standards, gender, race or simply because of who they are.

Under his guidance, Open Society Foundation has achieved remarkable results. It has supported various individuals and organizations across the globe in rallying for the freedom of expression, accountability among government upholding justice and equality for all. It has also helped members of the marginalized groups that have been sidelined in the society. The foundation draws its approach from Popper’s rich and lucrative argument that admonishes discrimination issues in order to grow and flourish a society.

Soros is personally vested into the agenda of his foundation. He has actively donated up to $30 billion to Open Society Foundation over the years with his most recent contribution of $18 billion in 2017. This part of Soro’s endowment is directed towards helping groups, in their future endeavors, to deal with issues touching on fairness and justice. and Follow him Twitter.com

George Soros’s campaign has traversed beyond his own foundations to entail organizations worldwide. These include; Global Witness, International Crisis Group, and European Council on Foreign Relations. This move is geared towards raising more effort and commitment in creating just and equal global societies. George is a relentless individual who is determined to fight and conquer battles. He is a problem solver and an avid supporter of initiatives that defend justice, equality and fairness for all.

More Visit: https://www.georgesoros.com/philanthropy/

Investment Banks Raise Capital for Business

Are you looking for investment advice or ways to start building your portfolio of assets? Want to learn about investment banking and how to benefit from this increasingly popular field? If you are interested in getting into the field of investment banking, then consider getting in touch with Martin Lustgarten.

Investment banks also raise funds for clients by arranging equity issues, commonly known as stock. Investment banks focus on raising growth capital for companies. Some firms concentrate on the health care, industrials, business services, consumer and technology sectors.

Investment banks receive fees from client companies to raise capital, and in many cases investment banks employ marketing teams and sales experts to distribute clients’ equity and debt issues.

Finally, investment banks help client companies to restructure debt loans. Many times, the bank develops new investment strategies, or utilizes a client’s other assets as collateral for debts. In some instances, investment banks may use what are referred to as derivative instruments, which include futures, swaps and options, to help their clients reach their financial goals.

There are many ways to go about finding trusted investment banking advisors and firms but one of the reliable is through recommendations. You can contact people you know, including your colleagues, and find out if they have enlisted the services of an investment banker or firm. Next, you need to check the reputation of the professional.

Martin Lustgarten is a well known investment advisor and successful entrepreneur. He focuses on investment banking and has been helping clients to reach their financial goals. He has great expertise in the field and is considered one of the brightest minds in the industry. Martin has an impressive list of clients, including business owners, corporate executives, large companies and affluent individuals.

As an experienced investment banker, Martin Lustgarten works with businesses to sell bonds, distributing the bond issue to companies and otherwise facilitating the transaction. He also offers many other services and investment solutions to clients around the world. He has gained a great reputation among his clients and peers due to his outstanding performance.