Kevin Seawright Does Great Things in Newark

There are cities like Newark that have been able to grow and see greater economic development because people like Kevin Seawright have been in place to manage the money for this city.

He has proven that a city, much like a business, needs someone that has the ability to manage the accounting affairs of the development committee.

Kevin Seawright is the Chief Financial Officer for the Newark Community Economic Development Corporation. He is making some great changes as he breaks down what is being spent and prepares budgets for what Newark needs to grow.

One of the big things that he has done is help more youth take pride in working in Newark with the summer youth employment program. This is a great way to show kids about working in their city and possibly even inspire them to go to college and obtain jobs in offices where they have been summer employees.

What this does is get students familiar with the work environment in Newark earlier.

Kevin Seawright is trying to help kids see the greatness in their hometown and inspire them to give back to their city. He has also helped find funds for more small business development resources that can stimulate the Newark economy and promote growth.

At one time Kevin was a project manager for local government contractors. He has spent a lot of time analyzing contracts and making budgets for various developments. There are a plethora of different pieces that go into making a city better, but a lot of the initial work starts with the economic development.

It takes someone that is masterful in putting the money in the right place to reinforce change. This is what Kevin Seawright is able to do. He has been able to improve the city of Newark because he has outstanding budgeting experience.