Rona Borre Keeps On Winning

Rona Borre is a winner. She doesn’t stand for any other outcome. She wins. At least that is what her track record shows. She is the founder and CEO of Instant Alliance, a Chicago-based recruiting and staffing firm. Her track record with this company is remarkable because she is outpacing other staffing companies that have been around much longer that she has.

She started her company in 2001 after quitting another staffing position where she led the company in sales and broke every production record that the company had ever posted. She controlled a $30 million book of business, and she walked away because that was as high as she could go in her career with that company.

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Today, Instant Alliance bills clients in the millions of dollars each year and the growth doesn’t look like it is going to stop anytime soon, read more about Borre nd Instant alliance, visit Borre is frequently asked to speak at community and business meetings, and she is happy to do so when she has the time. Not only is that good for her business, but it is also good for Chicago business because Borre is truly an inspiration. Her speeches are all positive and uplifting which is a breath of fresh air in a negative world.  To watch addition clips about Borre, click on

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