Active Protection Spheres in Lemon Twist and Grapefruit

Some people are very sensitive to the skin, and for this reason it is important to wear sunscreen daily. It is actually recommended for most people to wear sunscreen daily to protect against the harsh rays of the sun. UVB rays from the sun are damaging to the skin even when it does not appear burned. UVB rays are the ones that reach deeper into the skin even on cloudy days and cause damage and premature aging. Lemon Twist and Grapefruit EOS lip balm flavors include an SPF of 15, making it a great choice for daily protection. Reapplying sunscreen is made especially easy for people who apply their lip balm several times a day. In this way it is easy to get a layer of sun protection without an extra step.

Lemon Twist and Grapefruit are delicious and exciting flavors for lip balm. Citrus is known to be an all natural pick me up, an energizing scent and flavor. Lemon Twist and Grapefruit flavors are good for any time of day as a pick me up, and are especially nice to use when tired or when going through a bout of cloudy, colder or rainy weather. The ingredients in the lip balm are naturally derived meaning that antioxidant vitamin C can be found as a naturally occurring ingredient in the balm.

How about a little dose of antioxidants with your lip balm? Vitamin E is another all natural antioxidant that is found from the natural plant based fats that make up the base of this lip balm and help to hydrate and nourish the lips. EOS can actually be found in the same place where one finds sunscreen like in the aisles of Walgreens, Walmart, and Target.

It can also be directly purchased from the website. Check out the EOS Facebook page for more details.

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