Equities First Holdings is a Lending Organization That’s Truly Placing Importance on Each and Every One of Their Borrowers and Their Particular Needs

Equities First Holdings isn’t a lending solutions institution that’s one to be referred to as being an ordinary one by any means. There is a vast array of reasons why Equities First Holdings should be considered every high net-worth individual or business owner’s primary choice of lending solutions when seeking to obtain a loan that offers them some of the fairest terms of loan contracts in today’s markets. Although there are many different types of loan providers to choose services from, it’s highly recommended for every individual to ensure that they’re aware of what the contracts of such services entail.

Whether you’re aware of this very aspect of lending or not, high net-worth individuals are a group of people who are often in the most difficult positions of obtaining loans. Many lenders are not always willing to work with them, as they often seek to obtain loans that are much larger than what they’re either capable of providing or willing to provide. This is why it’s highly recommended for every borrower to ensure that they’re positioning themselves to find a lender that will be more than willing to work with the loan amounts that they’re seeking.

Equities First Holdings is competitive with other lending institutions in several ways. They’re constantly conducting analysis in their respective market by researching and developing to ensure the interest rates that they’re providing their clients with regarding their loans are fair and low. Also, they place significant amounts of importance on payback terms, as they ensure that the payback terms of the loans that they offer are practical for their borrowers to deal with. By navigating the the website of Equities First Holdings, you may be able to get a good idea of just exactly what you may be expecting when seeking to borrow funds from an organization that places a lot of importance on your as a borrower and investor.

Equities First Holdings Experiences Rapid International Growth in 2013, Establishes Offices and Furthers Reach into Europe and Asia Pacific

Equities First Holdings is one of the companies using stocks to issue fast working loans to their clients. For this service, Equities First Holdings has gained popularity as one of the most innovative companies issuing the stock-based loan. As a matter of fact, Equities First Holdings has realized that there is an increased adoption in the use of stocks as collateral to issue fast working capital during an era of harsh economic crisis. Due to the trust, all the people doing business with the company have with the people, it has gained many trust in the region to make it one of the most innovative companies in the world.

Equities First Holdings has announced a double-digit growth to individuals and double-digit clients during the 2013 season of growth and innovation. For the company, nothing delights their business venture than to gain traction on a massive scale during the harsh economic crisis. During this time, banks and other credit-based companies tighten their lending capabilities as a way of securing fast working capital. For this reason, the company has seen more people coming to take the loans while leaving behind their stocks as collateral. The non-recourse feature also characterizes the stock-based loans. According to Equities First Holdings, this feature lets the borrower disengage his lending capabilities from the issuer of the loan and walk away without paying anything. For his reason, they will liquidate his collateral to secure money.

The company has also strategist its business by working with Meridian Equity Partners Company. This is a London-based investment company with global strategies. For the company to set foot in the region, it must eliminate all its competitors through acquisition. Since Meridian Equity Partners are the only competitor, it decided to acquire the company and rename it with its brand. The company went on to open offices in Sydney, London, Hong Kong, Bangkok, Singapore, Jakarta, and Australia. Because of these offices, it doubled its workforce by over 50 percent.For the company, they have realized that more than 70 percent of all their loans come from international parties and businesses. For this reason, their investment was validated through this strategic move.

Equities First Holdings Offers Alternatives Loans to Borrowers

Equities First Holdings is a company that provides alternative lending solutions. At the moment, Equities First is one of the international lenders that are offering alternative solutions to investors. Since it was founded, the global company that is based in Indiana has focused mainly on ensuring that investors have quick access to loans using public stocks as collateral. The company provides these loans for a short duration, and they also charge a low-interest rate. The operations in the lending institution are very transparent, and this means that the customer can trust them.

In a recent report, Equities First Holdings says that it has registered an increased customer interest in the stock-based loans over the margin loans. The company says that the economic climate has changed, and consumers, especially the investors, are doing their best to adjust so that they can survive and make good profits in business. Most of the lending institutions in the globe have been forced to tighten their lending criteria, and this move has left many investors out. The individuals who have been affected by this decision are the investors who want to increase their working capital. Persons who are not qualified for the margin loans have also been affected before they do not have many alternatives.

In the past, the individuals in this category had several options, but they are no longer available in the modern times. Most of the lending institutions have increased their requirements, and most of the individuals looking for a loan have been left out suffering.

Stock-based loans are the best alternative for people who want to increase their working capital. According to Equities First Holdings many investors have just realized the importance of these loans, and they are registering scores of clients who are looking for capital. Unlike the conventional loans, the stock-based loans are quick to process, and they have a constant interest rate. The rates are also low, and the customer does not have to worry about getting items to act as collateral. Individuals who choose these loans are also able to make more solid profits compared to the persons who get the conventional loans.