Transporting Love and Hope Through Perry Mandera’s Custom Cares Charities Inc

Perry Mandera’s heart shows every time he helps another organization raise needed funds. Mandera understands the struggles charity organizations experience raising funds. It can seem impossible. His expertise is in the transportation industry so he knows a bit about logistics. He also knows the feeling of hopelessness that can occur when someone loses a job. In his native state of Illinois Mandera is doing his part to bring hope and much-needed jobs.

Custom Cares Charities Inc. was founded on the premise of giving out of work laborers and others a hand-up instead of a hand-out. Families with young children appreciate Mandera’s willingness to support them through food and activity programs. Mandera is an avid sports fan who coaches youth sport teams in the Chicago area. Educational programs are the primary focus of Mandera’s generosity. He encourages his employees to volunteer for various local organizations and provides monetary support

The Illinois State Crime Commission has benefited from Mandera’s past support. Mandera feels that juvenile delinquents do need a second chance. His work with Chicago youth organizations has helped him provide some insights into their conditions.

Perry Mandera’s background uniquely suits his current position at Custom Cares Charities. As a former Marine Mandera has a special place in his heart for veterans who are struggling to find work. His company routinely hires veterans.

Custom Cares Charities is on the front lines with disaster relief. When tornadoes hit Washington, Illinois in 2013, the company supplied all the residents’ needs. Mandera’s company also helped residents in New Orleans and other areas affected by Hurricane Katrina.

Perry Mandera is actively involved with his transportation company, the Custom Companies Inc. His company is known as a full-service transportation venue and has the motto, “One Call Does It All.” Mandera strives every day to help customers realize exceptional transportation services. His charity work compliments his regular work by allowing him to connect with people across the country.

Transporting love and hope is the main purpose of the Custom Cares Charities. Mandera utilizes all his resources to help those in need. His contributions to various charities are extraordinary.