The RealReal – Marking Their Place in the High-End Fashion World

The RealReal is a clothing and accessory store that is a branch off its first store, which is located in New York City. They sell high end clothing and beautiful accessories. This company is directed by Allison Sommer – who is the business’ directing marketer.

The RealReal organized a sale day where they would be here today and gone tomorrow. This day of sales raked in multi-millions of dollars! Even though that The RealReal is originally an online store, they have noticed a high spike in their sales from customers who actually visit the store to do their shopping.

The RealReal sells beautiful clothing at a great price. They value their customers and they totally understand that people need more clothing stores that sell fashionable items at prices that will not break the bank. That alone contributes to them seeing repeat customers! And who doesn’t love to go clothes shopping?!

Due to a The RealReal pop-up event that lasted two months long, the store has gotten huge increases in their sales from loyalists – and newcomers, both locally as well as from all over! The RealReal is planning on taking over the fashion industry, one pop-up at a time! They know that once someone sees the products that they have to offer, they will not feel the desire to shop anywhere else.

The RealReal sells a variety of items for both men and women. You are even able to take something that you’d like to sell into one of their locations and they will post it on their site for you! This company has been around for six years so far. I’m sure you can imagine how many competitors that they have had.. but none of them provide the service and reliability that you’d get from The RealReal.

The RealReal is a great company that literally started from the bottom to get where it is today. They love their customers as much as their customers love them. They take absolute pride in providing the best services, clothing and accessories to their loyal shoppers. They will continue to expand, and they will take over the shopping world as we know it!