David Giertz Talks About The Number One Mistake People Make With Social Security

For the past 30 years David Giertz has been helping people save for retirement and other financial goals. He has been both a financial advisor and executive in the financial services sector who has worked for companies like Nationwide Financial Distributors among others. He has written many articles about various issues in regards to saving for retirement and living in it. He has also been interviewed a number of times, such as by the Wall Street Journal.

One issue that David Giertz has extensively talked about is social security and retirement. He says that past generations had access to pensions but those are mostly now a thing of the past. He says it is because of this that people need to maximize their social security benefits so that they have the retirement they always wanted. However, he cites a study conducted by the Nationwide Research Institute which says that 30% of retirees are getting a social security monthly benefit which is less than what they had anticipated.

David Giertz says this report also showed that most people, 86% in fact, can’t identify what exact factors go into determining how much social security they will receive. He says that one misconception he has encountered many times over the course of his career is about age. He says that most people know they can qualify for this benefit at age 62 so they decide that is when they’ll start collecting. This is a really big mistake for most people.

By delaying when a person starts collecting on retirement they can get much more each month a few years down the road. David Giertz uses the example of getting $1000 a month at full retirement age, 66. If you start collecting at age 62 you only get $750 a month, a full 25% less. If you can wait to start withdrawing even later, say age 70, your monthly benefit will go up by 8% a year. Because many people start collecting at age 62 they are potentially leaving hundreds of thousands on the table simply because they didn’t know any better because they didn’t consult a financial advisor.

Outranking Competitors With White Shark Media

When people get into business, they have to understand that they have competition. As a matter of fact, a large part of making profits is in the ability of people to make sure that they are able to beat out their competition. This is one thing that White Shark Media is good about. They look at what they can do for their clients to make them stand out not only in search rankings on advertising, but with customers as a whole. Therefore, they do all that they can to make sure that their clients are able to beat out all of the competition so that they can make a ton of profits.

White Shark Media has a list of steps that people can go through in order to make sure that they are ahead of the competition. One of the first things they recommend marketers do is look at what they care about the most. This is so that they will come up with the most relevant ads and bring in more qualified leads. One thing that people want to do with their business is attract the right type of customers so that they will get conversions into sales.

Another thing that White Shark Media recommends is that marketers keep their eye on what they are after. This is where keywords come in. It is important to use the right keywords and be relevant to them. The best way to go about this is to find a keyword that is related to the company or one of the products that are being promoted. Then use skilled placement of these keywords so that the search engines will rank them highly. High ranking ads are going to be visible. Therefore, it is important for people to optimize their ads so that they will get the most sales.