Eric Lefkofsky Role In Cancer Treatment

There are some dangerous medical conditions such as Alzheimer and cancer, and they have been giving the medical experts a very rough time. The medical department is looking for any possible way to deal with this dangerous condition and at the end of the day save the lives of many people who are living in pain. Many families living with patients say that they have spent millions yet their loved ones continue to suffer. After a long time, these experts now say that the use of precise care that is more personalized with offer the kind of cure people have been looking for.

Using artificial intelligence data, according to medical experts can be an excellent way of understanding the cause of the diseases and eventually getting the right cure. Eric Lefkofsky is one of the most respected individuals in the America corporate world, and he has introduced the idea of data to cure cancer and other dangerous diseases. The businessman has been doing this through his foundation, known as Tempus. Eric Lefkofsky started the Tempus Labs, a powerful technology company so that he could introduce a better treatment to the people living with various forms of diseases in the country.

Eric decided to start the successful foundation after his wife got breast cancer. When Eric went to a hospital to get treatment for his wife, he was shocked to realize that the doctors and medical professionals had not yet realized the use of modern technology in the treatment of dangerous diseases such as cancer. The wealthy businessman felt that it was his responsibility to take the challenge and start a foundation that was going to change the lives of the people who needed cancer treatment.

Since 2015, the Tempus Lab has been operational, and it is changing the lives of millions of people in the whole world. With the use of precision medicine, people living with cancer have found new hope, and they are living very happy lives. Eric and his wife have been playing a crucial role in the introduction of this form of medicine. The businessman has been funding most of the activities taking place in Tempus too.

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Eric Lefkofsky’s Use Of Precision Medicine To Conquer Diseases.


For some time now, the healthcare system has been distressed by diseases like cancer and Alzheimer’s. Understanding the algorithmic patterns of diseases genetically by use of artificial intelligence, big data, and machine learning will contribute to better care for patients and result in their cure. Eric Lefkofsky is dealing with the computational problem at Tempus Labs, a technology firm based in Chicago that he co-founded in 2015. The firm aims to collect health information of cancer patients, organize and digitize it allowing physicians to access the data, learn from it and use the information in treating future patients. In ushering Precision Medicine, Tempus Labs has data pipelines that collect, clean and study clinical and molecular data that is added using sequencing DNA/RNA. Each patient’s data is stored in one place to enable physicians to make treatment decisions based on the data at that time. Having data from various patients helps learn more about their treatments and response and thus will help make better decisions on how to treat patients who come next. This has been in place as Tempus has partnered with healthcare organizations, academic institutions and most cancer centers where patients are sent for genomic sequencing at Tempus. A report of their molecular clinical information is then generated and sent back to their oncologists, and the doctors use the treatment options for specific mutations that have worked in the past to treat their patients.

Alzheimer’s disease has currently been diagnosed as a result of memory loss or other dementia symptoms. The government in conjunction with the scientific community has however suggested a new way to identify the disease. This would be based on determining biological signs like brain changes thus enabling earlier detection of the disease as most patients are often diagnosed very late. With the current means of identifying the condition, 30% of the patients are not even suffering from Alzheimer’s. They have been misdiagnosed making it hard to base the foundation for treating the disease on this accurately. The new way will select patients based on brain scans and other tests. This will help identify patients in the pre-symptomatic stage and see if early treatment can help do away with the disease.

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The Plastic Surgeon To Look For When You Need A Reconstruction

A profession is one significant step towards achieving one’s goals in life, but being the best in all you do takes another greater step. Each profession has professionals that others look up to and admire, to the clients in the chosen profession, they always look forward to being served by the best professional. Plastic surgery is one of the greatest procedures that one ought to be careful on the surgeon they choose. Making wrong choice in this will warrant poor results and unsatisfactory outcome. The unsatisfied client will seek to have another procedure conducted to correct the mistake, and it results in one spending a lot of money in the endeavor.

Have your plastic surgery performed by the best world surgeon of the century, Dr.Rod Rohrich. He is one of the best surgeons in his field. Cares about the welfare of his clients and gives lectures on best practices in Surgery, safety, and efficiency of plastic surgery, in many conferences and educational forums. He is among the few distinguished doctors who have been honored by the Castle Connolly’s top doctors program and the Dallas D magazines, which usually recognizes the best of the best.

The procedure usually involves selecting some physicians, initially by their peers. The list is them narrowed down by educational and professional qualifications of the doctors in the fields, level of expertise customer satisfaction and care in the hands of the physician. In the end, only the best qualifies for the award. Dr. Rod Rohrich as always skilled and emerged best in the list, his outstanding philanthropy in interacting with his patients, discretion, and best results has facilitated this as well

Being an experienced expert in field of plastic and reconstructive surgery, the doctor believes that a patient should choose the best surgeon to perform his surgery, a prior research before choosing the doctor is, therefore, crucial. He hence believes in expertise, experience, and exceptional results. He always aims at giving the best in all he does; secondary Rhinoplasty is not an option for any patient that he treats. Dr. Rod is also a distinguished professor in the department of plastic surgery at the UT Southwestern Medical Center in Dallas, Texas and has served as the president of the American Society of Plastic Surgeons among other foundations and organizations. His contributions in plastic surgery education enable him to participate in numerous associations and councils for advancement in plastic and reconstructive surgery.

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The Man, The Myth: Dr. Mark McKenna

Do you live in Atlanta, Georgia, or New Orleans, Louisiana? Are you interested in the medical field of work? Have you ever heard of a guy named Dr. Mark McKenna? Well, this is one of the medical industry’s hidden gems. Despite his lack of nationwide notoriety, this brilliant-minded individual actually cares for society, and he has a strong passion for helping those who are in need. Thanks to his extensive capabilities of working in multiple industries, Dr. Mark McKenna has made a brilliant name for himself in both of these dynamic cities.

When it comes to being well-respected as well as being well-admired, this guy is at the top of the apex. The New Orleans-native comes from a family of professionalism, which is being displayed proudly through his very own actions. Did you know that McKenna has worked in business and health? The accomplishments of this man is rather extensive as he holds many academic degrees. The titles M.D. and (MBA) are two of his most prestigious titles, but he’s known as a businessman as well as an entrepreneur. In other words, he is an extraordinary guy on many different levels and there is no other way to state it. Being so business-savvy, Dr. Mark McKenna has founded and has owned many different types of companies. This includes:

• Uptown Title Inc.
• Universal Mortgage Lending
• McKenna Venture Investments

As the old saying goes, “the beat doesn’t stop.” These companies are very profitable in a number of ways thanks to their turnkey-design. Next on the agenda is OVME. This medical aesthetic company will help to redefine elective-healthcare for the 21st century thanks to its advanced-technologies. The future is looking mighty bright for the medical industry, and the future is looking extremely bright for Dr. Mark McKenna.

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