Meet Stage Manager Clayton Hutson

One of the best ways to decide what to invest in is to know what you arrest experienced at. If you have been employed and you are passionate about your job, it is wise to invest in that field. This is because the probability that you know everything there is to know about the business are very high. Clayton Hutson is among the individuals who have been successful in using this tactic.

After many years in the entertainment industry, he decided to believe in his skills and start his company. Clayton Hutson has worked in multiple companies in different divisions. This gave him a chance to perfect his skills and understand the role of every department in making a firm successful.

Clayton Hutson began his company during the recession period. This was after his employer was adversely affected by the financial crisis. Starting his business when others were quitting was not easy. It was a hard time for him as well but he still felt standing on his own was the greatest decision he had made.

Joining the industry during a recession period is not the only challenge that Hutson has had to deal with in his career journey. There was this time he was a subcontractor between a firm and their client. The client was not comfortable with the services of the firm and therefore quit. However, they asked to work directly with Clayton Hutson. It was not long after this that the firm filed a case against him. Clayton Hutson says that it was very draining and time-consuming. It also affected his interpersonal relations and his business. It also cost him financially because he spent over $150000 in the process of defending himself. Finally, the case was dropped. The best thing is that he came out of the situation stronger; he did not let it consume him.

Clayton Hutson is a perfectionist. He says that for him, everything is planned three steps ahead of him. He is currently the stage manager of Kid Rock. He has to be at the venue before anyone else arrives. He says that he is very cautious with the small details that people ignore because the moment something goes there with your name on it, it defines who you are in your business. For this reason, it has to be impeccable. He says that a small mistake can ruin your reputation and destroy your career. Learn more: