Desiree Perez’s Role in the Growth of Tidal

The music industry is in domination by artists who made their way to fame and riches through hard work, smart moves and valuable connections. The hip-hop music industry, in particular, has several figures who have won the respect of fans worldwide. They record songs that reflect the struggles they endured on their way to the top. One such artist is Jay-Z, born Shawn Carter. Born and raised in Brooklyn, New York, Jay-Z managed to stay away from the issues that stifle fresh talent and rise to feature on Forbes’ list of the richest musicians. For related news, have a peek on .

A few years back, Jay-Z took a different turn in entrepreneurship to start an online music application enterprise known as Tidal. Despite his background in music, he has managed to rival gigantic predecessors such as iTunes by recruiting smart business leaders. Currently, Tidal is under the management of Desiree Perez, a longtime friend and business partner of Shawn Carter. Desiree Perez is the force that is helping Jay-Z transition from a successful music career to a successful business career. She is responsible for handling million dollar contracts, integrating trending features and signing up world famous artists such as Beyoncé, T.I, Kanye West, and Rihanna.

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Desiree is part of Hova Circle and Roc Nation, two of the organizations that directly manage Tidal. She is the wife to OG Juan Perez and has amassed extensive knowledge in running the music industry from him. According to close sources, Desiree helped renegotiate Beyoncé’s Formation tour and release part of Kanye West’s album, The Life of Pablo (TLOP), on Tidal. By featuring TLOP, Tidal gained approximately a million more subscriptions of trial users, click on this for additional news. As of 2017, Desiree plans to top up that list by focusing on Tidal Discovery and Tidal X. Tidal Discovery showcases new releases whereas Tidal X features live videos from the most applauded celebrities.  Discover more, click on

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Dez Grows Tidal

Desiree, or Dez, Perez was brought to Tidal by Jay-Z. Dez is currently the executive of this music streaming service. She has been putting forth an immense amount of effort to help this company be able to reach the top. Before Dez started as the executive, there were a few others who tested the waters in this position. Fortunately for Dez, they weren’t a good fit and eventually stepped down. Jay-Z was lucky to be able to find Desiree. She knew right away that the only way to make this company work was to first be able to create an interest in this streaming service. Once that occurred, the presentation and the content would then be able to be fine tuned.  Continue to read on

Desiree has been able to help Jay-Z finalize multiple contracts that have been worth quite a bit of money, in the millions to be exact. Dez has helped to guide this streaming service to great success. Desiree Perez has also been able to effectively pave a path for Jay-Z to be able to turn his rap career into a career in music streaming.

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Dez is great at this because she already has her own business. This gives her an advantage because she knows what has to be done to close all of the big deals and to be able to make this business run as smoothly as possible. This company is currently growing tremendously and it is starting to attract numerous customers. Dez is a huge part and one of the top reasons why this company is growing so quickly and so well. Thanks to Desiree, as what her page shows, Tidal has been able to win the release of huge musicians such as Beyonce, Kanye West, Rihanna and more. It is great that Jay-Z as well as others in the company highly appreciate her.  More of this on

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