Billy McFarland Introduces the Black Card

Billy McFarland is a young businessman who is working hard to help professionals in the world build a comprehensive network. Billy is only twenty-three years old, and he has managed to accomplish a lot. He is the founder of a private club known as Magnises.

The social and exclusive Club awards its members with special events and deals. The members have a black card that is linked to their bank for payment purposes. The main advantage of the card is the perks that come with it.

The Magnises card is made of metal, and once a member flashes it out, they get great discounts at some of the prestigious bars, restaurants, and clubs in New York City. The members can also reserve experiences such as private concerts and luxurious gateways of their choice.

Billy and his team of professionals decided to build a social platform that would easily connect Millenniums with businesses offline and online. The only requirement for the members is their debit or credit card. Members of the platform can access places such as the La Esquina and the Catch, clubs such as Finale and Goldbar.

In a recent interview, Billy McFarland said that members of the private platform could get exclusive discounts on helicopter rides to different destinations around the globe. The platform was founded just one year ago, and it has been quite successful.

The platform currently has six thousand members who are required to pay two hundred and fifty dollars every year. The members have a unique mobile application that helps them to pick different activities and get instant access to the deals available.

At the moment, Magnises focuses on the working professionals who are aged twenty-one to thirty-five years. These professionals must be working in the fashion, technology and finance departments. The members must apply for through an online application that is approved by the Magnises team.

When the team approves the application, the prospective member can pay the registration fee. The platform is currently eligible to the members who are in New York City, but Billy says that they will be moving to other parts of the globe.