Jeff Aronin: A Pharmaceutical Visionary

Jeff Aronin is a visionary. It isn’t easy finding someone as ambitious in the pharmaceutical industry. The industry is littered with black ties, blue suits, and slicked hair. With so many pharmaceutical companies chasing after the big name diseases and trying to get a piece of the pie, there is a lot of room left in the world for real treatment of rare diseases. The diseases that lack real treatment options.

Enter Jeff Aronin. Jeff founded his own company in 2000: Ovation Pharmaceuticals. Ovation was acquired in 2009, leaving Jeff the acting president and chief officer of Lundbeck Incorporated. Jeff quickly made a switch. Jeff’s passion found its match in Paragon Biosciences. Paragon shares Jeffs intense vision and has set out to treat some of the rarest and most shrouded diseases in the world.

Paragon has a few smaller companies acting under its banner. Castle Creek is looking to create treatment options for some of the rarest dermatological diseases on the planet. While companies such as Harmony Biosciences look to cure sleep and central nervous system disorders ( All companies owned by Paragon have Jeff sitting at the helm, personally overseeing the development teams for each project.

Paragon is ambitious. Almost all of their research dedication is focused towards the small scale. With a mission statement of trying to help cure the 6,000 plus untreated diseases — a number that Paragon hopes to shrink — Paragon has high hopes for its research team. These hopes may pay off as many of their drugs and treatments are already in the development stage.

Ambition like this isn’t possible without the right combination of factors. Jeff Aronin and Paragon were intended for each other. Jeff knew that he wanted to treat the smaller and rarer diseases before he ever headed up Paragon. Now that he is at the helm of Paragon things are starting to go better than ever. With a few big research teams and some patents, Paragon may be the answer to some people’s prayers.

If Paragon continues on its current course it seems like it will continue to make great progress in the industry. Paragon may be a dreamers company, but it’s aggressively dreaming. With drugs already in the testing phase and more and more researchers being hired constantly, Paragon is seeing immediate success. With a focused man like Jeff Aronin in charge, success probably won’t be short-lived.

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