The contribution Of End Citizen United In Shaping The Politics Of The United States

End Citizen United was established in 2015 with the aim of shaping the politics of the United States. For several years, there has been a tendency of rich people trying to shape the elections of the country. The influence is based on individual gains at the expense of the citizens. End Citizens United is committed to giving the citizens what they deserve without being influenced.

The mission of the organization
Politics belongs to the public. It is important if the people on the grassroots have a say on the political status of a country. First, the organization is focusing on electing candidates that can push for reforms. Secondly, according to the, money, and politics are the biggest issues that have to be dealt with if positive results are expected. Laws that are passed in the senate and the congress should be based on the required reforms. With the intention of reducing the rate of corruption in the country, the organization is currently making progress in bringing power to the grassroots.

Raising $4 million with a $35 million projection
The organization had a target of raising $35 million for the next Congressional election set to be held in 2018. The funds are raised from grassroots. Citizens raise these funds depending on their capabilities and interests. In the first three months of the congress elections, the group raised had already raised up to $4 million for their operations. From this figure, about 100000 people contributed for this course. About 40% of these people made their contribution for the first time. With their support, End Citizen United is dedicated to helping the leaders who champion for reforms to be elected to the congress. Most of these leaders are not in a position to fund their campaigns, yet they have very good ideas that can help the country. Such are the leaders that receive help from the organization.

The target of the organization
Leaders with good ideas that can help the country are always targeted by the corporate world and influential people. The organization is dedicated to supporting these leaders to ensure better performance at the congress. Currently, the organization is targeting support from the Democrats who could be working against it. End Citizen United does not only support candidates from specific political parties, but it also focuses on independent ones who believe on the same course. The power is given to the common citizens. The funding is majorly received from the grassroots and for this reason, the organization demands for transparency from the elected leaders. The financial expenditure is made public for the stakeholders to see. With this dedication, the organization is currently making huge political shaping in the United States.

George Soros: Billionaire With An Aim To Improve The World

Over his years an an investor and trader, George Soros has made billions of dollars. Early on in his financial career Soros, a Hungarian born New Yorker, found that he had more than he needed. Since then he has been contributing funds to movements that he hopes will improve the world that we live in.

Soros lived through the Nazi movement and World War II, events which effected his outlook greatly. He realized that what he valued most of all, and what he felt the world most needed, was open society. After the fall of the Berlin wall, he felt that nations who already enjoyed freedom needed to be mobilized in support of the once communist nations.

He knew from his experience that people would need help structuring society in positive ways in the vacuum that results from a political overthrow. He found that people in the Western, free nations did not support his views. They felt that the countries should be left alone, to do things in their own way and with their own resources. Soros disagreed, and forged ahead on his own. He donated considerable funds, time and energy for years after the Berlin Wall fell. With his efforts he hoped to support the formulation of what he calls “open society” in places that were once communism. Read more at Politico about George Soros.

Soros states that what communism and fascism do wrong is that they are systems that propagate an ultimate truth. Soros holds that no human can know the truth, and so society must be structured in a way that allows for individual variations in truth. While communism and fascism used to be the enemy to open society, the world now contends with a new enemy: capitalism. Soros says that capitalism and intense individuals are just as much of a threat to open society as communism and fascism were, because they propagate a “truth” and are based on the idea that there is only one right way.

That kind of an outlook will never work, says Soros. In an article printed in The Atlantic he argues, “In social and political affairs the participants’ perceptions help to determine reality”. If this two way connection exists, than no human or group of humans can really know the truth. No group should ever instill and enforce a “truth” over other humans. This concept of openness has been referred to in history as an “open society”, and Soros supports that term. When he first made it big in the financial arena, he set up a foundation called The Open Society Fund. In addition to this foundation, Soros supports the concept of an open society in many ways. On a global scale, he participated in the rebuilding of the former USSR. I

n America, he gives abundantly to organizations and non-profits that support equality and wealth distribution. In the last several years he gave millions to committed that mobilize voters and protect voting rights. In last years campaign race between President Trump and Hilary Clinton, Soros donated generously in favor of Clinton. He gave $5 million to the group “immigrant Voters Win”, which motivated Hispanic immigrants to vote in the election. George Soros’ influence is positive and far reaching. He is a thought leader who puts his money behind the ideas that he espouses. Visit this site to know more at

The Current Global Political Situation Causes George Soros Great Concern

2017 could herald one of the most unstable political periods in the history of the world, in the view of billionaire hedge fund manager George Soros. The business leader credited with making around $1 billion in a single day when he correctly predicted the devaluation of the British Pound was about to take place believes even his skills for reading the political situation around the world have been stretched by the current rise of right wing candidates and groups; Soros points to a number of events, including the 2016 Brexit referendum vote and the election of U.S. President Donald Trump, as signs the world is heading into a new era of political instability.

George Soros has lived through many different forms of government over the course of his life, including the Nazi regime of World War II and socialism before embarking on his own period of life as a refugee. It was during his time as a refugee that George Soros began exploring the role played by government in the lives of people as a student at the London School of Economics; George Soros cites philosopher Karl Popper as a major influence on his political ideology, one he has tried to pass on to as many different global citizens as possible.

In his work as a major Democratic figure George Soros has developed a number of different interests as a philanthropist and political figure who has looked to back the campaigns for various separatist groups around the world who are looking for greater control of their traditional homelands. In the U.S. George Soros has recently been using foundations he formed throughout the country in his bid to bring about criminal justice reform by backing the campaigns of individuals standing for prosecutor and District Attorney positions on from minority groups who are not well represented in U.S. criminal justice positions.

There is much to concern the leaders of the world in the arrival of Donald Trump as the President of the U.S., according to George Soros; after providing more than $12 billion in funding for various philanthropic and political causes throughout his lifetime Soros believes the policies discussed on the campaign trail on Politico by Trump have been described as opposed to the open society the United States has always stood for. The U.S. system of checks and balances will need to hold firm in the eyes of George Soros as the newly installed President and his advisors would attempt to shift the political landscape on Snopes towards a dictatorship if possible. Soros does see some light at the end of the tunnel for the U.S. as he believes political figures and community leaders will be strong enough to stand up to any attempts to strip power away from the American public.