Securus Technologies Seeks to Detect Drones

The leading prison technology company in North America has announced the completion of an 18-month drone detection program. The company has evaluated this new technology and believes they have made leaps and bounds in the ability for them to detect drones in and around corrections facilities.

The need for this technology stems from the recent trend in how criminals are introducing illegal contraband into jails and prisons around the country. They are using drones more and more to drop contraband such as weapons, drugs, and cell phones into these facilities. This drone detection technology will allow prisons to make their facilities safer and free from illegal contraband. This makes the facilities safer for both the inmates and staff.

The technology uses a similar technology as the company’s Wireless Containment Solution and Digital Antennae Structure, or DAS. An unnamed company spokesperson said of the new technology, “The technology is new and emerging and will continue to get better as trials identify strengths and weaknesses.”

Securus Technologies also made news in the industry recently when its customer service department received 3 Stevie Awards. The Stevie Awards are the industry’s most prestigious awards for sales and customer service. Securus operates a call center in Atlanta, Georgia that has over 300 employees.

Securus Technologies was founded in 1986 by a former law enforcement officer who wanted to change how we enhance safety in our corrections facilities. The company has over 1,000 full-time employees in four U.S. locations, including their Carrollton, Texas headquarters. They provide many technology-based solutions for over 3,500 corrections facilities including payment processing, parolee tracking, phone and email self-service, and biometric analysis. As the dangers to law enforcement and the overall community become for complicated, Securus looks for ways technology can be used to combat those dangers. The company wholly-owns over 20 subsidiaries.


Securus Technologies: Introducing Wireless Containment Systems

Securus Technologies is the leading telecommunications provider to thousands of correctional facilities in the United States and Canada. They have been awarded several times because of the innovation that they have introduced in the industry, and they keep on developing their products for the benefit of their customers and clients. Recently, Securus Technologies unveiled the Wireless Containment Systems, which would block calls and texts that are directed at contraband cell phones which are stolen inside the correctional facilities. It has been a problem for the prison authorities to monitor the prisoners who are using contraband cell phones, and they are welcoming the new system created by Securus Technologies. They stated that it would significantly decrease the number of violence inside the prison, and it would also prevent the prisoners from directing their men outside the correctional facility to continue their illegal activities.


One of the present consultants of Securus Technologies once worked in a correctional facility, and he explained that he was one of the victims of those prisoners who have access to contraband cell phones. He stated that two armed male intruders went to his house, and assaulted him. The armed intruders revealed to him that they were instructed by a prisoner to harass and kill him because he keeps on confiscating cell phones inside the prison. He was shot in the stomach six times, and thankfully, he survived. It was considered as a miracle by the doctors who treated him, and after he came out of the hospital, he tried to find a way on how to stop the prisoners from conducting illegal activities and hurting people outside.


He joined the ranks of Securus Technologies and stated his experience with the prisoners. He suggested to the executives of the telecommunications company to create a system that would render the contraband cell phones useless, and the Wireless Containment Systems is what they finally created. The new technology will be distributed to prisons which have chosen Securus Technologies as their vendors. The company wanted to spread the system as soon as possible so that attacks from prisoners can be prevented at an early stage.


Meanwhile, the consultant of Securus Technologies stated his gratitude to the company for creating the Wireless Containment Systems. He said that more innocent lives would be spared because of the creation of the system, and he is hoping that the violent prisoners who are ordering their men to conduct violence outside the correctional facility should have additional charges filed against them. They are doing crimes in daylight, and because of contraband cell phones, they can freely give out orders. He is hoping that this will be their end, and he is also putting his hopes for the best for the Wireless Containment Systems.

Securus Technologies – Transforming the Lives of Inmates for Good

One of the most renowned companies in the correctional sphere is Securus Technologies. It has been able to maintain its reputation and position in this highly competitive field for years because the company has managed to come out with a broad range of products and services that are efficient and cost-effective.


The company understands that the inmates are already going through a troubled time and handing them over inmate communication services that are too expensive for them would only add to their stress. It is for this reason; Securus Technologies offer many different types of inmate communication services, such as voice messaging, video chat services, video visitation, email messaging, phone services, calling cards, and more.


Securus Technologies has also made it easier for the prisoners to send and receive money from inside the jail. Now, the loved ones can quickly send money to the inmates by just a click on the phone. The money is immediately received in the account of the prisoner, who can withdraw the money in the jail with ease. Such services have helped in transforming the lives of millions of detainees in the prison facilities.


I am law enforcement personnel with over a decade of experience and have served in two states where Securus Technology offers its crime prevention and criminal justice technology. Having seen the services provided by other service providers in the industry closely, I know for a fact that Securus Technologies is the best in the business. Not only does the company provide highly advanced products and services, but backs it with exceptional customer care.


The customer service is highly important in the service sector, and the company understands it. It is for this reason; Securus Technologies is the most preferred company in the correctional industry, whether it is the inmates looking for communication services or the law enforcement agencies looking for crime prevention technology.


Fight Prison Violence with the Help of Securus Technologies

The threat of violence inside the prison is something we as corrections officers have to live with every day. We all understand that if things go bad, we may not be coming home to our families. It is bad enough you have angry inmates who would jump at the chance to take out an officer, but them you add into the mix weapons and drugs and now you have a deadly combination. Me and my fellow officers work tirelessly to ensure these types of contraband can not get into the jail in the first place.


The easiest way for the inmates to get their hands on those types of contraband is for a visitor to slip it to them when they come to visit. Even when you tell these visitors that they risk their own freedom by taking such a risk, many will simply do it on the orders of those inmates they came to see. What we have to do is to check each visitor by hand, then watch the interaction, then scan the inmates before they can leave to go back to their cells. Even with these precautions, things still make it to the cells.


Securus Technologies was instrumental in helping fight these incidents. The LBS software allows us to listen to the calls inmates are making and alert us to specific conversations. When inmates talk about getting family to smuggle weapons, we get there first. When inmates talk about hiding weapons in the yard, we get there before they can be used to hurt anyone. When inmates do successfully hide things in their cell and talk about it, now we can send a team to that cell fast and eliminate the threat.


Thanks to Securus Technologies, our prison has seen a huge reduction in violent incidents in the last year.

Securus Technologies Video Visitation: Enhancing Institutional and Public Safety

Securus Technologies is a Dallas-based, technology company that develops solutions for the civil and criminal justice systems. The products and services developed and provided by Securus Technologies include solutions designed to aid in investigation, corrections and monitoring, and public safety.


The Securus Technologies Video Visitation system is an innovative technology that aids in correction management and in enhancing public safety. The system is designed to allow family members and friends the ability to engage in meaningful visits with incarcerated individuals without the expense and safety risk issues associated with in-person visitation.


The Securus Technologies video system is widely utilized. In the coming year, about 2 million individual visits are expected to occur using Securus Technologies Video Visitation. That equates to about 160,000 individual visits each month.


Securus Technologies advises that in recent times, the utilization of the Video Visitation system as doubled with each passing year. The company expects the same trend to occur into the future. Securus Technologies anticipates that 4 million individual visits will occur using the system next year.


The Securus Technologies Video Visitation system is also extremely cost effective. This is crucial in this day and age when correctional budgets are extremely tight. This frees up funds that can be directed to other correctional programming.


Traditional in-person visitation costs about $100 per instance. Visitation utilizing the Securus Technologies solution costs $2.72 per visit, a remarkable price reduction.


One of the reasons that Securus Technologies Video Visitation is garnering praise is the fact that it contributes to over all community safety. Research reveals that incarcerated people who are able to maintain consistent contact with loved ones are far less likely to reoffend when they return to the community. This is a major contribution to the overall safety of communities across the country, considering what the recidivism rate historically has been in the United States.




Solving and Preventing Crime With Securus Technologies

Securus Technologies published comments by facility customers about using technology in solving and preventing crimes. Securus sampled several comments from prison and jail officials in the US on an article published by PRNewswire on 21st October 2016. Securus Technologies is a leader when it comes to the provision of technology solutions in civil and criminal justice for monitoring, investigation, corrections, and public safety. Securus also helps in solving and preventing inmate-on-inmate crimes.


The comments are sent to Securus through formal letters and emails. The CEO of Securus Technologies is Richard Smith. Richard says that their ultimate goal is to keep the society, parolees, inmates, and their relatives safer. He says that it is an honor for them to serve and protect the community.


The reporting data has improved the proactive measures of agencies in preventing and monitoring the occurrence of contraband in their facilities. The investigative tools provided by Securus had enabled staff to do investigations in case there is a harassment complaint or a possible threat to the security of the faculty or community.


The LBS software provided by Securus Technologies has been used by the Sherriff department together with other resources of law enforcement to recover illegal assets, cash, and drugs worth millions. It would have been difficult to recover such items without the LBS software. Such technology solutions have proven very helpful and efficient in solving and preventing crime. The Investigator Pro offered by Securus has also helped in tracking suspicious or threatening calls which have contributed to putting the suspects into custody.


Securus Technologies continue to develop new technologies to be used in preventing and solving crime in the society and correctional facilities. Facility customers have reported positive reviews of the technology offered by Securus and say that they would be happy to work with Securus Technologies in the future.