Brian Bonar and the Bellamy’s Restaurant

The Bellamy’s restaurant is a classic eatery with Paris brasserie written all over it. There is a stylish bar where Mayfair’s smartest sit and grub a martini or two. You are likely to find a few hedge funders celebrating over a lucrative trade with a bottle of wine. They will be taking their dishes at a private location since Bellamy frowns upon flashiness.

Just close to the 65-styled dining room, with a floor of pale woo is a wall filled with vintage French covers slightly tilted in a beautiful angle. The whole scene offers snow white and napery stiff table clothing and curtains. Just close to the small round table will be the entrance to a dining room.

It is the dining secret of the restaurant that brings in a rare distinction to being the only restaurant which the queen has ever eaten. It is no wonder, you never become the Queen’s most favored restaurateur unless you are excellent. Since it was established and opened 2004, the Bellamy has played host to the queen two times.

But what makes Bellamy so good for the queen? The restaurant servers California Modern Cuisine with a strong influence from the French. There always seems to be something unique and beautiful with the restaurant. The dining experience and serving is usually the most desirable for every new season.

Brian Bonar has a goal to open a large chain of restaurants which offer unique menus that satisfy the palates of clients according to their needs and desires. Bellamy has grown to be a top dining area as a result of its relaxed family environment. Every guest is sure to experience a pleasant environment and flavorful dishes.

If there is anything that distinguishes Brian Bonar and him sets apart from the rest would be his attention to detail. Whatever he focuses on, he usually makes an excellent piece of it. He has a love for the design process which drives his approach to what his work.

Apart from his success in the restaurant business, he has served as CEO of Trucept Inc. He brings in his collective expertise in various fields to build a company that is second to none. He works only as the CEO but wants to be the pillar of the San Diego community too.

Brian is also the leader of Amanda Co. Inc. Before that, he was its treasurer and secretary. He was in the marketing team back when he started his career in 1991 to 1992.

Brian has since served excellently in other companies where he has shown what true leadership entails. Brian gives back a lot to the community, he believes that this is the best way to show true leadership and be one of the most successful in San Diego.